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Yagya As a Remedy
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Yagya is the Most Effective Remedy
For a remedy purpose Yagya is most influential. There are three energy sources in this universe - Light, Sound and Magnet. Light is very good system but it has limitation; it can't reach beyond the wall or a non-transparent medium. Magnet is also very effective but it needs a metallic-medium to pass it's energy through. But the sound is everywhere reachable that's why it has been used most. As Mantra is based on sound system, it guarantees the best effect of Yagya.

Moreover the Yagya is absolutely natural process and thus peaceful and long lasting too. The most important benefit of Yagya is that it is 100% positive. It means, it shall give result in any case, whether 99% or 40% but always positive. It never gives negative result. One more benefit of Yagya is, that, it has no reverse effect even you do wrong Yagya; because, in every Yagya (at least with Ved Bhaavanaa, others practice Tantra too in the name of Yagya) only Vaidik Mantra are chanted and spiritual rituals are performed. Reversely, if you chant a Taantrik Mantra in wrong / incorrect method, you get reverse influence. Therefore a Yagya can be called - FOOLPROOF.

Not only this, in case if you do not to see the expected benefit of Yagya, still it's a devotion and donation and has eternal influence for your soul and Karm. This is the most important reason why we choose Yagya to promote as remedy because more or less, correct or incorrect, however you do, it has always result and positive result. This is the reason why Yagya was so popular 10,000 years ago and still it is popular today.

However Yagya is not an alternative of any traditional or scientific solutions, but when you have no worldly solution, you need support of God and that happens by Yagya.

Types of Yagya Yagya can be divided in 2 groups -

(1) Nishkaam (without desire) are very broad. For example, devotion or our regular prayers, agriculture and education all these are one or another kind of Yagya. For example if you are a teacher, you give knowledge, so it is called Gyaan Yagya. The basic characteristic of such Yagya is that these Yagya have no certain desires for doing this and become fruitful after a long time in an uncertain manner which you can't identify. For example if you give a donation, you get this money or perhaps more back in shape of profit in your business or a discount in a purchase. If you study, or if you teach, you get helped by that knowledge in a certain situation. Only thing is that you can't expect immediate or certain result by these Yagya.

(2) Sa-Kaam (with desire) - Oppositely you have a problem and you want help, or you have certain desire and you want to fulfill that, than you do Yagya for such desire or Kaamanaa. These Yagya are called Sa-Kaam Yagya. These Yagya are of 4 types -

(a) Planetary Yagya - This Yagya helps you minimizing evil influences of the planets to survive in a period with un-favorable planets. However a planetary Yagya doesnít help in all conditions. For example, it will minimize evil energy from the time the Yagya starts, but canít remove the influences those you already have collected in last years and due to which many problems arose. In other words, planetary Yagya helps you for prevention of negativity from the time of start but are not meant for healing problems, or to support for success or achievements. For these purposes we need specific Yagya. Some people believe that they can make planets happy, but we rely on scientific Vaidik theories in which none is special for the planets. We do Planetary Yagya not to make them happy but to apply a filter for evil energy around us. Planets are too big for us to manipulate.

(b) Yagya for Prevention - These Yagya are to prevent any danger that you feel or see in coming future or it is predicted by your astrologer. For example, if you have symptoms of a severe disease and you feel that you bare going to die, OR you see some legal issue and you can see some punishment or arrest in future, OR you are feeling or seeing some economic crisis in future OR your astrologer sees coming danger or problem in your life - in all these situations you do a Yagya for prevention. These Yagya first try to avoid this danger and if the danger is driven by your strong bad Karm which can't be totally averted, then the Yagya softens the pain, minimizes the dangers and gives you strength to tolerate and survive in the dangers. So you are assured about your survival without having worse consequences.

(c) Yagya for Cure - In your whole life you have collected several bad things those occur as problems and dangers in your life, for example you collect evil energies of your negative planets, your bad deeds, the curses of your family, gods or anyone whom you might have hurt. All these get collected in your life and become fruitful without being minimized or destroyed. A Yagya for prevention helps you that you shouldn't be attacked by those bad Karm from the starting of Yagya. But what about those evil Karm of your earnings in past? We use for this purpose - Yagya for cure. For example, you have already a disease or may be you are being obstructed for being married or for getting child - these problems have already begun and we need to cure these problems. In this situation we need Yagya for cure.

