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Gems or Ratna help in strengthening Planets. Choosing gem for any Planet is one of the most sensitive areas of remedies. Exaltation or own house placement is not the criteria for wearing a Gem. If the Exalted planet is the Lord of a evil House, then would only give malefic results. Thus gem stones have conditions to be prescribed, they cannot be prescribed just like that.

1. Introduction to Gems

2. How to Choose Gems

3. Gems and Planets

Blue Sapphire
Yellow Sapphire

Websites for Gems
The following sites are very good for information on gems--

(1) Richard Shaw Brown, PG
Musician, Designer, Gemologist & Author


(3) - to know about various gems according to planets

(4)   By Richard Shaw Brown, PG - this book is about planetary gemology

Buy genuine gems from Richard Shaw Brown's shop in India -
Rudra Center in Mumbai from Neetaa. [rudracentreindia@]   
Many jewelers sell red spinel for Ruby but he will tell the difference between them.

Wrong Gemstone recommendation by a Vaidik Astrologer:

Learn how gem stones work:



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