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7-5-Shani Saadhe Saatee-2

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7-5-Shani Saadhe Saatee-2
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Remedies for Shani

What is Saadhe Saatee
Saadhe Saatee is not related to natal chart, but to Gochar. Saadhe Saatee is counted in three ways - from Lagna, from the Moon and from the Sun. If all these Saadhe Saatee are counted then 22 and 1/2 years of one's life  will go in these three Saadhe Saatee and the Native will not be able to flourish, because Saadhe Saatee always create obstacles. Every Native goes through one Saadhe Saatee in 30 years time.

Universal Siddhaant to count Saadhe Saatee is when Saturn moves in 12th House from birth sign (Moon Sign at birth) - Saadhe Saatee starts and when Saturn has crossed the 2nd House from birth sign it ends. OR alternatively it starts when Saturn is 45 degree before Moon's logitude and stays up to 45 degree after the Moon's logitude in the birth chart. Saadhe Saatee is especially harmful if Moon is in fiery sign - Aries, Leo or Sagittarius

It depends 45% on placement and 55% on Karm. For example if one has Libra Lagna and Moon is also in Libra and 12th Lord Mercury is in Gemini (Mithun), and Jupiter is having aspect on Virgo and Venus is aspecting Libra or present Sign there and Mars is aspecting Scorpio or present Sign there, in this case Saturn will give very less harm in starting only, rest 5 1/2 years will be almost ok, but if one's Karm are worse, then none of planet will do advocacy for the client - punishment must be there.

Saadhe Saatee needs to be judged with respect to Moon Sign and significations of such a Moon sign should be kept in mind while exploring impact of Saadhe Saatee in one's life for example, for Mesh Raashi people Saadhe Saatee will be different from that of Tulaa or Dhanu Raashi people. Ashtak-Varg is used to know the strength of a Graha.

One needs to check the house strength of 12th, 1st and 2nd house from the Moon sign to get actual effect. Besides, if Shani is enough strong in the chart then also while in transit from above mentioned houses of Saturn the native can have a little or no effect of Saade Saatee. Besides Shani's Saadhe Saatee's effect is less on the people born in Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces Lagna or who have Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces Raashi (Moon Sign)

As Saturn is natural malefic planet and generally it is malefic owing to its low power for the house it is situated in. So if this Saturn has good strength for the houses, it is transiting, you can expect good/average results albeit.

Ashtak-varg is well known for calculating house strength as well as planets strength. You can find power of each planet for a particular house for better accuracy in Ashtak-varg system.

Factors of Effects of Saadhe Saatee on a Native's Life
The effect of Saadhe Saatee depends on following/s factors.
1. The relationship with Zodiac Sign's lord
2. The relationship of Birth Nakshtra Lord
3. Saturn's own house (where he sits in Horoscope)
4. Relationship with Lagna Lord
5. Relationship with Shani's House sign's Nakshtra and Shani's house Raashi Lord.
6. Your Karm

Saadhe Saatee is never malefic for all, if things are well placed and the Native did good Karm, Saadhe Saatee can make him KING. Saturn is so kind planet, it always does justice, and no one can run or escape from his or her Karm. The calculation of Saadhe Saatee starts when Shani enters in 12th place of birth sign and when it leave second place of birth sign it ends.

Sade sathi does not begin on the same date for all of the same Raashi (for example Cancer or Kark). The beginning and ending dates are with respect to longitude of moon's position in the birth chart.
When Chandra is in the 2nd on Janma Raashi and 12th Raashi or in simpler words a Raashi behind and ahead of the Janma Raashi it is Saadhe Saatee and the results of it depends on the Raashi lords relationship with Shani himself, say Shani, Shukra , Budh, Guru owned Raashi it is not tough -less intense but for Sinh, Vrishchik, Mesh, Kark Raashis where its impact can be very strong. Look for the aspects on the Janma Raashi, if the Janm Raashi is in the chart in a Dusthaan it is even worse, if it is in a benefic house, he will give mixed results

Saadhe Saatee may cause various problem depending on its position (12th, or 1st, or 2nd House) from Lagna, Moon and Arudhapada. This also refers to Tulya-Varga, for example, if Moon is in Leo in D10 there is Saadhe Saatee for career.

The following are the remedies for Saadhe Saatee as per VRA.
(1) In First Phase - Worship Shree Kaalee Maataa in addition to Graha Mantra of Saturn (Om Pram Preem Prom Sah Shanishcharaaya Namah)
(2) In Second Phase - Worship Shree Hanumaan Jee in addition to Beej Mantra of Saturn (Om Sham Shanaisharaaya Namah)
(3) In Third Phase - Worship Shree Krishna as well as Saturn.

One phase is of 2.5 years. Currently Saturn is in Gemini. So according to your Moon sign, you can select the remedy. Like if your moon sign is Gemini, do remedy no. 2, for Cancer do remedy no. 1 and for Taurus do remedy no. 3

Saturn stays in the 9th. It will finish when the Saturn moves 45 degrees away from the Moon i.e. when the Saturn reaches at 10Sc33 [at 10:33 in Scorpio].