(d) Yagya to Fulfill Desires - These Yagya are performed for fulfilling your desires. For example, if you want a higher post or higher income or you want to buy your dream home, you do a Yagya for help in fulfilling these desires. If you want to buy a house and that costs $400,000 but you have only $250,000. now you need to arrange the rest $150,000 and for that you probably ask your friends or perhaps you would take a loan. In the same way, maybe to achieve something you need good Karm and when you have less good Karm, you can't achieve that, for example you have 60% good Karm to achieve a position or a property. Now you do Yagya to generate 40% more good Karm so that you should be able to achieve that desired thing.

But just desiring something and dreaming for something does not justify your desire or dream. For example, if you are a minister and you want to be prime minister then it is a reasonable or possible desire, but being just a public if you desire to be a prime minister, then it is over ambition and Yagya too will not help for this. You will say now, every prime minister has been a public. It is true, but then go step by step. Like do Yagya for being a minister of low level, and when you become the minister then do it for high level minister, and then too successful then do it for being prime minister. In this way you see Yagya can do all but with right application.

Our all Yagya are in package with a code for the combinations of 1, 2, or 3 relevant Remedial Vaidik Yagya for the particular purpose. Only birthday Yagya are General Yagya for over all progress at general level.

How Yagya Help
Yagyas help in numerous ways. They can help cure diseases, destroy enemies, control turmoil, seeking divine help for solving problems that defy mundane solutions, peace to the departed souls, tasks that seem impossible can be done in a scientific manner with the help of Yagyas. Yagya are unique scientific miraculous processes of Indian occult sciences that can provide help in all fields and problems in every way. Peace, prosperity, wealth, health and all round development and upliftment can be achieved through Yagyas as it has been told in ancient Vaidik scriptures.

Yagya can be performed for:
Prosperity, Peace, Happiness, Health, Cure Diseases, Salvation of the Departed Souls, Spiritual Enhancement, Protection, Nullify Evil effects of Black Magic, Spirits, Powers, Victory and Defense against Enemies Business, Career, Profession, Well being of children, Nullify evil effects of stars and planets, Help in all fields, Peace for the nation, World peace Emancipation from sins, Community benefit, Destruction of fear in the world, World protection.

Their full arrangements for performing miraculous Yagya following proper rituals and methods as laid down in the Ved.

Planetary Yagya
The planetary Yagya are the most commonly recommended Yagya.
Soorya Yagya - Favorable planetary influence from the Sun
Chandra Yagya - Favorable planetary influence from the Moon
Mangal Yagya  - Favorable planetary influence from Mars
Budh Yagya - Favorable planetary influence from Mercury
Guru Yagya - Favorable planetary influence from Jupiter
Shukra Yagya - Favorable planetary influence from Venus
Shani Yagya : Favorable planetary influence from Saturn
Raahu Yagya - Favorable planetary influence from the north node Raahu
Ketu Yagya - Favorable planetary influence from the south node Ketu

Purposeful Yagya
Jagannaath Yagya - For spiritual progress
Madhusoodan Yagya - For avoiding fear and getting more friends
Naaraayan Yagya - To increase the potentiality of giving love to everyone
Nara Sinh Yagya : For fulfillment of desires
Narasinh Yagya - For overcoming serious danger and accidents
Nava Graha Yagya - Yagya performed for all 9 planets
Prapann Geetaa Yagya - Get rid of bad Karm and for getting respect from everyone
Purush Yagya - For spiritual knowledge, purity and integrity

Mahaa Rudra Yagya - For good health and avoiding serious illness
Rudra Yagya - Spiritual progress and getting more knowledge
Shiv Mahaa Yagya - For spiritual progress, integrity and good mental qualities
Shiv Panchaakshar Yagya - For good public relation and progress
Shiv Sahastra Yagya - For strong spiritual feeling and material progress
Shivaashtak Yagya - For happiness and overcoming sufferings

