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7-3-Shani Remedies-3

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7-3-Pacifying Shani-3
[From a file from Jyotish_Remedies Group]
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Remedies for Shani

Some other ways to pacify Saturn -

1. Give old or used clothes to poor people
2. Lighting a Deep in iron vessel
3. Til Deep with Til oil
4. Giving ellu or Til rice to poor people and crow
5. Vannie Patara Archana to Shani Bahava
6. Doing Nitya Karm like Gaayatree properly (its great remedy for all )
7. Give food to dogs at night
8. Keep fasting on Saturday
9. Wearing Saturn blue stone (Neelam or Sapphire)
10. Performing Hom with Shani Gaayatree
11. Chanting Mrityunjaya Mantra (Shani like this very much)
12. Serving to Shiv devotees
13. Chanting Shani Stotra by Dasharath Mahaaraaj
14. Take oil bath on Saturday with Til oil
15. Doing Karam remedy in Raameshwaram and Kaashee
16. Doing Rudra Abhishekam to Lord Kaal Bhairav
17. Visiting Shani Sinagapur (Mahaaraashtra), Thirunallar, Kuchunar
18. Thirunallar Nala Teertham - leaving old clothes in this Teerth is very effective
19. Doing Archanaa to Shani on Saturday
20. Doing Poojaa to Dharm Shaastra on Wednesday and Saturday
21. Worshipping Naaraayan with Mantra 'Om Namo Naaraayanaaya'

(1) Donate a black and white blanket to a poor needy beggar on Saturday
(2) Throw 800 gm black and white Til and 800 gm barley in a flowing water every Saturday for 8 weeks and
(3) give 8 cigarettes without filter to Shani Daan person on Saturday

To strengthen Shani
--wear Neelam (sapphire)
--recite Hanumaan Chaaleesaa two times a day - Shani has blessed Hanumaan that he will never afflict Hanumaan's devotees.

--Dasharath written Shani Stotra says that whoever will recite Shani Devtaa's 10 names daily sitting under the Peepal tree, he will never be afflicted Shani's effect.
--Mover mustard oil over your head and keep it in a temple - do not offer to god, just keep it in the temple.
--Donate black cloth on Saturday



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