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2-Arudhaa Lagna

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2-Arudhaa Lagna (AL)

Arudhaa Lagna or Horary Ascendant is all in all in Horary astrology.

World is swayed by Maayaa. A gentleman I know owns a scooter, with which he is very happy. He owned it for 15 years and he is very fond and proud of it. He rides it to work everyday. I know another gentleman who owns three fine cars, but not happy with any of them and always hoping to buy something better. If you ask someone, "which of these two gentlemen is more blessed with happiness from vehicles the one with a scooter or the one with three cars", the answer you are likely to get is "the one with three cars". The world has its own perceptions. The material world is swayed by Maayaa or illusion. The same thing is true for most aspects of life.

The question in front of astrologers is: "How do we distinguish between the illusions of the material world and the reality?" The answer to this important question lies in the use of Arudhaa Pad, defined by Paraashar and Jaimini.

Computing Arudhaa Pad
Arudhaa Pad of a house is computed using the following method:
(1) Rule: Measure the number of Signs from the house of interest to its Lord. Measure the same number of Signs from the Lord. The resultant sign contains the Arudhaa Pad of the House.

Example 1:
Lagna is in Gemini and its Lord Mercury is in Aries. Let us say we need to find (a) Arudhaa Lagna (Arudhaa Pad of the 1st House) and (b) Maatri Pad (Arudhaa Pad of the 4th house).
(a) Lagna is in Gemini. Its Lord Mercury is in Aries, i.e., 11th from Gemini. Count the 11th house from Mercury. It is Aquarius. So Arudhaa Lagna is in Aquarius.
(b) The 4th house is in Virgo. Its Lord Mercury is in 8th House from it. Counting the 8th from Mercury, we get Scorpio. So Maatri Pad is in Scorpio.
(2) Exception: Arudhaa Pad of a House cannot be in the 1st or 7th from the House. If the Arudhaa Pad computed above falls in the 1st or 7th from the original house for which we are finding Arudhaa Pad, then the 10th house from what was found above becomes the Arudhaa Pad.

NOTE: It may be noticed that Arudhaa Pad of a House can only be in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th from the House. This is because the illusion is always separated from the reality.

Example 2:
Lagna is in Aries and Sun is in Aquarius. Let us say we need to find Mantra Pad (Arudhaa Pad of 5th House).
Solution: From Aries Lagna, the 5th House is in Leo. From Leo, its Lord Sun is in 7th. Counting the 7th from Sun, we get Leo itself. But Arudhaa Pad of a House cannot be in the House itself or the 7th from it. So we find the 10th from what we found above, ie Leo, and get Taurus.

Example 3: Lagna is in Taurus and Moon is in Libra. Let us say we need to find Bhraatri Pad (Arudhaa Pad of 3rd House).
Solution: From Taurus Lagna, the 3rd House is in Cancer. From Cancer, its Lord Moon is in 4th. Counting the 4th from Moon, we get Capricorn (7th from Cancer). But Arudhaa Pad of a House cannot be in the House itself or the 7th from it. So we find the 10th from what we found above, i.e. Capricorn, and get Libra.

(3) Caution: Paraashar said that Aquarius is owned by Saturn and Raahu both and Scorpio is owned by Mars and Ketu both. When finding Arudhaa Pad of houses falling in these two signs, we have to consider both the lords. If one of the lords occupies the sign (eg Saturn in Aquarius), the other Lord (eg Raahu) should be used. Otherwise, we have to take the stronger Lord. Usually a planet in conjunction with more planets is stronger. A more elaborate set of rules can be found in standard references. Some scholars (eg KN Rao) prefer to ignore the exception in (2) above, but both Paraashar and Jaimini mentioned it and it cannot be ignored. Moreover, the following point may be considered by learned men: Some results are attributed in literature to the mutual Shashthaashtak (6th/8th) positions of Arudhaa Lagna and Dara Pad (Arudhaa Pad of 7th). If this exception is ignored, it can be mathematically proved that Arudhaa Lagna and Dara Pad will always be in mutually odd houses and mutual Shashthaashtaka (6th/8th) position of these two Pad can never occur. Why did Maharshi talk about a combination that never occurs? The readers are urged not to ignore these exceptions.

There is another thing to remember: Though many scholars find Arudhaa Padas only in Raashi chart, they are equally valid in divisional charts. Use of Arudhaa Lagna is Satya Peeth or the seat of truth. Arudhaa Lagna is Maayaa Peeth or the seat of illusion. Both stand for self, but they stand for different shades of self. Lagna stands for true self and Arudhaa Lagna stands for perceived self. Arudhaa Lagna stands for "self, as perceived by this Maayaa world".

Classics attribute many matters to each House. By using divisional charts, we can resolve many clashes. For example, 5th House stands for son, mantra, judgment, fame etc. Using divisional charts, we can see that 5th House in Saptamaansh stands for son and 5th House in Vinshaansh stands for Mantra. However, we sometimes have a clash even after going to the correct divisional chart. For example, intelligence and academic success are both to be seen in Chaturvinshaansh (chart of learning) and the 5th House shows both. In such cases, we have to see which matter is seen from Lagna and which from Arudhaa Lagna.

