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1-Soorya Remedies

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[From a file from Jyotish_Remedies Group]

Donation and charity -
1. Cow with her calf.
2. Molasses, gold, copper, wheat etc.
3. Gemstones related to Sun.

Best to give -
To a middle aged man.
On Sunday noon.

Fasting -
1. On Sundays.

Feeding -
1. Cows with Molasses and/or wheat.
2. Brahmins (Or poor people) with cream of rice cooked with jaggery (Molasses).

Others -
1. Service to own father, fatherly people.
2. Soorya Namaskaar at the time of sunrise.

Avoid -
1. Meal which includes molasses, wheat etc.
2. Red copper made things for own purpose.
Remedies :
(1) For the Sun, worship Shree Raam
(2) Sun Worship by offering water to the Sun God,
(3) Donating Wheat, jaggery, copper, gold or red apparels on Sunday,
(4) Wearing 1-Mukhee or 12-Mukhee Rudraaksh,
(5) Chanting Aaditya Hridayam 3 times in succession on Sunday at sunrise time
(6) Chanting Soorya Mantra, also on Sunday morning at sunrise time.
(7) Recite Gayatri Mantra 108 times minimum daily

Soorya Mantra
"Japaakusum sankaasham Kaashyapeyam Mahaadyutim,   Tamorim Sarv Paapaghnam Pranatosmi Divaakaram"
japakusauma saMkaSaM kaSyapoyaM mahaVuitma tmaaoirma sava- papGnaM p`Nataoisma idvaakrma\

Sun represent government or father. Its nature is dominating, argument and symbol of authority. Sun's direction is East.
Exalted at Aries, 10 degree. Mool Trikon at Leo 20 degree.

If Favorably placed Sun brings fame and power to a person in all areas including the field of occupation. Sun can grant great political power.
If adversely placed, Sun can make a person look arrogant and also may cause mental and emotional disorders. Pessimistic attitude and humiliation at the hands of others become way of the life. It also promotes jealousy in native, if adversely placed.
More than 95% Rudraaksh sold are 12-Mukhee Rudraaksh. Why others are not sold, the reason is simple, 12-Mukhee Rudraakash is the lone Rudraaksh whose ruling planet is Sun and it gave positive results to 99% of those who wore it.

Sun is represented as the soul;
Moon is represented as our mind and
Earth as our body
As the soul, like Sun, has no life or death. the mind is like water as represented by Moon. the body is from the Earth and is merged back into the Earth after we die.
Sunflower oil which attracts its energy from the Sun contains very less fats and is the best cooking oil.
Early morning Sun rays not only give various vitamins freely but also enhance the complexion of the native, whether one believes or not.
Those students who read their textbooks from 4.00 am to 6.00 am get more marks as that timing due to the rising Sun is best suited for grasping and understanding, simply put the brain works best in those few hours.
Rishi are the first privileged ones to have the Snaan earliest in the morning and hence the bath between 4.00 am to 5.00 am is called Rishi Snaan. 5.00 am to 6.00 am bathing is called Dev Snaan. 6.00 am to 7.00 am bathing is called Maanav Snaan. Snaan after 7.00 am is considered Rakshas Snaan but in metro and urban cities most people these days bath only after 8.00 am or so.
So any thing we do for Sun has 100 applications in life.

In many parts of this world, even today, many people travel by foot from one village to another and they all start this early morning.
Newborn infants if suffering from hepatitis and are advised to expose their bodies to the rising Sun to get natural cure.
Aarya Samaaj which does not advocate for idol worship, do worship Lord Soorya as the living god and do Havan also for Agni and Soorya and Gayatri.

Take 7 layers of Aak root threads and wear it on your right hand on upper arm part

Totakaa for Weak Sun
Tie the root of Bel tree on your right hand in a good Muhoort. This helps immediately a weak Sun to get strength.



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