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7-2-Shani Remedies-2

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7-2-Pacifying Shani-2
[From Harish Trivedi on Raahu. A file from Jyotish_Remedies Group]
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Remedies for Shani

(2) Shani may be pacified by offering black Desi Grams to a black buffalo or a horse, on any Saturday.

(23) Put mustard oil over the Chapaatee, and offer the same to the crows and the dogs.

(2) Malefic effects of Shani are pacified by offering a Chapaatee, mixing some oil in the flour, put a sweet over it and feed to a black dog.

(3) Feeding crow is also a good remedy for Shani - tested by me. It is best to feed them salty rice.

(8) Even offering Laddoo to crows and the black dogs also pacify Lord Shani.

(6) On Friday night, dip 1.25 Kilograms of black grams in three parts, all in equal quantities. Offering them to Lord Shani through mental worship, offer the first part to a horse or a buffalo after been fried and putting chilies and Masaalaa over it. Now, the second part may be distributed to the persons suffering from leprosy, and the third part be put on the road-crossing (where there four lanes meet - Chauraahaa). It is the best way to pacify Lord Shani.

(4) On any Saturday, prepare two Chapaatees with flour (inclusive of bran). Put oil and sweet over one Chapaatee and the Ghee over the other Chapaatee. Offer the first Chapaatee (with oil and sweet) to a black cow and the second one (with ghee over it) also to the same cow. Now pray to Lord Shani for the peace and prosperity.

(5) Offer bananas, sweet parched rice, jaggery and black grams (Chanaa) to the Monkeys on every Saturday. This also helps ending up malefic effects of Shani.

(34) In case you are bearing losses in your business, feed Chapaatee to crows and cows for 43 long days continuously.

(4) Instant Results - Go and search the horse’s shoe and get it made into a ring from the blacksmith on any Saturday. Put it in the clean water or dip it into the un-boiled milk on Friday night. On Saturday morning put it in the middle finger of your left hand. It gives instant results.

(10) The substitutes of Neelam (Sapphire) are the stones named ‘Sanglileeya’, ‘Sang-jamuniya’ and root of ‘Bichhole’. Putting on these substitute stones or the root also give a benefic effects.

(11) Putting on a Plant root for Saturn strengthening (Badee Aamlaa root - the plant is actually a grass hardly grow 1 feet in height beyond height).

(3) On any Saturday with 'Shravan' Nakshatra, put on the root of ‘Bichhuaa Bootee’ or the seed of ‘Shamee’ tied with black thread, over the right upper arm, it rectifies all troubles.

(5) In the Shani Temple - On Saturday fill the oil in the iron pot, putting seven pieces of black Grams (Chanaa), seven pieces of barley seeds, seven pieces of black whole Urad into it and also putting Dakshinaa (cash) over it. Looking your face into it, give the alms to a ‘Dakaut’ or go and put it in the Shani Temple. This is applicable and result oriented, if performed before 11:00 AM only.

(7) On Saturday, before sunrise, a Deepak of oil (mustard oil or sesame oil) may be lit under a Peepal tree and it should be worshipped by the milk, Dhoop, Deep etc. It is beneficial to attain good results.

(1) Lit a lamp (Deepak) at Peepal tree in the evening and circumambulate around the tree for seven times. After this offer seven Laddoos to a black dog. Doing so, Lord Shani grants the positive results.

(15) Water the Peepal tree on Thursday or Saturday.

(6) On any Saturday, wrap sacred thread (Kachchaa Soot) around the Peepal tree for seven times and keep on enchanting either of Shani Mantra; it takes away the troubles of Saadhe Saatee. Poojan and lighting of Deepak at Peepal tree is compulsory after wrapping the thread. On this day the fasting person should take saltless food - that too only once in a day.

(10) On 27 long Saturdays, put 7 pieces of whole almond and whole black Urad each, at some religious place.

(13) Starting on a Saturday, at the time of rising Sun, offer mustard oil at Shani idol, continuously for 43 days, excluding Sundays.

(22) Keep fasting on Saturday and bath Shani idol with mustard oil on Saturday.

(26) Serve the black cow.

(43) Bath Shani Dev with mustard oil every Saturday

Daan ---
(1) Motee Daan - Dip black grams in water on Friday night. On Saturday take these black grams, the soft coke, the turmeric and a piece of iron and tie them all in a black cloth and throw them into the flowing water among the fish. Perform it every Saturday for one long year; it cools down the obstacles created due to the malefic effects of Shani. Fish and the flesh eaters should avoid eating fish during this period. It's called "Motee Daan".

(20) Give yellow clothes as offering to a Saint or Sage.

(24) On Saturday, donate coal for cooking of public meals i.e. ‘Langar’, at some religious place.

(33) The iron utensils like Tavaa, tongs (Chimataa), furnace (Angeethee), should be donated to a sage.

(37) Putting oil in an iron pot, see your face in it and donate it to some 'Dakaut' (one begging alms in the name of Shani) - called Chhaayaa Daan.

(38) Give food to patients suffering from Leprosy, for seven long Saturdays.

(41) Donate black pulse, mustard oil, salt, yogurt (curd or Dahee) etc on Saturday.

