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Introduction to Gems

Effects of Gems
Effect of gems will have depends on the nature of their Planet Lord's attitude or placement in each individual horoscope. There are two types of planets in every horoscope, viz, Anukool Graha or favorable planets, and Pratikool Graha  or unfavorable planets. Gems will act accordingly. Below are simple basic guidelines on how fine quality Jyotish gems might influence us.

Gems to Wear or Donate?
There are several types of gems which can be worn but according to Vaidik astrology, gems are normally worn for he nine planets therein. Those nine gems are - (1) Ruby (Laal, Chunnee, Padmaraag), (2) Pearl (Motee), (3) Coral (Moongaa), (4) Emerald (Pannaa), (5) Yellow Sapphire (Pukharaaj), (6) Diamond (Heeraa), (7) Blue Sapphire (Neelam), (8) Hessonite (Gomed), and (9) Cat's Eye.

Why to Wear or Donate Gems?
There are multiple criteria for wearing gems, and one of them is to fulfill any particular desires at any point of time in life - for wealth, job, marriage, good health, and after the fulfillment of that desire the gem is removed, or allowed to be depending on the planet which is represented by the Gem.

In Vaidik remedies there are certain remedies which makes a planet strong and some makes it weak, while some remedies pacify it, for example, wearing gemstones on right hands increases the power whereas on left hand decreases the power. Same is with the opposite stones. Whereas Mantra pacify the planet and always gives good results.

General Guidelines for Wearing Gems
(1) Please avoid gemstones for functional malefics unless they are placed in a trine or Kendra houses along with friendly Yog Kaarak planets (a planets who owns a trine and a Kendra- or owns a Kendra and placed in a trine)
(2) always avoid gemstones of planets who owns/ occupies or associated with another friendly planet who owns/ occupies houses 2, 7, 12 and Baadhak houses as they would create a lot of problems and tensions
(3) Avoid gemstone/ Mantra or prayer of the planet who are enemy of Lagna lord or Navaansh Lagna Lord
(4) Avoid gemstone/ Mantra of planets whose Raashi/ Navaansh dispositors are badly placed in the Raashi chart from the Lagna, Moon or Arudhaa Lagna or Kaarya Bhaav -- as the result of these efforts might go in vain a create serious doubt about the efficacy of remedial measures in the mind of the people
[Mrutyunjay Tripathy]

Case - In your case, Jupiter gem (most of the times) should not be prescribed because though Jupiter rules 5th House, but it does rule the 8th House also. That is why his placement is important. You should not wear diamond also for it is malefic for your Ascendant. I only suggest Sun or Mars gem for you.
[But if they are fallen then I do not recommend even them.]

For Venus things missing, you can try pacifying both Venus and his dispositor (Budh); and strengthen your Mars and Sun. If any of them joins or aspects Venus, you will see good changes. It is also important to see if Venus is Neechaa Bhang or not.

A gemstone may be worn to fortify a benefic planet that is weak in the natal chart, at any time, or it may be worn when its planetary period, such as in Vinshottaree Dashaa or sub-Dashaa (a method of lunar progression) is operational. In the case of slower moving planets, if they are weak in transit while one is experiencing their Dashaa at an important phase in life, gemstones often help. Since, in these situations, the planet is the source of the effect or the motivation factor, we would like it to be as strong as it is possible. If the planet is weak and malefic, then we would leave it untouched. Doesn't this make a weak malefic sound like a Kaarmik windfall?

Selecting a gemstone is a complex, tricky and time-consuming process. Even many practicing astrologers get discouraged, start cutting corners and eventually lose faith in the efficacy of using gems as remedies. Some also start adopting less effective alternative approaches such as using secondary and tertiary stones, all of which exercises eventually lead to disillusionment and crushed expectations. Not only must the gemstone conform to the physical and chemical specifications (purity, specific gravity etc.), it must be of the right size as well. And, it must be worn and tested by the individual for a few days before accepting it. This requires a very cooperative, understanding and conscientious jeweler.
[Dhirendra Nath Misra]

Warning --
(1) No gem should be prescribed without analyzing the complete horoscope, especially Blue sapphire, because it can cause immense harm immediately, if not suitable.
(2) One should not wear Ratna which are signified by Graha in Shatru Bhaav (6H) in Raashi Chart.
Emerald and Pearl together

--Diamond should be avoided using with Ruby.
--Lapis Lazuli is not clear blue, that is why it does not belong to Saturn, it is more apt to Venus. It should be avoided using with Ruby
--Brazilian Topaz is the best.



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