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1-Braahm Parv

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20-Soorya Vrat

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20-Soorya Vrat
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 1-Braahm Parv, p 178-196

This section, Braahm Parv, is on p 1-222 of the book and mostly contains information about Soorya.

Soorya Shashthee Vrat

(Chap 164) Sumantu Muni said - "Hey Raajan, Now you listen to Soorya's favorite fast Soorya Shashthee Vrat. He should do an A-Yaachit fast on that day and be busy in Soorya's worship. He should eat a little, Saatwik food and in the night. Rishi eat in the morning, Pitar eat in the afternoon, and Guhyak eat in Sandhyaa time, so a Soorya Vratee should eat only after Sandhyaa time. One should start this fast from Maargsheersh Krishn Shashthee and follow it every month with Soorya's different names. In the end of the year, feed Braahman Kheer mixed with honey and should donate gold, clothes etc according to one's capacity. Who keeps this fast continuously for one year he becomes free from all sins.

Ubhaya Saptamee Vrat

(Chap 165) Sumantu Muni said - "Who keeps fast on Paush Saptamee (both) and eats wheat flour food and milk, worships Soorya and Agni three times in the day, bathes Soorya with Ghee on 2nd Saptamee, offers Modak (Laddoo), cooked milk and food in Naivedya, and feeds 8 Braahman, he goes to Soorya Lok. In the same way if one follows it for all months for one year, he goes to Soorya Lok.

Nikshubhaark Saptamee

(Chap 166-167) Sumantu Muni said - "Whoever woman desires for a good son, good relationship between husband and wife, Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Moksh, she should do this fast. One should do this Vrat on Shashthee, Saptamee, Sankraanti or Sunday. Make a gold, silver or Kaansaa idol of Soorya along with his wife Nikshubhaa in Dyau form (flame), take it to a temple, establish it on a Vedee there, worship it, circumambulate it and do Pranaam. Then feed Braahman giving them white clothes. Whoever woman keeps Shashthee or Saptamee for one year, and in the end of the year does all what has been written above, she gets all the fruits mentioned above, goes to Soorya Lok, and comes back to this world as the wife of a king.

In the same way whoever woman keeps fast on Krishn Paksh Saptamee for one year, makes an idol of Nikshubhaa from wheat flour, adorns it with yellow garland and yellow clothes, worships it and offers all this to Soorya, she lives in Soorya Lok for 1 billion years. Then she comes back on Prithvi and marries her desired husband.

Whoever woman keeps fast on Maagh Maas Krishn Paksh Saptamee, and continues it on all Saptamee for one year, offer incense, feed the wives of Mag (Bhojak) etc in the end of the year, she lives in Soorya Lok for thousands of years. Devee Nikshubhaa is Bhojakee and Ark is Bhojak, therefore one should worship both with Shraddhaa."

Kaamprad Stree Vrat

(Chap 168) Sumantu Muni said - Whoever woman keeps Ek-Bhukt fast on both Shashthee and Saptamee of Kaartik Maas and offers Karaveer flowers, Dhoop, and wheat flour with jaggery and Ghee, she lives in Soorya Lok for 1 million years. Later she takes birth on Prithvi, and gets her desired husband. The method to keep fast for the whole year is the same. There is the same fruit for keeping complete fast and eating once. Forgiveness, Truth, Kindness, Donation, Cleanliness, Control on Indriya, Worshipping Soorya, Havan, Contentment and A-Chaurya Vrat - these 10 are general Dharm for every Vratee. Whoever worship Soorya with Bhakti, they get their desired fruits."

Soorya Rath Vrat

(Chap 169-170) Sumantu Muni said - "One should donate Soorya Rath in the name of Soorya according to one's capacity - built of clay, wood, stone, or bricks. In the Maagh Maas, one should keep Ek-Bhukt fast and in the end of the month, build a chariot and adorn it with various clothes, four white horses, flags etc. Make an idol of Soorya and Sangyaa with 2 and 1/2 Ser rice flour, establish it in the rear section of the chariot. Take that chariot around the city and then to a Soorya Temple. There one should worship it and do Jaagaran. In the morning bathe the idol with Panchaamrit, feed poor, blind and orphans, and offer that chariot to Soorya Dev. Then take food himself. This Soorya Rath Vrat fulfills all desires."

