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7-7-Shani Deep Worship

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7-7-Shani Deep Worship and Procedure for Saadhe Saatee
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Remedies for Shani

I have been reading many remedies suggested by eminent astrologers of the Group to ward off the bad effects of Shani Peyarchi. The remedies mentioned below are suggested in Tattwalok magazine published from Chennai. They are very simple and would help the devotees to pray in their house itself and help them to focus their mind at a particular time with undivided attention. What impresses me most is that the righteous actions and righteous deeds are important to protect ourselves from the bad effects. According to me, the family members and well wishers of the affected persons should remain united and offer solace and prayers all the time and should remain in constant remembrance of the Lord. Their prayers and help would also help the affected persons. "The best way to please Shani is through righteous thoughts and righteous actions. As a religious ritual, Shani Deep prayer is effective remedy against Shani's bad effects for those whose Shani is weak in the horoscope and for those who have 7 1/2 years Shani. The Brahm Vaivart Puraan offers this remedy./

(1) Buy mud lamps to use, one every week during the period Saturn is in Sinh Raashi; use cotton wick, a mix of gingelly oil, coconut oil, and ghee in equal proportions. Place the lamp on a plank.
(2) Bathe or wash your feet, hands and face. Wear sacred ash or Kumkum or any other religious mark.
(3) Clean a plank and draw a Rangolee on it.
(4) Clean a mud lamp with wet cloth. Decorate it with sandal powder and Kumkum.
(5) Put cotton wick and pour the oil mix. Light the lamp with another lamp source.
(6) Use a new lamp each Saturday. Time 6.45 pm to 8.00 pm.
(7) Sit before the flame and look at it intensely. Meditate for a few minutes on your Isht Devataa. Offer milk and honey as Naivedya. (Poojaa offerings)
(8) Light Agarbattee and perform camphor (Kapoor) Aaratee.
(9) Distribute Prasaad to family members.

Let the lamp glow till all the oil burns up. If it has to be put out for any reason, use milk and honey on the flame to put it out. The lamps may be discarded in a flowing river or the sea when 27 lamps are lit. If one is unable to light the lamp on a Saturday, next Saturday two lamps must be lit. If it is not possible on two Saturdays, three lamps must be lit the next Saturday. The exemption is for two Saturdays only, beyond that, the process will have to be started all over again.
V. Seshadri (from jyotish_remedies Group files)



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