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A week has 7 days and almost in the whole world the same names are used for them. If somebody asks "Why Ravi Vaar is called Ravi Vaar?" and "Why Som Vaar comes after Ravi Vaar" and "How did it happen that the same day is called Ravi Vaar every where in the world since the earliest time known?" and "Are all these names in the same sequence everywhere?" Then  Indian Shaastra tell only one reason of this that "When all planets were in Mesh Raashi (Aries Sign) on Chaitra Shukla Pratipadaa, then this Kalp (eon) as started. The Time was counted from the same time. Sun also rose on the same day for the first time.

What is the Day and Why The Days Are Named Like This?

From one Sunrise to another Sunrise is called Aho-Raatra. Its first part is called day and the latter part is called night. To measure the Time in minute way, each day and night has been divided in 6 parts. These parts are called Lagna. The Lagna is of 2 hours. This Lagna is also divided in two parts. Each part is called Horaa. Horaa word has been taken from the two middle words of Aho-Raatra. Because of its bright form, Soorya (the Sun) is considered the Lord of the first Horaa of the Creation. After this the other Lords preside over other Horaa according to their position.

The astrology answers this - that sky is in the middle of the Brahmaand (Universe). On the top is Nakshatra, then coming down are Shani, Brihaspati, Mangal, Soorya, Shukra, Budh and Chandramaa. Below them are Vidaadhar and clouds. The rooms of the upper planets are larger than the lower ones. So when the Lord of first Horaa is Soorya, then the lords of the further Horaa are Shukra, Budh, Chandramaa, Shani, Brihaspati and Mangal sequentially. Then the Lord of the 8th Horaa is again Soorya. Thus these 7 Graha are the lords of the Horaa. In this way, the Lord of the 25th Horaa is Chandramaa. This 25th Horaa is the first Horaa of the next Aho-Raatra, that is why the second day (Aho-Raatra) is named as Som Vaar.

If we count in the same manner, the third day's Horaa's Lord will be Mangal, so the third day was named Mangal Vaar. Thus all the days were named. The same cycle is continuing since the beginning of the Creation. Whoever is the Lord of the first Horaa of the day, the same name has been given to that day.

According to the 14th Chapter of Shiv Puraan, Almighty Mahadev imagined the "Vaar" (day). BHagavaan Shiv is the doctor to remove illness of the world. He knows everything and the medicine of the medicines. That is why he imagined 7 Vaar and appointed Soorya the Lord of these 7 Vaar. Their description is like this --

Ravi Vaar - First Shiv imagined his own Vaar which gives good health. The Lord of this Vaar is Soorya and if somebody worships Soorya on this day, he gets god health. In diseases of both the eyes, leprosy, brain diseases, worship Soorya Dev and then feed Braahman. It should be followed continuously for one day, one month, one year, or three years. This makes one's fate strong, destroys all kinds of diseases and the person becomes healthy. Offer some special thing to Soorya Dev and Braahman on this day. It pacifies the sins also.

Som Vaar - After fixing his own Vaar, Shiv imagined the Vaar of his Maayaa Power, which gives wealth. Its Lord is Som. Learned people should worship Lakshmee on this day and feed Braahman food cooked in Ghee.

Mangal Vaar - After this Shiv imagined the Vaar of Kumaar (Kaartikeya) to protect the child in his birth period and appointed Mangal its Lord. This Vaar is made to treat diseases. To treat them worship Kaalee etc Devee on Mangal and feed Braahman made of Urad, Moong and Arahar Daal.

Wednesday - After this Shiv imagined a Vaar for Vishnu to do good to all Lok to end laziness and sins. He appointed Budh as its Lord. So this day, one should worship Bhagavaan Vishnu with the food with yogurt to end his laziness and sins. By worshipping thus one strengthens his sons, friends himself etc.

Thursday - After this he imagined a Vaar for Brahmaa to protect one's life and health, so that the whole world can live long. He appointed Brihaspati as its Lord. One should worship with clothes, Yagyopaveet and Kheer mixed with Ghee to strengthen Devtaa. This gives long life.

Friday - After this, to the growth of the three world, Shiv decided of this Vaar for Indra who gives pleasures to people, to give results of Punya and Paap - good or bad. Indra'a Vaar's Lord is Shukra. To enjoy pleasures one should worship Devtaa on this day and feed Braahman all kinds (6-Ras) of food, and beautiful clothes to women.

Saturday - In the last, Shiv fixed one Vaar for Yam to give good and bad results of Karm. He appointed Shani as its Lord. Shani expels Death. To live long, one should worship Rudra, do Havan with sesame, donate the same to satisfy Devtaa and feed sesame seed mixed food.

Five types of worship has been suggested in these Vaar - (1) Jap for related Devtaa, (2) To do Havan for them, (3) To donate for them, (4) To do Tap for them, and (5) to worship them with Shodashopachaar (16 things) by establishing them on a Vedee, in an idol, in Agni, or in a Braahmna's body.

One should worship Soorya etc Graha in the beginning of auspicious occasions (birth, marriage etc), in the end of the inauspicious occasions (death etc) and during their Janma Nakshatra (birth star) time for health and prosperity. Otherwise who wish for all kinds of good results, they should worship Devtaa on all the 7 days. A poor person should do Tap (Vrat etc), and a rich person should worship Devtaa with wealth
[From "Shani Graha Peedaa Nivaaran Vidhi" by Pt Shyam Sundar Lal Vats]

Each day of the week is assigned to one of the seven visible physical planets. Whichever planet is afflicted or is in a debilitated position in somebody's chart, he can observe his fast on his day. Each Vaar (day) has its way of observing the Vrat (fast) and one should try to follow the rules to do fast as far as possible to get best results.

Ravi Vaar or Aaditya Vaar (Sunday) Vrat - is for Soorya Bhagavaan (Sun)
Som Vaar or Chandra Vaar (Monday) Vrat - is for Chandramaa (Moon)
Mangal Vaar or Bhaum Vaar (Tuesday) Vrat - is for Mangal (Mars)
Budh Vaar (Wednesday) Vrat - is for Budh Dev (Mercury)
Brihaspati Vaar or Guru Vaar (Thursday) Vrat - is for Brihaspati Dev (Jupiter)
Shukra Vaar (Friday) Vrat - is for Shukra Dev (Venus)
Shani Vaar (Saturday) Vrat - is for Shani Dev (Saturn)



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