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8-Raahu Remedies

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[From a file from Jyotish_Remedies Group]

Propitiating Raahu -

Donation and charity -
1. Iron made weapons.
2. Blue clothes, blanket, plate of iron, sesame, mustard, electronic items, coconut, radish etc.
3. Red colored grains may be given to cleaners, or sweepers, or those who perform that work may be helped in other ways.
4. Gemstones related to Raahu.

Best to give -
To sweepers.

Fasting -
1. On Saturdays.

Feeding -
1. Crows with sweet Rotee in pieces. The Rotee should be with sugar stuffed in it and fried, not roasted on Tavaa or coals
2. Braahman (or poor people) with rice cooked with meat.

Others -
1. Service to a person affected by leprosy.
2. Arranging marriage of poor girls where their family can not afford that.
3. Barley should be kept under the bed on the side of the head in the night and be distributed in the morning to the poor. To some this remedy is not purely Saatwik, though.
4. Wear iron ring, Hessonite, Cat's Eye, Raahu's Yantra ring, Raahu's Yantra,
5. Make flour balls with Raam Naam and feed to fish or tortoises
6. Feed sugar to ants
7. Donate everything whatever is in your pocket to a leper, ugly or handicapped, and never think about it.
8. Wear Gomed (Lahasuniyaa)

Avoid -
1. Tobacco, wine.
2. Living in a joint family.

Raahu/Venus Dashaa
The best practical remedy for Raahu is in two parts both are needed to be performed.
1. one must leave Tobacco and wine in all form.
2. one must do worship of goddess (Devee) in any form.
The best remedy for Raahu is to worship goddess Kaalee directly - that's the best remedy, but one has to be careful whilst worshiping Maa Kaalee as she is a Taamasik Roop of Maa. All norms which are required are to be followed strictly.
[JR Group]
Malefic Raahu and Guru Chaandaal Yog
recitation of Shree Varaah Mantra or Ganapati Mantra along with
Mahaamrityunjaya Mantra or Batuk Bharaiv Stotra, Mantra or Naamaavalee
are the traditional remedies.

In Raahu Mahaa Dashaa
(1) Prayers like Durgaa Stuti, Durga Chaaleesaa are best,and even
"Ardha Kaayam Mahaaveeryam Chandraaditya Vimardanam Simhikaa Garbh Sambhootam tam Raahum Pranamaamyaham"
AQa-kayaM mahavaIya-M cand`aid%ya ivamad-naM isaMihka gaBa- samBaUtM tM rahuM p`Namaamyahma\
(if recited regularly 21 times a day in the morning) is good to remove evil effects.

Usual Remedies at Raahu Dashaa is
to appease Naag Raaj Rajanee etc; or appeasing Sarp king and queen. For this some are given below
(1) Donate snake idols made of silver or gold according to capacity, with small silver eggs say 2-5 mm diameter, to Shiv temples, Naag Kshetra, eg Mannarsala Naag Temple at Kerala
(2) At Naag Pratishthaa at Shiv temple pour Turmeric Powder in your name and star during days Sunday, Saturday or on day of corresponding Raashi in which your Raahu at birth chart, is placed
(3) Donate different colored dresses to poor
(4) Wear good Gomed of nearly 4-5 carats at ring finger, or small finger, in a silver ring
(5) Pray  "Om Raahavey Namah" or Naag Devataa Mantra available
(6) Do Rudraabhishek and Bhairav Poojaa
Sudden and unexplained events are caused mostly by Raahu. Therefore you should recite the Stotra of Raahu, 21 times a day, to keep him appeased.

[Bhooshan Priya]

The best remedy for Raahu is to worship goddess Kaalee directly - that's the best remedy, but one has to be careful whilst worshiping Maa Kaalee as she is a Taamasik Roop of Maa. All norms which are required are to be followed strictly.
[JR Group]
To subdue Raahu, there are mainly three ways, which proved effective.
(1) Shree Mahaa Sudarshan - Mantra related to Sudarshan are powerful. They exclusively work in these type of cases. Reciting Sudarshan Ashtakam 8 times a day, will keep all these type of problems out of the limits of the Saadhak. But, at the same time, Shree Sudarshan will completely change the scene. That is he will behead the trouble causing persons. (This means that he does not kill anybody. But, he makes them to quit the premises and discourages them to approach the Saadhak for anything harmful to him.)

(2) Shree Paraashakti Durgaa - Maa Kaalee, Mahaa Maayaa. These acts are plays (Drama) of the Supreme Mother. So, if any Saadhak approaches Durgaa and pray to her sincerely, She can put an end to this Drama. That is why, one of our members, Gyaneshwar Sharma has prescribed for Bagalaamukhee and Dhoomra Varaahee Mantra.

(3) Mahaa Ganapati - Ganapati, is the main person who removes all obstacles in our path. So, these are all one or other type of obstacles. Recite Shree Ganesh Poorv Kavach 7 times a day, (if possible, 6 times recitation and one time Arghya) will stop all this messy activities.

Raahu Mantra and Yantra
One interesting observation based on Raahu Mantra and Yantra. This will relate some Mars Dosh concept.
Mantra works being inside the mind = Mana Tra
Yantra works from out side - the body.

Per experience, Mars in Kumbh gives severe Dosham than in any other houses.
As Kumbh's another Lord is Raahu. Mars and Raahu are bitter enemy to each others.
Look at the Raahu Yantra Number --
All total numbers come as 36 = 9 = Mars.
So when we wear the Yantra for afflicted Raahu, this Yantra saves / fight the Raahu and suppress from the outside.

Raahu's Yantra Numbers.

09-16-11  -  When adding these numbers adding from anywhere to anywhere, we get 36 and 9 and 9 signifies Mars.



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