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22-Other Vrat and Fasts

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22-Other Vrat and Fasts
8-Agni Puraan, Ch 195-200, p 380-385   
See also a section on Day Vrat Maas Vrat  in Vrat-Festivals

Description of other Vrat and Fasts - in various Nakshatra, on Vaar, about days and months etc

Other Vrat and Fasts

Agni Dev said - "Vashishth Jee, Now I will tell you about other Vrat done on various Vaars, in various Nakshatras, day fasts and months fasts

Vrat on Various Vaars
"Sunday with Hast Nakshatra or Punarvasu Nakshatra" - Take bath with all-herbs (Kapoor Kacharee, Bach, Kooth, Shilaajit, whole Haldee, Daaru Haldee, Kachoor, Champaa, Mothaa) water. Vratee of this fast never gets sick even in next7 lives.
"Sunday with Sankraanti" - If there is Sunday on any Sankraanti, it is called holy "Aaditya-Hridaya"; on that day or on Sunday with Hast Nakshatra, by keeping Nakt Vrat for 1 year, a Vratee gets everything.
"Tuesday with Swaati Nakshatra" - Start the Vrat on Tuesday with Swaati Nakshatra and do such Nakt Vrat for 7 Tuesdays; thus Vratee gets freed from all sorrows.
"Wednesday with Vishaakhaa Nakshatra" - By starting Nakt Vrat on such Wednesday, and then doing it for 7 consecutive Wednesdays Vratee gets freed from all Budh (Mercury) planet's sorrows.
"Thursday with Anuraadhaa Nakshatra" - By starting Nakt Vrat on such Thursday, and then doing it for 7 consecutive Thursdays a Vratee gets freed from all Brihaspati (Guru or Jupiter) planet's sorrows.
"Friday with Jyeshthaa Nakshatra" - By starting Nakt Vrat on such Friday, and doing it for 7 consecutive Fridays, a Vratee gets freed from all Shukra (Venus) planet's sorrows.
"Saturday with Mool Nakshatra" - By starting Nakt Vrat on such Saturday, and doing it for 7 consecutive Saturdays, a Vratee gets freed from all Shani (Saturn) planet's sorrows.

Nakshatra Related Vrat
Worship in specific Nakshatra fulfils many kinds of wishes. First of all one should worship Nakshatra-Purush Hari in Chaitra Maas. In Mool Nakshatra worship His lotus feet; in Rohinee Nakshatra His thighs; in Krittiaa Nakshatra His waist; in Anuraadhaa Nakshatra His breasts; in Vishaakhaa Nakshatra His both arms etc.

"Anant Vrat" - Maargsheersh Maas, at the time of Mrigshiraa Nakshatra, do Praashan of cow's urine and do Hari's worship. Ananat Bhagavaan doesn't even give eternal fruit of worship, but also he gives eternal Punya in further lives. This Vrat collects lots of Punya. On this day worship lotus feet of Ananat Bhagavaan, and eat oil-less food in the night. Do Havan for Ananat in Maargsheersh to Phaalgun with Ghee; in Chaitra to Aashaadh with Agahanee rice; and in Shraavan to Kaartik with milk. Yuvanaashwa got Maandhaataa as a son because of this Vrat.

Day Related Vrat
"Dhenu Vrat" - Who donates cow with two mouths with gold and keeps one day fast with drinking milk only, he attains Parampad.
"Kalp Vriksh Vrat" - By donating a gold Kalp Vriksh and keeping 3 days milk fast, Vratee attains Brahmpad.
If somebody keeps fast only in the daytime, he attains Rudra Lok.
"Tri-Raatra Vrat" - Who keeps fast 3 Ek-Bhukt or Nakt Vrat in a month, he attains Saayujya of Ganesh Jee.
"Tri-Raatra Vrat" - Who does this Vrat by worshipping Janaardan, he goes to Vaikunth Dhaam with his 100 generations. Vratee should start this Vrat from Maargsheersh Shukla 9th properly. Do Jaap of "Aum Namo Bhagavatey Vaasudevaaya" Mantra 100 times or 1,000 times. Eat Ek-Bhukt (eating only once in the daytime) on 9th, 10th and 11th. And worship Vishnu on Dwaadashee. Then feed Braahman and donate them bed, clothes, umbrella, Yagyopaveet etc and pray that if there has been any mistake in the Vrat, it should be corrected by their grace. Whoever does this Vrat he attains everything in this world and goes to Vishnu Dhaam after death.
"Kaartik Vrat" - After doing Praashan of Panchgavya on Dashamee, one should keep fast on Ekaadashee. If it is done on Kaartik Shukla 12th, the Vratee becomes Devtaa who can wander in Vimaan.
"Tri-Raatra Vrat" - Who does Tri-Raatra Vrat, Nakt Vrat, in Chaitra month and donates 5 goats at the end of the Vrat, he gets all kinds of comforts.
"Maahendra Krichchhra Vrat" - Who, starting from Kaartik Shukla 6th, drink milk for 3 days and then keep fast for 3 days, he observes Maahendra Krichchhra Vrat.
"Bhaaskar Krichchhra or Panch Raatra Vrat" - Starting from Kaartik Shukla 11th one should eat thus for 5 days - milk, yogurt, then keep fast for 3 days.
"Saantapan Krichchhra Vrat" - Start it from Kaartik Shukla 5th and eat - barley Lapasee, vegetables, yogurt, milk, Ghee, and water, in this order, for the next 6 days.

