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See also   Dosh for Specific Remedies

Astrologers read the charts, see the destiny, try to get remedies for obstacles and bad days, and suggest them, BUT that is NOT being outside of the areas of the planetary effects but is being under their watch and effect. If they are our destiny, they will not allow us relief, nothing will work. Normally
Destiny = Chart + Remedy;    But for 99% people, remedy = 0, so in their case,
Destiny = Chart + 0 = Chart only

In each period of planets, they made us do things they are supposed to do in our charts. Making someone use Saturn kind of things is a very common phenomenon we can expect during a Saturn period. But, we also know that each planet gets strengthened in it's own period also through which it gives it's effects. Thus during Saturn Pratyantar Dashaa, as it was powerful and made me use mustard oil much. And using mustard oil strengthens Saturn. Thus, all other planets can be strengthened using some of simple things in everyday life. Similarly, malefic planets' items should be avoided.

Similarly, we know that electrical items are ruled by Raahu. And truly, when one's Raahu Bhukti has started, the native started using electrical items more than ever before.
[As an example, I bought and started to wear a wristwatch for all the 24 hours times even when sleeping. But before that, in my 20 year's life, I never wore a wristwatch even for one day a month.]

This, of course, does not mean that Saturn and Raahu periods will always make someone use mustard oil or electrical items. What it will make the person do, will depend on all the matters. Like the person might wear black or aqua colored clothes a lot during that period of time, which indicates strengthening of Saturn.
[I have worn red shirts almost all the times when my Mars AD (Antar-dasha, Me-Ma) started, especially in Mercury-Mars-Mars, and have worn black t-shirts more than anything in my Mercury-Moon-Saturn. Thus the planet will show it's effect through the person's activities.]

Sometimes the person may even behave the 'Planet-wise'. Like in Mars' period the person may behave hot-tempered if Mars is afflicted, as hot temper is ruled by negative Mars. Say, a person may involve in romantic activities in his 7th lord period, it is also 'behaving planet-wise'. Do not neglect such activities. For this reason astrologers often advise to control temper to reduce Mars' harms. Because, Mars shows it's effect by making you hot tempered, and you put it away by keeping yourself cool-mannered. And the bad effects of other planets are also put away in the same manner while you act opposite to the malefic planetary effects.

Thus, by every single activity or behavior we show in our daily life shows planets' effects, and by every single task or behavior in everyday lives, we strengthen some planets and we pacify other planets. A Jyotish-learned person will always act careful enough not to strengthen his malefic planets from his simple and everyday life activities. But other general people will only increase their pain; for example, by using more mustard oil etc during Saturn Dashaa.

One can find remedial measures suggested by sage Paraashar for various curses (Shaap) as well as blemishes (Dosh) in Brihat Paraashar Horaa Shaastra (BPHS).
Paraashar Smriti would be another good useful reference.

Introduction to Remedies

There are following ways to pacify or strengthen a planet, or to achieve some other goals in life.

Aroma and Herbs - Herbs as remedies for planets.

Aushadhi (medicine)

Bhasm (Shiv)

Daan - donations and charities.

Gems or Ratn - for Planets

Jaap - for Planets and general

Mantra, Tantra and Yantra for Planets and Devtaa -
SunMoonMarsMercuryJupiterVenusSaturnShani-Deep DaanShani-MantraShani-RemediesShani-Saadhe SaateeRaahuKetu.

Miscellaneous Remedies
Daan,  EyesFolk RemediesHerbsJaap,  Lost ArticlesMarriageMiscellaneousPaathPotheeProgenySkinVaastuYagya

Paath - daily recitation of something like Hanumaan Chaaleesaa, or Sundar Kaand or any Sahastra Naam etc

Rudraaksh - Rudraaksh is not a gem, or a Mantra, or any Stotra or a Tantra, but is also used as remedies for many things

Stotra -  A few Stotra are given here.
Chaakshush Stotra,  Gajendra Moksh Stotra,
Mayooresh Stotra,    Raam Rakshaa StotraSahastra NaamSoorya StotraSudarshan Ashtak,   Tulasee StotraVaraah Stotra

Vaastu - use Vaastu Vidyaa to achieve good results

Yagya - to achieve many other goals of life

Remedies For Specific Purpose
See also   Dosh

Birth Dosh - remedies for Birth Dosh
Gandant Dosh - remedy for Gandant Dosh
Kaal Sarp Dosh - remedy for Kaal Sarp Dosh, see also Kaal Sarp Dosh under Yog for what it is.
Mangal Dosh Upaaya - remedy for Mangal Dosh
For Lost Article - to retrieve it
For Marriage
Naadee Dosh - remedies for Naadee Dosh
Pitri Dosh - remedies for Pitri Dosh
For Prayog - Many people do Prayog on others, here are some remedies for them
For Progeny - to have children
Punarphoo Dosh - remedies for Punarphoo Dosh
Miscellaneous Remedies - miscellaneous remedies for miscellaneous Dosh, for false allegation and defamation
Sankraanti Dosh - remedy for Sankraanti Dosh is given here

Folk Remedies - they do not require astrological consultation

Fire is believed to reduce all substances to their primal state of purity. Hence, Bhasm or ashes have always been considered as sacred by certain sections of the Hindu society, especially the Shaiv and the Shaakt (followers of Shiv and Shakti or the divine mother). Bhasm derived from the Vaidik fires is called 'Shraut-Bhasm'. It is to be taken out of the fire when the Vaidik ritual is in progress and applied on the body. That one derived from the fire lit up during a ritual performed as per the directions of Smriti (secondary scriptures like the Dharm Shaastra) is called 'Smaart-Bhasm'. If the fire is kindled by the Aghor-Mantra (a Mantra describing the Aghor or non-fierce aspect of Shiv) with the wood of the Bilva tree (aegle marmelos), the ashes are called 'Shivaagni-Bhasm'. This Bhasm is considered to be extremely sacred and capable of destroying sins as also ritual impurities.

Websites for Remedies

An Important Thing About Remedies
(1) Remedies  should never be done half-heartedly, they should always be done with full faith.
(2) Remedies should not be done in a hurry, done with calculating the money or incomplete.



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