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1st House (Ascendant)

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1st House (Ascendant)

1st House or Lagna or Ascendant. This is the 1st House in a Birth Chart denoting the rising Sign at the time of birth of the native. This Chart is called Birth Chart, or Lagna Chart. There are some other charts also where other things are considered as Lagna. Lagna is all in all for Natal Astrology.

There is a theory for different types of Lagna. Just like we have made 12 houses, like that we can also make 12 Lagna which do the same job as 12 houses do for different department of life. Like we have Lagna and we do its calculation by taking the rising Sun into account, in the same way by taking the rising Sun into account we can make 11 other Lagna. Why to take Sun into account? Because it is the chief planet for life. (leave philosophy here). Now if we make the 2nd house as Lagna, which is called Horaa Lagna also (It shows the resources for sustenance) and that Lagna moves at double speed. Why? Because it is representing 2nd house.

We can make 3rd house also as Lagna. In the same way we reach to 5th house and to get its Lagna we should multiply five times to that angle (by which we get Lagna). Lagna for 5th house is called Ghatikaa Lagna. Ghatikaa Lagna basically shows power. Why power? Because 5th house deals with recognition. In the same we can make other Houses as Lagna. But we concentrate only on three Lagna - Lagna, Ghatikaa Lagna and Horaa Lagna. If any planet gives its aspect on all three Lagna we say it Yogada. But Yogadaa's definition could also be changed.

1. Chandra Chart - In this Chart, that Sign is placed in the 1st House or as Lagna in which Moon is situated. That is why it is called Chandra Kundalee or Chandra Chart.

AL - Arudhaa Lagna
HL - Horaa Lagna
GL - Ghatikaa Lagna
VL - Vernad Lana

Aquarius as Lagna
Your Vaidik Ascendant is Aquarius - which reveals you are a very soft hearted woman, very emotional, and tears can easily convince you. It is not abnormal that you can be convinced wrongly for the sake of humanity etc.

With this, if Venus, the great 9th Lord, is in his own sign with Ascendant Lord, he will protect you a lot from evils - I strongly recommend you strengthen it with Mantra etc.

Mostly Libra-Scorpios (late Oct-early Nov) have debilitated Sun.

Malefic and Benefic Planets for Cancer Lagna
See also   Lagna and Planets
(BPHS, Ch. 34 (27-28)
Shukra and Budh are Malefics,
Mangal, Guru and Chandra are auspicious.
Mangal is capable of conferring a full-fledged Yoga and giving auspicious effects.
Shani and Soorya are killers and give effects, according to their associations.

Functional Benefic are Lords of Trikon (1st, 5th, 9th) and (generally of) Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th):
1st house, Lord Moon (Moon with full Graha Drishti)
4th house, Lord Venus
5th house, Lords Mars, Ketu (Mars with full Graha Drishti, Ketu with Raashi Drishti )
7th house, Lord Saturn (Saturn with full Graha Drishti)
(9th house, Lord Jupiter) (no full aspect of Jupiter to Pisces, 9th house)
10th house, Lord Mars

Functional Malefic are Lords of Upachaya (3rd, 6th, 11th, but not 10th house) and Makaras (2nd, 7th):
3rd house, Lord Mercury
6th house, Lord Jupiter
11th house, Lord Venus (Raashi Drishti of Venus to Taurus, 11th house)

2nd house, Lord Sun
7th house, Lord Saturn (Saturn with full Graha Drishti)

Other planets are neutral. Raashi Drishti are always full aspects
Benefic:  Mars (Yog Kaarak) , Ketu (Yog Kaarak)
Malefic:  Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, (Saturn), Raahu
Mixed:    Venus, Sun, (Saturn)

If Venus is in the first house (ascendant) the native will be proficient in mathematics and long lived. He will be loved by his wife, fond of ornaments, good dresses and beauty. He will be liked by women, will be wealthy and learned. If Venus is in conjunction with a benefic, the native will have a lustrous body shining like gold and will own many ornaments. If Venus is associated with of aspected by a malefic or is in his sign of debilitation (Virgo), the native will be a thief and a cheat and will suffer from rheumatic and phlegmatic diseases. If the Lord of the first is associated with Raahu the native will suffer from hydrocele. If Venus is in the Ascendant and the fourth house is occupied by a benefic, the native will own elephants (conveyances) and enjoy high prosperity. If Venus is in his own sign (Taurus or Libra) the native will enjoy Mahaaraajaa Yog (great name, fame and wealth). If Venus is lord of the 8th, 6th or or is weak, the native will have two wives, his fortune will be fluctuating and he will be hard hearted.
(Bhrigu Sutras)

If Saturn is in the first house (ascendant), the native will suffer from rheumatic and bilious diseases. If Saturn is in his sign of exaltation (Libra), the native will have lordship over a village or town and will have financial and agricultural prosperity. If Saturn is in his own sign Capricorn or Aquarius, the father of the native will be rich. If Saturn is in the ascendant in the sign of the Lord of the 4th or 10th the native will be very fortunate and will enjoy the effects of Mahaaraaja Yog (name, fame and wealth). If Saturn in the ascendant is aspected by Moon, the native will earn his livelihood by begging. This will not happen if Saturn is aspected by a benefic (Jupiter or Venus) also.
(Bhrigu Sutras)

If Venus and Saturn join together in the Ascendant, one will be seeking union with all women (ie he will enjoy many women), will possess a splendorous body, be endowed with happiness, pleasures and wealth, will have many servants and be highly bereaved.
(Kalyana Varmas Saravali)

Should Shukra and Shani be in Lagna, Putra, Dharm, Bandhu, or Karm Bhaav, one will be commanded by his wife, be a chief in royal service and wealthy.
(Horasara of Phrituyasas)

A single debilitated planet in Lagna is a liability.

In Lagna, even malefic planets are Benefics.



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