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2-Choosing a Gem-

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2-How to Choose a Gems
Mr Richard S. Brown, GIA, PGG conducted a survey about it and compiled the results after a lot of interaction with different members of the PGA and identified the 10 most popular methods of choosing a gem. His website is

(1) Lagna (Ascendant) Lord's Gem Selection Method:
For improving health (Example: If Lagna is Leo, a sign ruled by Sun, the gem would be Ruby or other Sun gems like red spinel or red garnet),
---Yes if the planet is located in a 'good' (strong) position, otherwise not.
---Yes even if the planet is located in a 'bad' (weak) position.

(2) Moon Raashi Lord's Gem Selection Method:
(Example: If Moon is in Virgo, a sign ruled by Mercury, then the gem would be emerald or another Mercury gem like Tsavorite or green tourmaline);
---Yes if the planet is located in a 'good' position, otherwise not.
---Yes even if the planet is located in a 'bad' position.

(3) Mahaa-Dashaa Lord's Gem Selection Method:
For --
a. Overcoming bad Dashaa periods, or
b. Boosting good Dashaa periods (Example: If one is in a Mars Mahaa dashaa or Bhukti then red coral or another Mars gem like red carnelian should be worn),
---Yes if the planet is located in a 'good' position, otherwise not.
---Yes even if the planet is located in a 'bad' position.

(4) Weak Planet's Gem Selection Method:
For overcoming a weak planet based on the concept that a 'weak' (inauspicious) planet is strengthened by wearing it's gem and there by it changes from being inauspicious (weak) to become auspicious (strong). Example: A person has Jupiter debilitated (0% power) which is inauspicious, but by wearing yellow sapphire or another yellow Jupiter jewel, it is believed that the 'weak' (troublesome) Jupiter gets strengthened and becomes auspicious.

(5) Strong Planet's Gem Selection Method:
For resorting to one's strong auspicious planet(s) (exalted, Mool Trikon, own sign, great friend, etc.) based on the concept that lucky planet = luck gem! One should avoid their 'weakness and cultivate their strength. Most auspicious gem of strongest most desirable planet. Example: One has Leo Lagna and their Lagna Lord is Sun, who is exalted (100% strength) and posited in the 9th house which is all very auspicious. That person would be advised to use a fine ruby, the Sun's gem, to attract or harness his auspicious influence. On the other hand if the same person had Saturn debilitated (0% strength) and in the 8th house they would be advised to avoid Saturn's gem blue sapphire and all other Saturnine things or activities. And better still they could donate a blue sapphire to pacify Shani Dev.

(6) Fadic Number Gem Selection Method:
Use a gem for the planet associated with one's Fadic number for general luck. (Example: If birth date is 1+13+1966 (1+1+3+1+9+6+ 6) equals T: 27 (2+7) = T: 9 = cosmic number for Mars (red coral).
Fadic Number/Planet/ Gem List:
-1 is Sun - Ruby
-2 is Moon - Pearl (natural, not cultured)
-3 is Jupiter - Yellow sapphire
-4 is Rahu - Hessonite
-5 is Mercury - Emerald
-6 is Venus - Diamond
-7 is Ketu - Cat's eye
-8 is Saturn - Blue sapphire
-9 is Mars - Red coral

(7) Gem of 11th Lord Selection Method:
Eleventh lord's gem is to be worn for gains:
---Yes if the 11th Lord (planet) is located in a 'good' position, otherwise not.
---Yes even if the 11th Lord (planet) is located in a 'bad' position.

(8) Gem of 10th Lord Selection Method:
To strengthen one's profession:
---Yes if the 10th Lord (planet) is located in a 'good' position, otherwise not.
---Yes even if the 10th Lord (planet) is located in a 'bad' position.

(9) Gem of 9th Lord Selection Method:
For improving fortune, happiness
---Yes if the 9th Lord (planet) is located in a 'good' position, otherwise not.
---Yes even if the 9th Lord (planet) is located in a 'bad' position.

10. Gem Donation Method:
It is taught that if a person has a very weak and inauspicious planet causing them harm, this harmful influence can be mitigated by pacifying the harmful planet Graha Dev) through a sacrifice by donating a gem for the harmful planet to a specified recipient. Example: A person who has Raahu posited in a harmful (weak) position and is in a troublesome Raahu Mahaa-dashaa would be advised to donate a hessonite or another Raahu gem to a leper on Saturday evening during the waxing Moon.

The purpose of this research is to help organize Planetary Gemology into a recognized Vedic science with many distinct schools of thought and methodology.

Effects of Gems
The effects gems will have depends on the nature of their Planet Lord's attitude or placement in each individual horoscope. There are two types of planets in every horoscope, viz, Anukool Graha or favorable planets, and Pratikool Graha or unfavorable planets. Gems will act accordingly. Below are simple basic guidelines on how fine quality Jyotish gems might influence us.

Bluff Gems
Imagine: There are 3 kinds of gems (1) Jyotish (good) Quality gems; (2) Doshee (bad) quality gems and (3) Bluff quality - Bluff means a stone or gem that looks kind of free of problems, most of which are hidden in the cutting and setting or even treatment, as much as possible. These are defective gems that are not in the category of good nor bad. They are kind of useless, not good, not {totally) bad....

The trick of making a bluff stone is to buy a defective stone at a really cheap price because it is common poor quality, then re-cut it and create a special setting to hide the major or minor flaws... to make it look like "Jyotish" quality and sell for near good quality prices, or even discounted prices, still the biggest profit margin is in bluff gem jewelry. And that includes "cultured" as a BLUFF "pearl"

So, bad is bad, and bluff is bluff, but Jyotish quality, such as "natural" pearl, clean emerald, etc is the most rare and most expensive. Such top quality gems hold a very small profit margin because starting costs are extremely high (compared to common bluff stones) that they cannot be marked up like ordinary jewelry (bluff stones). It requires a high level of sophistication to identify true quality and values.

A person advised to wear a 5-carat emerald is a fool if he spends Rs 500-5000 for a 5-carat emerald, because in that price only very low (bad) quality and oiled emerald is available. A person of knowledge knows that such a perfect 5-carat flawless gem is available, but cost is anywhere from US$1,000-$5, 000 per carat, meaning minimum price for a 5-carat emerald would be over $5,000, which is over Rs 250,000.

If poor people can't afford Jyotish quality gems, they should go for "Upa-ratn" in Jyotish quality. Such as clean peridot in place of bad emerald. It is not an irony that healthy people are not seeking the "cure". In this manner we understand that wealthy people (who can afford the best) are not interested in talismans. The irony is that those who cannot afford Jyotish gems are usually the only ones who are seeking them. And what they usually get is BLUFF gems. We must remember what Shaastra, such as Agni Puraan, that a very ancient state about gem quality, "A gem free from all impurities and radiating its characteristic internal luster should be looked upon as an escort of good luck. A gem which is cracked, fissured, devoid of luster, or appearing rough or sandy, should not be used at all." ---Agni Puraan: Chapter 246, Verse 7 & 8.



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