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7-1-Shani Remedies-1

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7-1-Pacifying Shani-1
[From a file from Jyotish_Remedies Group]
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Remedies for Shani

Donation and Charity -
(1) Black cow.
(2) Clothes colored black / aqua, whole Urad pulse, black mole, leather shoes, cereals, salt, mustard oil, iron, agricultural land, utensils etc.
(3) Gemstones related to Saturn.

Best to give - 
On Saturday evening.  To a poor old man.

Fasting - 
1. On Saturdays.    2. On Fridays.

Feeding -
(1) Beggars or crows with salty rice with curd preferably kept in iron plate.
(2) Crows with "namakeen roti" (salty bread) with mustard oil applied on it, in pieces.
(3) Braahman or poor people with rice cooked with powder of sesame seeds.
(4) Feed crows with part of your own meal.

Prayer and Mantra -
(1) Hanumaan Chaaleesaa
(2) Mahaa Mrityunjaya Mantra
(3) Shani Stotra or other pacification Mantra for Shani.

Others -
(1) Be kind and render service to the poor, servants and old people.
(2) Wearing a peacock feather.

Avoid -
(1) Misbehaving poor, old, servants.
(2) Salt, salty things, mustard oil cooked things, sesame, alcohol, liquor etc.
(3) Using mustard oil, and other Saturn kind of things frequently.
(4) Shaving head / part of forehead.
(5) Sleeping on a hard bed (with no foams) especially on floor etc.

These above general remedies for Saturn also work for Saadhe Saatee.

The people who do not know Jyotish, or do not know this theory, may use mustard oil everyday in cooking etc as their habit or culture, and unconsciously strengthen Saturn, most of the cases which is a malefic planet causing a lot of troubles and grief.

Note: An used horse shoe and used iron nails from boats are used to appease Shani Devataa (Planet Saturn). But this has to be done with caution. In my personal experience they appear to strengthen Shani than just appeasing him. They do give some troubles besides benefits. The horse shoe, iron nails should be used only after doing specific Poojaa and rituals performed by a learned Pandit (Vaidik priest).

For Strengthening Saturn
Mustard oil represents Saturn and by donating this, we pacify Saturn.
So, by the same principle, using mustard oil in everyday life will simply strengthen Saturn, which is a good choice for people who have Saturn as their benefic planet. Thus, the people who cannot buy expensive gems can strengthen their benefic planets in everyday life. Though using mustard oil will work far less than using a Sapphire, but still it is a very notable effect through which people can be benefited a lot. So whenever Saturn Pratyantar Dashaa comes, use mustard oil for hair or to cook foods but at the other times, do not.

Since dog is considered as the Vaahan of Kaal Bhairav - in one way he is Adhi Devtaa of Shani (Shani is equal to Yam as he does Yam's job in Kaashee). And since he is Ugra Devataa he works only in night, that's why I told this and wearing blue stone needs astrologer consultation, but in general it is also a remedy for Shani.



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