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61-Remedies for Shani-2

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Remedies for Shani-2
See also   Shani-Remedies

Basically the remedies for Shani fall into 3 groups :
(1) to Lord Hanuman, (2) to Lord Shiv,  and (3) to Shani himself. The fourth group may be classified as general and miscellaneous remedies.

Group 1 : To Lord Hanuman
(1) Offer 1kg of Til Oil (Gingeley oil) to Hanuman Temple on 12 Saturdays after sunset. The oil can must be accompanied by Taambool (Betel Leaves, betel nuts) and if possible a rupee/dollar coin. Do not pray for any specific outcome - just prostrate, do the offer and come back. Sometimes people continue this practice throughout Saturn's bad period.

(2) Chanting Hanuman Chaaleesaa is also prescribed as remedy for Saturn.

(3) Sometimes, Panchmukhee (or Ekaadash-mukhee) Hanumat Kavacham is prescribed to be chanted daily or at least on Saturdays. This is preferably done after Hanumaan Poojaa (Ashtottara / Sahastranaam). Those who need Stuti or Kavach of Lord Hanuman may refer to the site

Group 2 : To Lord Shiv
Perhaps Mrityunjaya is the most commonly used form of Shiv but interestingly Mrityunjaya form is also used for Raahu afflictions.

(1) Chanting Rudram (preferably in the form of Rudra Ikaadashini - ie chanting Rudram once and then chanting one paragraph of Chamakam and repeating this process 11 times) is said to be an effective remedy to ward off any evil - not just Saturn related - but it elevates the mind also of person who is chanting it. But chanting Rudram, like Devi Mahaatmya, should never be attempted without proper initiation by a Guru. It is better not to ask for another troubles while trying to solve one trouble.

(2) Mrityunjaya Mantra Jap (Om tryambakam yajaamahe sugandhim pushti vardhanam urvaarukamiva bandhanaan mrityor muksheeya maamritaat) is often prescribed. One may chant the Mantra for 28 times standing on a wooden plank facing north for 40 days twice a day after bath. Some people continue this practice for several Mandal (40-day cycle). Some people also advise Mrityunjaya Hom - though this is normally done for severe health problems.

(3) Chant Shiv Sahastra Naam for 40 days (1 Mandal or as long as you wish) facing north. One could also augment with Mrityunjaya Stuti like Mrityunjaya Stotra, Mrityunjaya Kavach etc. Many such Stuti are available on the above website.

(4) Sometimes, wearing a specific Rudraaksh beads is prescribed (eg 14-Mukhee). For Saadhe Saatee there is nothing better on Earth than 14 faced Rudraaksh, and has been so for thousands of years. No gem can come close.

Group 3 : To Lord Shanaishchar Himself
(1) Visit Nava-graha shrines on Saturdays and perform Archanaa to Saturn.

(2) Chant Shani Stuti (e.g. Ashtottaram, Sahastra Naam, Kavacham, etc) daily - or at least on Saturday.

(3) Donate Sesame Seeds, or black cloth on Saturday. Sometimes donating black Urad Daal, Iron Vessels etc are also done.

(4) Wear a gem stone (eg Blue sapphire or alternatives) after thorough analysis of the chart. Sometimes it is recommended to be donated instead of wearing.

(5) In extreme cases, Shani Shaanti Hom (Yagya) is also prescribed. This may even involve donation of animals. The book published by LIFCO contains details of the same.

(6) Observe fasting on Saturdays - this may just be a fasting with some Shani Stuti or observe the Shani Vrat procedure mentioned in Skand Puraan.

(7) One may chant these Mantra -
Om Kaak Dhwajaaya Vidmahe, Khadg Hastaaya Dheemahi, Tanno Mandah Prachodayaat.
Om Namo Yam, Brahm Samet Shree Shaneeshwaraaya Namah Om.
Om UmaaMaheshwaraabhyaam Namah Om ;
Om LakshmiNaaraayanaabhyaam Namah Om.
Om VaaneeHiranyagarbhyaam Namah Om;
Om Anant Padmanaabhaaya Namah Om.

Group 4 : General and Miscellaneous Remedies
his group consists of remedies in general - not specific to Saturn alone.

(1) Chant Vishnu Sahasranamam daily. This is considered to be the best remedy for all evils.
(2) Chant Venkateshwara (Lord Baalaajee) Stuti or Sahastra Naam or Archanaa on Saturdays.
(3) There is a combined Shlok of Lord Narasinh and Sudarshan. This contains the Mool Mantra of Lord Narasinh in the middle and flanked by Sudarshan Mantra before and after. This Mantra is also said to be very effective protector.

