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9-Ketu Remedies

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[From a file from Jyotish_Remedies Group]

Propitiating Ketu -

Donation and Charity -
1. Goat.
2. Blanket, weapons made of iron, sesame, dull brown colored items, limes etc.
3. A virgin cow.
4. Sour things to female children below the age of nine years.
5. Gemstones related to Ketu.
6. A blanket to a temple esp. if progeny is affected.

Fasting -
1. On Saturdays.
2. On Tuesdays.

Feeding -
1. Dogs.
2. Braahman (Or poor people) with rice cooked with cereals.

Others -
1. Service and being kind to elderly/old people and saints.
2. Not telling own sorrows or secrets to others (Esp. when Ketu is the cause of that.)
3. Wear Vaidoorya Mani (Lahasuniyaa), Tiger stone, ring of Ketu Yantra, Ketu Yantra, ketu Mantra Jaap,
4. Take one Naariyal (coconut), fill it with flour and sugar, cover it with a cover and close it with Chikanee Mittee etc. Make 21 rounds over the head of the person put it under the ground after digging a pit on a high place. It will benefit to the person and give profit.



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