Conduct in Saur Dharm

(Chap 171-172) Sumantu Muni said - "Now I tell you about good conduct for the worshipper of Soorya. He should take care of a hungry, thirsty, poor, sorrowful, weary, sick man according to one's capacity. Even a small thing given to fallen, Chaandaal, mean people, birds gives eternal fruits. Who speaks sweetly and softly, he gets everything in this world. Such speech is cool like sandal, just speech gives pleasure to other people as well as the speaker himself. A-Tithi should always be welcomed and when he goes, he should be wished well for his journey. One should never be angry at any time. Because of keeping control on one's speech, one becomes a forgiver and a peaceful person. All Dharm Karm go waste for an angry man, that is one should abandon anger. Harsh speech burns heart, bones, Praan, and mind, that is why one should never use it. If one finds a Soorya temple on the way, he must greet it.

Brahmcharya, Tap, Maun (being quiet), forgiveness and eating less food - these are the five specific characteristics of a Tapaswee. Donating a land which can produce good crops, is called Bhoomi Daan. Donating a noble and adorned maiden to a learned Dwij is called Kanyaa Daan. Donating a medium or good type of cloth is called cloth Daan. Eating 240 morsels in one month is called Chaandraayan Vrat. A water body where learned people, Devtaa and Tapaswee live is called Teerth. One gets eternal fruit by donating, planting garden, building temple and inn in Teerth places. Who has these eight qualities - forgiveness, without desire, kindness, truth, charity, good conduct, Tap and self-study, is the best person. Who asks to write Bhavishya Puraan, he lives in Soorya Lok for 1 billion (100 Crore) Yug."

Saur Dharm and Brahmaa's Prayer

(Chap 173-174) Sumantu Muni said - "Now I tell you about Saur Dharm. Listen to it in the form of a dialog between Garud and Arun. Arun said - "Garud, Who do Keertan, Bhajan of Soorya Dev with Bhakti, they attain Parampad. They become free from all sins. No Pishaach or Raakshas can harm them. They don't have any enemies also. They become healthy and get everything - fame, long life, education and all good things. Brahmaa, Vishnu, Mahaadev and Indra have achieved their status only by worshipping Soorya Bhagavaan. All worship Soorya Bhagavaan. In fact one should eat only after worshipping Soorya. Whoever listens to the first Stotra, Brahmaa Jee told him as his prayer, he attains Soorya Lok. ( The Stotra is given on p 185)

Peace Karm and Soorya Abhishek

(Chap 175-180) Garud Jee asked - Arun, Who is afflicted by disease, or bad planets or enemy, what he should do?" Arun said - "There is no other way for them except Soorya worship." Garud Jee asked - "I have become featherless by the Shaap of Brahmvaadinee, what should I do so that I can get my feathers back?" Arun said - "You worship Soorya and do Havan for him with Bhakti." Garud Jee said - "Being handicapped I am unable to do all this, so please do it on behalf of me." Arun said - "I will do it for you."

Smear a piece of land with cow dung in south-east direction in a Soorya temple, and establish Agni there. First of all offer Aahuti to the Lords of directions. Then do a Laksh Havan (100,000 Aahuti) with "Aum Bhoorbhavah Swah" Mantra. After the Havan one should do Abhishek. First pray the Lord of planets Soorya and other planets to be pacified. Then he should pray Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahaadev to be pacified, then pray all Maatrikaa (including seven Vishwa Maataa); then pray Kaarttikeya, Nandeeshwar, Vinaayak, Shankar, Paarvatee, Chandeshwar etc; then pray all 27 Nakshatra (constellations), 12 Raashi (signs), Saptarshi, eight Naag (Anant, Takshak, Karkotak, Padm, Shankhpaal, Shekhar, Kulik, and Vaasuki); then pray all rivers, mountains etc.

Sumantu Muni said - "As Arun did this Peace Karm for Garud, he got his feathers back. Raajan, In the same all sick people get healthy by this method. Who listens to it, he also lives healthy for 100 years."

Note - All the Mantra for this peace Karm are given on p 185-196.



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