Om sahasraar hum phat kshraum Om Eem ham
ugram veeram mahaavishnum jwalantam sarvato mukham
narisinham bheeshanam bhadram mrityu mrityum namaamyaham
ham Eem Om kshraum sahasraar hum phat swaahaa ||

For those who are interested, several Vishnu and Sudarshan Stuti are available on http://sanskrit.gde. to as well as on

(i) maangalya Stavam from Vishnu Dharmottar Puraan

If Shani manifests in the form of severe health problems, then:--
(i) one could perform Jap, Hom of Sudarshan Mala Mantra (Rog Nivaaran).
(ii) one could chant Apaamaarjan Stotram from Vishnu Dharmottar Puraan. This is said to be a very effective remedy - this invokes different forms of Vishnu and seeks protection against diseases.
(iii) Pray Lord Vaidyanaath and/or perform Mrityunjaya Hom
iv) Pray Lord Subrahmanya perhaps with Subrahmanya Bhujangam of Shree Shankaraachaarya.

If Shani's affliction manifests in the form of marital problems, then one can:
(i) pray Bhavaanee or Gauree or Durgaa
(ii) pray Jambookeshwar etc.

Whichever Amaavasyaa falls on Saturday, that is called SHANI Amaavasyaa. One should do Chhaayaa Daan on this day - Chhaayaa Daan means, take a little mustard oil, see your own face in it, and give it to a beggar or in a Shani temple. If both are not possible, pour the oil on a bare land.

To be free from Shani's affliction the Native, on a Saturday, should take an iron bowl, fill it with oil, put 1 and 1/4 Rupayaa and see his own reflection in that oil imagining that his all sins have entered in that oil and give that bowl to Dakaut.

Along with this, every Saturday, tie 1 and 1/4 Kilo Urad or black sesame seed in a black cloth and give it to Dakaut. By doing this many Dosh and pains and poverty etc are removed and Shani's Saadhe Saatee's effect is decreased.

Upaaya for Saadhe Saatee
(1) Clean/Sweep (pochhaa in Hindi) temple stairs or of the temple in your house and of your house regularly starting Saturday.
(2) Serve the workers (Mazdoor, labors), beggars as much as possible by provide them food, clothing etc.
(3) Do Sundar Kaand (from Raamaayan) Paath every Saturday.

Another one
(1) Vishnu Sahastra Naam, at least once a week
(2) Light Til oil (sesame oil) lamp in the morning in a temple, or at home, or under a Peepal tree
(3) Prayer to Hanumaan
(4) Recite "Aum Sham Shanaishcharaaya Namah" 108 times in the evening
(5) Mix 7 drops of mustard oil in a bucket of water, and take bath from that water
(6) Recite this Mantra 23,000 times within 7 and 1/2 years.
"Om neelaanjan samaabhaasam | Ravi putram yamaagrajam ||
Chhaayaa maartand sambhootam | Tam namaami Shanaishcharam||"
Thus, by reciting this Shani Mahaamantra by doing 10 Maalaa per day, it will finish in 23 days. If the person is young, then his parents can do it for him. While this praying is on, the person should eat simple food, he must sleep on the floor on a bed sheet and live the life of a ‘Brahmachaaree’. It should be remembered that the praying of the Shani Mahaamantra should be done at one stretch in one sitting at one place. Whoever wants to perform the ‘Shaanti’, must perform it on all Shani Amaavasyaa’. On a half meter of black cloth, taking the ‘Pandraya Yantra’, the Sindoor of God Hanumaan and oil should be mixed and the ‘yantra’ should be created. After tying a coconut without water (dry coconut) in it, by tracing the body’s length with it seven times, it should be flown in flowing water.

There are many remedies for Graha Shaanti (pacifying planets) available here and there. Those remedies have been collected here at one place. Writing them here does not guarantee that they will work, they are just a collection collected from various sources. If anyone finds any remedy working for oneself, please write to us, we will publish it here for the interest of general public, so that the other people suffering from his affliction can also benefit from it. Thanks in advance on behalf of the author of this page.

Some Other Remedies
--Fast on Saturday
--Shani seed mantra: "Om praam preem praum sah shanaishcharaaya namah"
RESULT: The planetary deity Shani is pleased insuring victory in quarrels, over coming chronic pain, and bringing success to those engaged in the iron or steel trade. Mantra is to be chanted on Saturday, two hours and forty minutes before sunrise, especially during major or minor Saturn periods.
--One may recite Shani's 108 names also every Saturday.



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