Month Related Vrat
--Whichever Chaaturmasya (4 month period) starts from Aashaadh (Ashaadh, Shraavan, Bhaadrapad and Aashwin), one should not massage oil, nor use Ubatan on his body. This gives a man good Buddhi.
"Bheem Vrat" - Who leaves even flowers for food in Vaishaakh Maas and donate a cow, he becomes like Vishnu.
--Whichever Chaaturmaasya starts from Ashaadh Maas (Ashaadh, Shraavan, Bhaadrapad and Aashwin), he who takes bath daily and regularly in the morning, he attains Vishnu Lok.
"Gud Vrat" - Donate jaggery-cow on Maagh or Chaitra Maas 3rd. Who does that he becomes like Shiv.
--Who keeps Nakt Vrat or Ek-Bhukt Vrat in Maargsheersh etc months, attains Vishnu Lok.
--Who keeps Ek-Bhukt Vrat, he should keep Dwadashee Vrat separately.
--Who leaves to est fruits in Chaaturmaasya period, he should donate fruits.
--Whoever does Chaaturmaasya Vrat starting from Shraavan Maas, he attains everything. -----One should do Chaaturmaasya Vrat like this - keep fast on Aashaadh Shukla 11th; worship Hari on Kark (Cancer) Sankraanti fallen in Aashaadh Maas and pray "Hey Keshav, I have taken up this Vrat, be pleased with me and help me finish it without any obstacles. If I die during this Vrat then by your grace it should be considered as complete." In this Vrat, Vratee should leave meat etc forbidden food and oil and do Bhajan of Shree Hari.
--Who keeps "Tri-Raatra Vrat" by keeping fast on alternate days (for three days), he goes to Vishnu Lok.
--Who does "Chaandraayan Vrat" (see no 5, 6, 7), he attains Vishnu Lok.
--Who does "Maun Vrat", he attains Moksh.
--Who does "Praajaapatya Vrat" (see no 14), he goes to Swarg Lok.
--Who observes Krichchhra Vrat by eating Sattoo and barley, drinking milk, or by taking Panchgavya and water, he goes to Swarg.
--Who completes Krichchhra Vrat by eating barley, he attains closeness of Hari.
"Kaumud Vrat" - Keep fast on Aashwin Shukla 11th, worship Vishnu on Dwaadashee with flowers, sesame seed oil lamp and Ghee mixed Naivedya. End the Vrat with "Aum Namo Vaasudevaaya" Mantra. Who does this Kaumud Vrat, he attains all Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Moksh.

Season, Year and Month Related Vrat
"Agni Vrat" - Who donates firewood in Rainy, Sharad, Hemant and Shishir seasons and in the end donates cow, he becomes Braahman in his next life.
"Saaraswat Vrat" - Who keeps silence at the time of Sandhyaa for 1 month, and then at the end donates Ghee pot, sesame seeds, bell, and clothes, he lives happily.
--Who takes bath with Panchaamrit daily for 1 year, and donates a cow in the end, he becomes a king.
--Keep Nakt Vrat on Chaitra 11th, and after the month ends, donate a golden statue of Vishnu to Braahman, he attains Vishnu Pad.
"Devee Vrat" - Who eats Kheer for 1 year, then donates 2 cows becomes very rich.
--Who eats food after offering to his Pitar, he attains kingdom.

Sankraanti Vrat
--Who wakes in the night on Sankraanti day, he attains Swarg Lok.
--If a Sankraanti falls on Amaavasyaa Tithi, the worship Soorya and Shiv, it gives one Swarg.
--On Makar Sankranti (14th Jan), one should worship Keshav after taking bath early in the morning. By donating 32 Pal gold in Udyaapan, one becomes free from all sins.
--One should bathe Shree Hari with Ghee mixed milk in Vishuv etc Yog.
--For women, "Umaa Vrat" gives Lakshmee.
--They should worship Gauree Shankar on 3rd and 8th Tithis. Thus they get unbroken Saubhaagya and she never suffers with the separation from their husbands.
--Whichever woman keeps "Mool Vrat" and "Umesh Vrat" and devotion in Soorya Bhagavaan, she is definitely born as a man in next life.

Deep (Lamp) Daan and Story of Lalitaa

--Who lights a lamp in a Mandir (Temple) or in a Braahman's house for 1 year, he gets everything.
--Who donates Deep in Chaaturmaasya period (Aashaadh-Maargsheersh), attains Vishnu Lok.
--Who donates Deep in Kaartik Maas, he attains Swarg.

There never was, never is and never will be any Vrat greater than Deep Daan. It increases the age and good eye sight, wealth and sons. Because of Deep Daan Vidarbh Desh Princess Lalitaa became the wife of King Chaarudharmaa and became the chief queen among his 100 wives. Once she donated 1,000 Deep in a Vishnu temple. At this her co-wives asked the importance of this Deep Daan. She said --

"Long time ago, there lived a Maileya named Purohit in Sauveer Raaj's kingdom. He built a temple of Vishnu on the banks of Devikaa River. He donated Deep in Kaarttik Maas. A mice was coming running from the fear of a cat. She forwarded the wick of the lamp by chance in fear. The Deep got lighted more brightly. After she died she was born as a princess and became the Chief Queen of the King Chaarudharmaa among his 100 wives. Thus I am enjoying the fruit of that "forwarding the wick by chance only". That is why I have the remembrance of my previous birth. That is why I always do Deep Daan.

--Who donates Deep on Ekaadashee, he goes to Swarg.
--Who takes away Deep from a temple, he becomes dumb or fool. He certainly falls in Narak.

Lalitaa's co-wives became so impressed with this story, that they also started Deep Daan and attained Swarg.



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