We said that Paraashar prescribed Chaturvinshaansh chart for learning and knowledge and the 5th House is supposed to show success in competition and fame, as well as intelligence. An intelligent person usually succeeds in competition, but it is not necessary always! How do we resolve this clash? We do it by using Lagna for one and Arudhaa Lagna for the other. Lagna shows true self. Whether one is intelligent or not, is related to true self. But whether one is successful in a competitive examination or not, is related to perceived self. An intelligent person may fail and one of average intelligence may succeed. It is related to perceptions. So use Lagna as a reference when judging one's intelligence and use Arudhaa Lagna when judging success in competition and fame. In Dashaansh the chart of achievements in society, ie career the 5th House can show one's judgment, balance and discretion in career and also professional reputation. Which should be seen from Lagna and which from Arudhaa Lagna? Judgment, balance and discretion are related to true self and they are seen from the 5th from Lagna. Reputation is seen from the 5th from Arudhaa Lagna, because it is a part of Maayaa and related to perceived self. In this manner, we can choose the correct divisional chart and the correct reference (Lagna or Arudhaa Lagna), based on the nature of the matter of interest.

Money is related more to Arudhaa Lagna than Lagna. This is why Jaimini talked about planets in the 11th and 12th houses from Arudhaa Lagna when talking about savings and expenditures. We find that Su-Dashaa (Raashi Dashaa) of the 11th House from Arudhaa Lagna invariably improves finances. If someone has Lagna in Aries, Arudhaa Lagna in Cancer and Sun in Scorpio, Sun Dashaa may bring reputation and worries at the same time. Reputation is given by Sun in the 5th from Arudhaa Lagna and worries are given by Sun in the 8th from Lagna.

Thus Arudhaa Lagna basically shows the perceptions and illusions of the world about the native and it is useful for many materialistic aspects of life.

Use of other Arudhaa Pad
Just as Arudhaa Lagna shows the manifestation of the native (Lagna) in this maya world, Arudhaa Pad of individual houses show the manifestation of the House matters in this Maayaa world. Arudhaa Pad of a House show the Maayaa associated with the matters signified by that House. Let us denote the Arudhaa Pada of nth House by An (eg A4 for Maatri Pad and A5 for Mantra Pad).

In Chaturvinshaansh, the 4th House shows one's learning. A4 shows the Maayaa associated with one's learning. What can that be? Well, this Maayaa world places a lot of value on the place and environment in which one learns. Depending on whether one studied at IIT or "Varala Venkata Subbayya Engineering College", we jump to different conclusions about one's knowledge. So the place of study is the illusion associated with learning and it is seen from A4. A very intelligent and learned friend of mine has extremely strong 4th and 5th houses in Chaturvinshaansh. He wondered why he always studied at mediocre (his word) colleges and universities, despite such a strong Chaturvimsamsa chart. I found A4 in his Chaturvinshaansh chart and it was afflicted by Saturn.

The 4th House in Shodashaansh chart shows one's happiness from vehicle. It doesn't show how expensive the vehicle is. One can be very happy with a Bajaj Chetak and someone else can be very unhappy with a Mercedes Benz. The 4th House only shows how happy one is with one's vehicle. It doesn't show whether one owns a scooter or a Mercedes Benz. That is shown by A4, the Maayaa associated with vehicle. We can see a lot of details about one's vehicle (physical vehicle!) from A4 in Shodashaansh. Similarly A10 in Dashaansh shows the Maayaa associated with Karm (action), ie one's workplace! Dusthaan from A10 show bad time for the company one works for or a change of workplace.

In Dwaadashaansh, 9th House shows father. It actually shows happiness from father and relations with him. A9 stands for the Maayaa associated with the concept of father, ie the material existence of father and his status. So A9 can be used as a reference in Dwadashaansh and some inferences can be drawn about father. The 8th House from A9 shows material setbacks to father and the 5th House from A9 shows father's fame.

Understand Maayaa
Illusions of the world about a native are just one side of the Maayaa of this world. There is another side illusions of the native about the world and himself. These are shown by the Arudhaa Pad of planets and let us leave them for now. A mature astrologer can distinguish between reality and illusion and use the correct tools in his astrological analysis. One can deduce the meanings of various Arudhaa Pad in various divisional charts, keeping in mind that Arudhaa Pad basically show Maayaa associated with various matters.

Arudhaa Pad
For example, if the Lagna Lord is in the 5th House, then count five signs from the Lagna Lord to arrive at the 9th House. This 9th House becomes the Arudhaa Pad for the Lagna. Exception: The Arudhaa Pad cannot be in the same sign or in the 7th sign from it. In case this happens, then choose the 10th House there from. For example, if the Lagna Lord is in the 4th House, then the Arudhaa Lagna should be in the 4th House from the 4th House i.e. the 7th House. But since this is not allowed, the 10th House there from should be chosen. The 10th House from the 7th House is the 4th House and the 4th House becomes the Arudhaa Lagna.

