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3-Gems for Planets

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3-Gems for Various Planets

It depends in which constellation the Moon is, where is the owner of that constellation placed, and what the native desires, when he approaches me with a problem.

Suppose the Moon is placed in the constellation, whose owner is placed in the 2nd house, then Moon will bring in wealth, and money. If the native has come to me with a problem of Loans not being passed, and expects me to suggest a Gem, then I would immediately suggest a Pearl, but at the same time I would ask him to remove the Pearl once the Loan is approved. Because I do not wish him to develop any ill health. The 6th house and the 2nd house denote wealth and Loans respectively, but no money is welcome at the cost of spoiling the health, which the 6th house denotes. You must be knowing as we all do, that all the big rich men have their 6th house strong which brings them good money, but also ill health in the form of Diabetes, High BP, Heart troubles etc. (Re-read it to understand the philosophy of suggesting Gems, as taught to me by My Guru in Nakshatra based astrology)

Planets and Gems
Below are listed the gemstones for the nine planets normally advised. First is the primary stone, then there are secondary options.

Sun - Ruby, red spinel, rubellite, red garnet etc.
Moon - Pearl, moonstone, white coral etc.
Mars - Red coral, carnelian etc.
Mercury - Emerald, peridot, onyx, tsavorite, green jade, chrome tourmaline etc.
Jupiter - Yellow sapphire, yellow topaz, heliodor, citrine etc.
Venus - Diamond, zircon, clear sapphire, clear topaz, quartz, crystal, etc.
Saturn - Blue sapphire, blue spinel, indicolite, amethyst, tanzanite etc.
Raahu - Hessonite (Gomed), spessertite etc.
Ketu - Cat's eye, chrysoberyl, beryl, tourmaline etc.

Planets and Gems by Tagore
from Mani Mala by S. M. Tagore (C) 1879
Translation of Shlok 79: Procedure for Gifting Gems for harmful Planets:
Faultless ruby of good quality for Sun, pearl for Moon, coral for Mars, emerald for Mercury, yellow sapphire for Jupiter, diamond for Venus, the faultless blue sapphire for Saturn and for the others (obviously Raahu and Ketu) garnet and cat's eye gem.

Translation of Shlok 80-81: Procedure for Taking (wearing) Gems for harmful Planets:
If the Sun were to be harmful, it is cat's eye gems which is considered auspicious, if it were the Moon, it is blue sapphire, if it is Mars, it is ruby, if it is Mercury, it is ruby, if it is Jupiter, it is pearl, if it is Venus, it is diamond, if it is Saturn, it is blue sapphire, if it is Raahu, one should wear garnet and if it is Ketu, one should go in for emerald.

For the Sun
One should wear red coral of 5 Rattees in gold, or try a copper band for the wrist. [The copper band can be worn with a silver band.]

For Mercury
You can also wear a gemstone for Mercury which is represented by green colored stones, like emeralds, jade, peridot, tourmaline etc. Again it has to be clear and without flaws in appearance. It has to be made in gold ring, always open in the back, and placed on the smallest finger of your right hand on a Wednesday morning, 2 hours after sunrise and while the moon is waxing meaning after new moon starts and before full moon ends. Same time-frame applies for putting on a ring for Venus, except start on a Friday at sunrise. My experience has taught me that gemstones do work in enhancing planetary energies and thus bringing forth what the planets promise in one's chart.

For Venus
I would recommend that you wear a gemstone signifying Venus on your right hand middle finger cast in silver and opened in the back. If you can afford a diamond, great, but you can also wear a white Sapphire or even white crystal or Zirconia as long as it is natural and has not been heat treated. The stone has to be without any flaws in it, and weigh more than 4 Rattee, some also recommend 3 carats but I find that the traditional measurement of weighing more than 4 Rattees works fine. Wear it in the morning, 2 hours after sunrise and while the moon is waxing meaning after new moon starts and before full moon ends on a Friday

For Saturn
For strengthening Saturn can I wear an iron ring in my middle finger.
--As of now Iron ring is also not required please.

Yellow sapphire/white sapphire may not be proper as your
Ascendant sign is Virgo and
Jupiter in Venus sign.



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