Shree Raam Yagya - For getting more progress in all areas of life
Soorya Sahastra Naam Yagya - According to cast and Gotra - Braahman will get knowledge - Kshatriya will get success and no enmity -
    Vaishya will get prosperity and good business and Shoodra will get spirituality
Vishnu Mahaa Yagya - For progressing in the four path - Dharm (spirituality), Arth (economical progress),
    Kaam (enjoyment and fulfillment), Moksh (enlightenment)
Vishnu Sahastra Naam Yagya - For wealth, prosperity and happiness

Ganesh Yagya - For success
Ganesh Sahastra Naam Yagya - For success over enmity and overcoming serious fear
Mahaa Ganapati Yagya - For great success in business
Sankat Naashan Ganesh Yagya - For avoiding serious harm and loss
Sankat Naashan Yagya - For avoiding serious obstacles

Annpoornaa Yagya - For knowledge and strong sacrificing qualities
Bagalaamukti Yagya - For success in court case, avoiding enmity and for good reputation
Bhuvaneshwaree Yagya : For permanent prosperity and progress
Chandee Mahaa Yagya - Family happiness and good relation between husband and wife
Maatangee Mahaa Yagya - For great success and prosperity
Mahaa Kaalee Yagya - For family happiness and prosperity and wealth
Mahaa Lakshmee Yagya - For wealth
Mahaa Taaraa Yagya - For knowledge, education, good Karm and fame
Mahaa Vidyaa Yagya - For success in education
Rudra Chandee Yagya - For avoiding danger in life
Saraswatee Mahaa Yagya - For deep understanding of Vaidik knowledge
Sat Chandee Mahaa Yagya - Overcoming all difficulties in life
Shree Vairabee Ygya - For good speaking qualities and avoiding obstacles in speech
Shree Vidyaa Yagya - For the welfare of the family
Tripur Sundaree Yagya - For beauty and fame

Aaditya Hridaya Yagya : For avoiding all difficulties, be kind to everyone, and get rid of serious skin diseases
Agni Yagya : For general progress, good health and general prosperity
Aparaajitaa Yagya - For success in a project or special matter
Banalingam Yagya - For pure knowledge, good health and for avoiding enmities
Batuk Bhairav Yagya - Avoiding obstacles from government and increase success
Deenbandhu Yagya - To get support from nature to avoid all obstacles
Gangaa Mahaa Yagya - For purity and avoiding bad Karm
Naayikaa Mohee Yagya : For getting good lover and good relation with lover
Rinmochak Mangal Yagya : For getting help from nature to repay debt
Shashthee Mahaa Yagya - Good for children's health
Unknown name : For removal of serious psycho-physiological illness
Vaastu Dev Yagya - Foundation for good home and house

Tilokaanchan Yagya - Shodash Yagya - Brisatsarg Yagya -
Daan Saagar Yagya - To remove impurities from the time of death and to promote the evolution of the soul
     (to be performed after someone has passed away. This will promote the spiritual evolution of the soul.)

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Difference Between Poojaa and Yagya
Poojaa - A Poojaa is a ritual where of course Mantra is also recited and fire sacrifice is also done, but all are voluntarily. It means you are not bound by the regulations and the quantity of Mantra. You can chant a Mantra either 108 times or 125,000 times, you are not bounded to do its quantity. Moreover, Poojaa is mostly done for general development and to be prosperous in future and for spiritual development. It has no certain target or expectation.

While Yagya, it has certain target and certain procedure which must be completed exactly to get the result. The result of Yagya is mostly experienceable and definite. You do a Yagya for a particular purpose and the Pandit are bound with the rules of Yagya. The Mantra quantity is very high and is a must. Technically a Poojaa can be understood as a vaccination to prevent a future disease which may appear after 10-20 years. And a Yagya is like a surgery that needs to be done immediately for survival or for achieving success. You can't expect a particular result soon after doing a Poojaa while with Yagya you can expect it soon. A Poojaa is normally 2-3% part of a Yagya. Yagya is like an umbrella. Although it can't stop rainfall but it can definitely save you from getting wet.



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