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5-Planets for Lagna

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5-Auspicious and Inauspicious Planets for Each Lagna
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Following are the auspicious and inauspicious planets for all the 12 Lagna according to BPHS.

[BPHS, Ch. 34]
19-22. Graha and Mesh Lagna
O Braahman, listen to these with examples. Even though Mangal is the Lord of Randhra Bhaav, he will be helpful to auspicious Graha. Shani, Budh and Shukra are Malefics. Auspicious are Guru and Soorya. The mere Yuti of Shani with Guru will not produce auspicious effects (although they own a Kon and a Kendra). If Guru is at the disposal of a Malefic, he will surely give inauspicious results. Shukra is a direct (independent) killer. Shani etc will also inflict death, if associated with an adverse Graha (Shukra).

23-24. Graha and Vrishabh Lagna
Guru, Shukra and Chandra are Malefic. Shani and Soorya are auspicious. Shani will cause Raaj Yoga. Budh is somewhat inauspicious. The Guru group (Guru, Chandra and Shukra) and Mangal will inflict death.

25-26. Graha and Mithun Lagna
Mangal, Guru and Soorya are Malefic, while Shukra is the only auspicious Graha. The Yuti of Guru with Shani is similar to that for Mesh Lagna. Chandra is the prime killer, but it is dependant on her association.

27-28. Graha and Kark Lagna
Shukra and Budh are Malefic, Mangal, Guru and Chandra are auspicious. Mangal is capable of conferring a full-fledged Yog and giving auspicious effects. Shani and Soorya are killers and give effects, according to their associations.

29-30. Graha and Sinh Lagna
Budh, Shukra and Shani are Malefic. Auspicious effects will be given by Mangal, Guru and Soorya.Guru's Yuti with Shukra (though, respectively, Kon and Kendra Lords) will not produce auspicious results. Shani and Chandra are killers, who will give effects, according to their associations.

31-32. Graha and Kanyaa Lagna
Mangal, Guru and Chandra are Malefic, while Budh and Shukra are auspicious. Shukra's Yuti with Budh will produce Yog. Shukra is a killer as well. Soorya's role will depend on his association.

33-34. Graha and Tulaa Lagna
Guru, Soorya and Mangal are Malefic. Auspicious are Shani and Budh. Chandra and Budh will cause Raaj Yog. Mangal is a killer. Guru and other Malefic will also acquire a disposition to inflict death. Shukra is neutral.

35-36. Graha and Vrischik Lagna
Shukra, Budh and Shani are Malefic. Guru and Chandra are auspicious. Soorya, as well as Chandra are Yoga Kaarak. Mangal is neutral. Shukra and other malefic acquire the quality of causing death.

37-38. Graha and Dhanu Lagna
Only Shukra is inauspicious. Mangal and Soorya are auspicious. Soorya and Budh are capable of conferring a Yog. Shani is a killer, Guru is neutral. Shukra acquires killing powers.

39-40. Graha and Makar Lagna
Mangal, Guru and Chandra are malefic, Shukra and Budh are auspicious. Shani will not be a killer on his own. Mangal and other malefic will inflict death. Soorya is neutral. Only Shukra is capable of causing a superior Yog.

41-42. Graha and Kumbh Lagna
Guru, Chandra and Mangal are Malefics, while Shukra and Shani are auspicious. Shukra is the only Graha, that causes Raaj Yog.  Guru, Soorya and Mangal are killers. Budh gives meddling effects.

43-44. Graha and Meen Bhaav
Shani, Shukra, Soorya and Budh planets are Malefic. Mangal and Chandra are auspicious. Mangal and Guru will cause a Yog. Though Mangal is a killer, he will not kill the native (independently). Shani and Budh are killers.

45-46. General
Thus the auspicious and inauspicious effects, derivable through the Graha, due to their lordship, according to the rising Raashi, have to be estimated. Apart the effects, due to Nabhash Yog etc should also be known.



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