Read This Before Doing Any Remedy
No one can make zero effect of Lord Saturn - what ever is happening is result of Karm's only, yes if you pray and ask for pardon by heart to him and promise not to repeat your mistakes - the punishment will be reduced. or reward will be increased. Do service of your parents or old family members, take their blessings. Pray to Lord Shani in any words by any Mantra, donate whatever you can to needy people, increase kindness and love in self, and see how soon you will be a happy person.

Saturn is the Lord of justice, and justice is justice, we all know. only admitting of mistakes can reduce the punishment not advocacy, because in court of lord Saturn no advocacy is required.

As people say the do Poojaa of Lord Hanumaan for safeguarding, but you have to understand who is Bhakt of Lord Hanumaan, only that one who can follow the principles of Lord Hanuman, and if any one who follow the principles or characteristics of Lord Hanumaan, not only Shani even none of the planets can harm him. But it is not possible to all, so just pray and ask pardon, do not repeat your mistakes again and again, increase love and kindness for all. You will be happy.

Almighty has bestowed upon Soorya the role to represent the I or Pride or Egoism. And Shani and Soorya cannot sit together (in spite of being father and son), that is why Shani will afflict a person till his all Ahankaar is crushed. No Poojaa or Paath, Maalaa or Neelam will affect. If Shani has cast his look at you then he will affect you until your all "I" is not destroyed, the matter should be serious. As long as 'daylight' remains within the soul, Saturn awaits within reach waiting for the moment when the "Dark Night of the Soul" as the  new-age expression goes and embraces the native and then Saturn's work starts on you fully and thoroughly like the reconstructive surgeon.

Symptoms may be---
(1) As the period can see many obstacles misunderstandings between you and the others bi-directional for no fault of yours.
(2) Setback to mother and her circles in health and finance is possible.
(3) Your workload will increase, recognition will decrease [inversely proportional] but will help you in long run, makes you stronger, and a better person
(4) You are as great as your challenges the strong stand up, the weak will fall like dust blown away by the winds.
(5) It is a refueling station that gives you enough to last a long distance journey for 30 yrs till you refill again.
(6) Shani is a hard task master, great leveler will only chisel the the best of you in a hard way and your image finally will be good if you work your way.
(7) If you are stuck, crestfallen, by some bad results and not open to fresh opening that may come up, he can't be blamed. Your effort will make you what you are finally walk half the distance Almighty will walk the rest to match your efforts

Remedies will be --
(1) A Japa Hom for Mrityunjaya [another name for Shiv] on the birth star day at least once in the period preferably when in the same Raashi 1008 Japa. 108 Homa is good for the family itself helps give you forbearance, strength to endure its impact more balancedly
(2) Prayers to Hanumaan Jee also help in giving you the required strength
(3) Chant this Mantra everyday at least 4 to 5 rounds (1 round = 108) "Om Sham Shanaishcharaaya Namah": on any chanting bead. If you do not have any chanting bead chant by counting on your fingers.
(4) Fast on every Saturday
(5) Offer mustard oil to Shani Dev or light a Deepak in mustard oil and keep it below any Peepal tree every Saturday.
(6) Avoid black clothes
(7) Do not eat meat or have liquor on any Saturday
(1) Chant Shani Mantra daily Om Praam Preem Praum Sah shanaih namah
(2) Donate black umbrella or 8 no black shoes to a poor worker working in some construction work
(3) Bath Shani Dev with mustard oil on every Saturday evening after sunset, put Til (sesame seeds) on his head and black Urad dal as Bhog to Shani Mahaaraaj.

(1) To nullify the adverse effects of "Saadhe Saatee", one should take a bath putting aniseeds, (the seeds of symploce racemose), poppy seeds, creosode, collyrium, the black sesame, mastic (gum arebic), 'Shatkusum'; the parched rice in the water. It nullifies the malefic effects of Shani.

(2) Lord Shani is also pleased by worshipping the black cow. Cow may be worshipped putting Tilak over her forehead, tying sacred thread over her horns and offering Dhoop. Her Aaratee must be performed. Finally she may be offered Boondee Laddoo (four in number), after circumambulating around her. It stops all adverse effects of Saadhe Saatee of Lord Shani.

(3) Hanuman Chaaleesaa recitation is good. Focus much on Saturdays. As discussed recently in Vaidik-Astrology Group, you can recite or listen to Sri Chamakam which is said to be the best remedy for Saadhe Saatee. You can also try other Hanumaan Mantras, worshipping or keeping Hanumaan images for pacifying Saturn. Remember it is in your Lagna.

(4) Putting on the ring made of a horseshoe or with the nail of an old ship, gives good effects to pacify Lord Shani in Saadhe Saatee period.

(5) A person suffering from the troubles relating to Saadhe Saatee should keep fasting on every Saturday for getting rid of such troubles. After worshipping Lord Shani, he should break his fast in the evening, after sunset. The Poojaa Saamagree used for worshipping Lord Hanuman are - Vermilion, black sesame oil, Deepak and the red flower.

(6) During the period of the entire Saadhe Saatee, the effects of bad, if any to be caused, will be reduced, if that person, it is believed, has to reverently recite the Shaneeshwar Gaayatree Mantra regularly for at least 108 times a day, no matter what you do, where you are, neat, tidy, unclean or in any status.
[AV Pathi, Indian and Western Astrology Group, Jul 28, 2008]



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