(42) Donate black umbrella on Saturday.

(9) Takes Away all the Troubles of a Native - When your house may be decorated with blue cloths, blue curtains and blue bed sheets and color the walls in blue color.

(11) If someone happens to die on a Saturday, donate the wood for his funeral ceremony.

(12) Donate the coal and the fuel for the marriage of a poor girl.

(14) In dark cell of your house in the south or west direction, put 12 whole almonds tied in a black cloth.

(16) Always keep a square piece of silver with you.

(17) Take a bath while sitting on a wooden stool, putting some un-boiled milk in the water.

(18) In case Moon is a malefic planet in your horoscope, put 500 pieces of whole black Urad in Mustard Oil and throw them into the flowing water.

(19) In case Moon is placed uncomfortably in your horoscope, offer 500 gm milk in the flowing water on Monday and the whole black Urad on Saturday.

(21) Make a dark cell in the last corner of your house.

(27) In case your earlier residing home is empty, put an earthen bowl (filled with honey) in the house.

(38) Whenever you go out of your house for job or profession, keep before you a pitcher filled with water’.

(39) Put saffron (Kesar) 'Tilak' over your head every day.

(25) For seven Saturdays, offer iron nails at the root of swallow wort.

(35) On Saturday, prepare Laddoos of Urad flour using sesame oil and dig the same in a barren land. [How many?]

(36) Urad, almond and the watery coconut fruit may be flown into the flowing water.

(39) Putting sugar in an iron flute, dig it in a barren land.

(40) Try applying some mustard oil in your hair on Saturdays - you might see the difference in a few days only - If you have a weak Saturn in your chart, so to strengthen it.

(44) for Ketu donate black white check blankets in a temple and feed dogs regularly

Recitation --
(1) Reciting Hanumaan Chaaleesaa is also good for Saturn.

(2) Mahaamrityunjay Paath would be a great help. Apart from chanting it, see if you can also play it in the room where a kid is being nursed. You can keep the volume to bare audible, what is important is that the vibrations are there in air. Apart from this see if you can arrange for Chhaayaa Daan and some charity to Blinds Schools on Saturdays.

(3) One should chant the Shani Beej Mantra, 23,000 times, for 21 days, starting from any Saturday (11 Maalaa daily) -
"Om Praam Preem Praum Sah Shanishcharaaya Namah”
! p`ama\ p`Ima\ p`aOma\ sa: SainaScaraya nama:

(4) To please Shani - In order to please Lord Shani, at the time of rising sun, chant below mentioned Shani Mantra, 7 times or 21 times, every day. It takes away all your troubles --
“Suryaputro Deerghdeho, Vishaalaakshya Shivpriya
Mandchar prasannaatmaa, Peeram haratu may Shani"
saUya-pu~ao dIGa-dohao ivaSaalaaxya iSavaip`ya maMdcar p`sannaa%maa pIrM hrtu mao Saina

(5) Calling the Wife of Lord Shani - calling the names of the wife of Lord Shani has also been advised. The native gets its positive results. It may be chanted over every day.
"Om Sham Shanishcharaaya Namah, Dhwajinee, Daaminee, Chaiv, Kankaali, Kalahpriyah
Kantakee, Kalahee, Chath, Turangee, Mahishee, Aja, Om Sham Shanishcharaaya Namah."

Symptoms -
depression, feeling that nothing will happen without stealing, cheating etc - Saturn (Lagnesh) is weak. You need to strengthen it.
(1) Recite the Mahaa Mrityunjaya Mantra as many times as you can.
(2) Offer a little mustard oil at a Shani temple every Saturday.

--Observe fasts on 51 Saturdays and take Khichadee made of rice and black Urad Daal after the sunset.

(1) Wearing Blue Sapphire Gemstone

(2) Wearing 14 Mukhi Rudraaksh or 7 Mukhi Rudraaksh or a Saturn Maalaa comprising of 36 7-Mukhee beads and one 14-Mukhee Rudraaksh bead.

(3) On Saturday take a black thread, 19 times as long as your hand and put it around your neck as a garland. It gives good results.

(4) Lord Shani can be pacified through the herbs and the roots too. On any Saturday, when ‘Pushya’ constellation is prevailing, one should put on the root of Bichhuaa (Bichchhoo) Bootee or Shamee (Chhokar) over his upper right arm after having tied it in black thread. It turns down the malefic effects of Lord Shani

-- Worship Lord Hanuman by chanting his Mantra on Saturday and light ghee lamp in front of the idol. Donate sesame seeds on Saturday Wear Shani Yantra Pendant Wear Shani ring (Available at Shani Shinganapur)

Never Do These
(1) Keep away from the liquor and the fish and flesh as well as Tobacco; and other intoxicating drinks should also not be taken.
(2) Don’t tell lies; keep away from the liquor and eating of fish & flesh.
(3) Don’t put grass or wooden pieces over the roof of your house.
(4) Womanizing is a sin that ruins you altogether, so be warned of it.
If Saturn as Lagnesh (Kumbh, Makar Raashi)
Do not eat meat or drink liquor. You should respect your uncles and should not antagonize them. You should recite the Stotra for Saturn to keep him appeased.



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