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60-Remedies for Shani-1

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Remedies for Shani-1

Who is Shani?
He is very terrible planet. Wherever he sits, he burns or destroys it completely. If he sits on house, the house gets destroyed. If the degree of Lagna and degree of Shani is the same , there is no difference, then Shani freezes the Native's limbs. This is untreatable Yog which is applicable in thousands of charts. Shani's second form is like King who take care of his people. He fills their life with all kinds of comforts and conveniences. If Shani is in the 3rd House or in the 10th House of Sagittarius or Pisces; and is not aspected by Mars, then he gives the Darshan of God and gives Mukti.

When, in Dreshkaan, Shani aspects Moon or vice versa, he makes the Native high degree of saint and sends far from the family attachment. Shani inspires the Native to do Tap and the Moon stabilizes his mind in God. It is because there is only Shani among the Nine Planets which is the Kaarak of Tap. Only Shani opens the eyes of knowledge. He takes the Native even up to the forest to do Tap, so if the Native doesn't do the Tap there, Shani becomes angry. If the Native is not satisfied by anything, he should do 90,000,000 Jap of all the Nine Planets without asking anybody. There are 240,000 (24 Lakh) in one Charan. One should complete 1 Crore count in four times. Shani's Beej Mantra improves intellect and gives Parampad to Jeev. One needs only belief and devotion.

Shani's Astrology
He rules thighs.
His other names are Mand, Shanaishchar and Sauri.
He stays in one Sign for 2 and 1/2 years.
He is Saattwik with Budh; Raajas with Shukra and behaves inimically with Soorya and Chandramaa.
His friends are Guru and Ketu; neutral with the Moon, and inimical with Mangal.
He aspects  the 3rd, 7th and 10th Houses from his own.
He is the Lord of Kumbh and Makar Signs.
He is at the highest in Tulaa Sign, and lowest in Mesh Sign.
His friendly Sign is Mithun and Kark Signs, and Sinh and Vrishchik Signs are his enemy Signs.
He himself is neuter gender and a Taamasik Graha.
His Nakshatra are Pushya, Anuraadhaa and U-Bhaadrapad.

If he is in Ashwinee, Maghaa, Mool, Vishaakhaa and Punarvasu Nakshatra, he gives good results; and gives bad results when in Pushya, Anuraadhaa, Mrigshiraa, Chitraa, Dhanishthaa and Bharanee Nakshatra.

If he is in Vrishabh or Tulaa Lagna, he becomes Yog Kaarak.

Saturn’s Various Special Transit Effects Through Zodiac Houses
Saturn is the only planet which has the title of ‘Eashwar’. Any native with full span of life will experience the 7 ½ years of Shani 3 times at one length of a time, said to be familiar with ‘Saadhe Saatee’. The dictum conveys ‘the sense that Shani gives bad results, with an intermittent of 2 ½ years in full cycle of its travel around Zodiac, of approximately 30 years (inclusive of the periods of his ‘retrogression’), being one full round.

This means that in a round of Zodiac of Saturn movement, Saturn moves 2 and 1/2 years in each house of Zodiac. It is said, that Saturn gives good results only when it transits through 3rd, 6th, and 11th houses from the position of Moon in the Natal chart. When he moves in the rest of the houses, Saturn is said to give bad effects, graded as moderate, not good, bad and evil. On this rate, when we assume that a man lives for 90 years, he would have experienced 3 rounds of ‘Saadhe Saatee’. In these three rounds, taking 2 and 1/2 years in the above three houses (3rd, 6th and 11th Houses from the Moon's position) he is benefited for a period of 7 and 1/2 years in each cycle of transit to complete the cycle of movement in Zodiac. It means it is good for 22 and1/2 years in all, in a life of 90 years of a person.. Conversely a person is said to be in ‘not that good’ period for the rest of the period in his life time.

Now is explained in how much intensity of malefic results are distributed during each round: Basics are as follows:
1. Saturn gives good results while traversing in the 3rd, 6th, or 11th house from the natal position of the Moon;
2. Moderate bad results while at 5th, 9th, or 10th house;
3. “Ardh-ashatam Shani’, while in 4th House; Considerably bad;
4. “Kantak Shani”, while in 7th House; Shani is more malefic than in 4th house, as above said;
5. “Ashtama Sani”, while in 8th House to be more severe in causing effects;
6. “Saadhe Saatee”: While flanking the Moon's House - before and after the House which the Moon occupies.

Out of the above, Shani in the House where Moon is positioned, is the worst effective period.
When Saturn transits in other houses, the effects will be comparatively tolerable and subject to remedies and other factors in a horoscope, related to the positions of Planets, Drishti (Aspects), Transit of other Planets on a given day, the transiting house related to Lagna, Desh, Bhukti etc. (In Northern India, Ashtam Shani and Ardh-ashtam Shani are referred as ‘Kalyaanee’ and ‘Laghu Kalyaanee’ respectively).

Let us get into the ‘package’ effects in ‘Saadhe Saatee’ – 7 and 1/2 years of Saturn transit:
--A ‘Madhyam Aayur Jaatak’ person will have ‘Saadhe Saatee’ two times maximum.
--An ‘Alpaayush Jaatak’ person will have ‘Saadhe Saatee’ only once.
--A ‘Poorn Aayush Jaatak’ will have 3 or 4 times of ‘Saadhe Saatee’ in all his life.
--Among the three Saadhe Saatee, the first 7.1/2 years is ‘Mungu Shani’ – dull Shani;
----the second 7 and 1/2 years is ‘Pongu Shani’ – overflowing Shani;
----the third 7 and 1/2 years is ‘Maarak Shani’ - death inflicting Shani;
----for some, the fourth round Shani could have this term. If so the third Shani period will be termed as ‘Kungu Shani’ – the depressing or disappointing period of Shani.

Apart from the the above another term is prevalent as ‘Anga Sani’ : Here the 7 and 1/2 years of ‘Saadhe Saatee’ the travel of Saturn is distributed to various parts of body. During this 90 month period, Saturn is said to pass through various parts of body in continuance At the rate of specific few months through each part of body to cause disturbance, anxiety, serious sickness, aggravated health deterioration etc, related to that part of body. Surgery where Mars involved is not excluded.



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