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4-Uttar Parv

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13-Muktaabharan Saptamee 

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13-Muktaabharan Saptamee Vrat
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-46, p 422-424

Muktaabharan Saptamee Vrat
(Chap 46) Krishn said - "Hey Yudhishthir, Once Maharshi Lomash came to Mathuraa. My parents Vasudev and Devakee welcomed him warmly. He told them several stories. In the same reference, he told my mother - "Devakee, Kans has killed your several sons therefore you have become the mother of dead sons. Like yourself there was a queen named Chandramukhee in olden times. She also became like you, but she observed such a Vrat by which she became the mother of live sons. If you also do the same, I am sure you will also be like her."

My mother asked - "Hey Muni, Who was that Chandramukhee? Which Vrat she did so that she got her children back. Please tell me that Vrat." Lomash Muni said - "In olden times, there was a king named Nahush whose wife was Chandramukhee. She had a good friend - Raajaa's Purohit's wife Maanmaanikaa. One day both went to take bath in Sarayoo River. Many other women also came there to take bath in the river. The other women jointly made a circle, and painted a picture of Shiv and Paarvatee. They all worshipped it and got ready to go home, that the queen and her friend Maanmaanikaa asked them - "Hey Devee, Who have you worshipped and why?" They said - "We have worshiped Bhagavaan Shiv and Paarvatee. After surrendering to them we have put on this thread on our wrist. We have vowed that till we will be alive we will keep this thread and worship Shiv and Paarvatee."

Hearing this both the queen and her friend also decided to do the same. They came back home and started doing that Vrat. After some time the queen forgot to do that Vrat and to tie that thread. Because of breaking the Vrat she was reborn as a she-monkey. Purohit's wife also could not keep her vow, so she was also reborn as hen. They remembered their previous life in this life also.

After some time they died. Then Chandramukhee became the chief queen of Prithvinaath named king and Purohit's wife became the wife of the same king's Purohit. The queen's name was Eeshwaree and Purohit's wife name was Bhooshanaa. Bhooshanaa remembered her previous lives. She had very good gracious eight sons, but the queen Eeshwaree had only one son that also was born after long time. He used to be ill. He died when he was eight years old. Bhooshanaa came to console her.

Eeshwaree developed a kind of jealousy seeing Bhooshanaa's many sons, so she managed all of them to be killed. But by the grace of Bhagavaan Shankar they became alive again. Eeshwaree called Bhooshanaa and asked her - "Hey Sakhee (friend), What Punya have you done because of which even your dead sons become alive? And you have so many long lived sons. How do you look always adorned even without expensive jewelry?"

Bhooshanaa said - "Sakhee, Muktaabharan Saptamee Vrat is very good. In Bhaadrapad Maas, on the 7th day of Shukla Paksh, make a Mandal and establish Shiv and Paarvatee in it and worship them. After surrendering yourself to Shiv put on the thread on your wrist, or a gold or silver ring in the hand. Keep a fast on that day after worshipping Shiv and Paarvatee. Donate that ring to a Braahman keeping in a copper pot and feed him. By doing this Vrat one can get all kinds of things. Hey Sakhee, In fact we both started this Vrat but you left it that is why your son died and you are so sad even after getting the kingdom. I observed this Vrat up to the last, that is why I am happy from from all sides. But my Vrat was also broken in the end that is why I had to be born as a hen in one life. I give you half of the fruit of my own Vrat, this will make you happy."

And Bhooshanaa gave half of the fruit of her Vrat to Eeshwaree. Because of that Eeshwaree had many long lived sons and all other kinds of pleasures. Later she got Moksh too."

Lomash Muni further said - "Devakee You also do the same Vrat, your sons will also live and your son will be the Lord of the three Lok." After this Lomash Muni went away to his Aashram." Krishn further said - "Hey Mahaaraaj, Because of this Vrat my mother got a son like me."



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