This is also called Pad Lagna or Arudhaa Lagna. In this way we can compute the Arudhaa Pad for all the houses and these are called Dhan Pad (2nd House), Bhraatri Pad (3rd House), Maatri Pad (4th House), Mantra Pad (5th House), Shatru Pad (6th House), Dara Pad (7th House), Rog Pad (8th House), Bhaagya Pad (9th House), Raajya Pad (10th House), Laabh Pad (11th House) and Upa Pad (12th House).
Arudhaaa Raashi, or Pad of a Raashi is as many signs ahead of the Lord of a Sign as the Lord is ahead of the Sign in question. For example if the Lord of the Ascendant is in the 5th House, then the 5th House from the 5th House is the Arudhaaa Ascendant. Gemini has mentioned some special remarks about this method.

If the Lord of the Lagna is in the 4th House - the 7th House (4th House from 4th House) is the Arudhaaa Lagna. AND if the Lord of the Lagna is in 7th House - the Lagna is the Arudhaaa Lagna.

Some say that 4th House is the Arudhaa, if the Lord of Lagna is in the 4th House; the 10th House is the Arudhaa Lagna, if the Lord of Lagna is in the 4th House.

In deciding Arudhaa Lagna, Saturn and Raahu must be considered as the Lord of Aquarius; AND Mars, but not Ketu, must be considered as the lord of Scorpio, even though Raahu and Ketu are astrologically strong. Raahu and Ketu should be considered in deciding the years of Dashaa counting.
I was doing some personal research / experiments and for the first time I have started to understand the concept of Arudhaaas clearly. I have seen that my own chart and relatives' charts help us understand the principles most clearly since we know the most detailed or clear information about them. We generally know that the 2nd House from Lagna shows eating. But this needs explanation.

I have found that the 2nd House from Lagna shows the "eating habit" - "how much the person eats" etc; while the 2nd House from Arudhaa Lagna (AL) shows "what kind of food is eaten" - is it of good quality, or bad quality, or burger, pizza, or simple rice with eggs... etc.

For afflicted 2nd House the person might be irregular in eating, might miss his meal, or might eat so less. On the other hand for afflicted 2nd from AL the person will have to eat bad quality foods, poorly cooked foods etc.

A good 2nd House from Asc + bad 2nd from AL = person eats not so good quality foods but he eats regularly and likes his foods and eats a lot - and is happy about eating. But when we see him eating 'not so good foods' we think that he is unhappy about eating and that is what the Arudhaa does.

PVR Narasimha Jee's writings about Arudhaa are great and clear. And he is too understandable and well explained like, "The House from the Lagna shows what we can not see/catch where the Arudhaa show what we catch, see materially."

I have exalted Saturn in 2nd from Lagna and exalted Mars in 2nd from AL - and I was doing Mantras addressing them in a very systematic, planned manner/way and thus I came to this conclusion after about 5/6 days. When I launch these personal experiments I always make sure to watch every single incidents in my daily life very carefully and thus can understand many principles so clearly.

For example a person with Mars will like hot spicy food.
Raahu gives a real passion for modern "junk food" like chips, soda, pizza, etc.

Interestingly, in my own chart The Janm, Chandra, and Arudhaa Lagna all are the same. That makes some things simple.

Lagna and Arudhaa Lagna
Reference as Lagna - shows reality, what is actually happening.
Reference as Arudhaa Lagna - How the person is perceived in the world, like in reality one may be coward, but the world perceive him as a brave person or strong person. This is to be carefully understood as this changes with time and place e.g. if one is perceived to be highly intelligent in India in present time, he may be an Engineer from IIT, same in US can be a guy from MIT, and say 500 years back, there may be some other criteria to judge the intelligence by the society in general. So this has to be applied very very carefully and of course there is no substitute to experience.

Reference as Bhaav Arudhaa - It shows how native thinks about world/society/other things. In reality the things may be good (from Lagna), or he is perceived to be happy (from society point of view, Arudhaa Lagna), but he may not feel happy (because of Bhaav Arudhaa).

So three aspects are there first reality, second perception about person, third how the person perceives the world. This is just a gist of Arudhaa, Lagna and Bhaav Arudhaa.

I have Raahu in 2nd House from Lagna and I enjoy different types of food say junk food Pizzas, Patties, Ice-Creams etc, but not passionate about them. But still I enjoy having these foods, and love other regular Indian foods too. Basically I like to try dishes of different state. Mostly I eat regular home food (simple rice, Daal, Chapaatee etc). Yes placement of Raahu in 2nd House from Lagna implies that I sometimes like eating Junk food too.

Second House from AL is empty, but is ruled by Saturn. Doesn't A2H (Arudhaa Pad of the 2nd House), should also be taken into account, while dealing with matter related to taste.
Like, my A2 is placed in 11th House (Moon and Jupiter are placed in it), so I don't even consume tea, and mostly Saatwik food (milk and milk products). Though people perceive, that I enjoy and take simple food (perception of others should be seen from A2). So I guess A2 should also be considered.




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