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Introduction to Remedies-1

Astrological remedies must not become a hermit crab's borrowed shell. It is true that they can often one very effective shield from pain and loss while increasing insight and wisdom, but the seeds of the Karm often remain unaltered unless they are faced head on and understood, the pain felt and released so that true healing may begin. Fasting, volunteering ones services and charity are basically statements of one's intent to voluntarily experience pain, deprivation, hardship, so that one can resolve issues. Unlike the eye for an eye misconception, Karm is no mindless executioner. Any remedy must not be indulged into as a trade or barter with God. It must be carried out as a recognition of personal responsibility, at some level of ones existence, for what is happening and as a means of atoning for it. One must always remember that today's Karm was yesterday's act of free-will!

The day an individual takes birth, his Kaarmik life map, also referred to as fate or destiny by many, comes into force. This Kaarmik life map is the sum total of all milestones going to occur in an individual's lifetime. This map includes, but is not limited to, the moments of happiness and despair, phases of luxury and poverty, supreme strength and diseases, periods of power as well as humiliation, focused mind and anxiety, experience of love as well as failure in relationships etc. To combat the negative factors of the Kaarmik life map such as accidents, fatal diseases, divorce, lack of job, litigation, lack of social respect, lack of a progeny etc. the sacred texts have listed 6 Kaarmik pathways to remove obstacles, tide over problems and finally emerge victorious with a feeling of fulfillment and happiness.

The Remedies (Upaaya, Upaya, or Parihaar, or Parihara) are those activities through which we try to convert our bad times into good times. When such remedies are sought through astrology they are called astrological remedies. It is necessary to understand one thing about Upaaya that when any kind of event has to have happen with somebody, all circumstances become like that. In this regard Tulasee's one Dohaa is worth mentioned - Tulasee Jas Bhavitavyataa, taisee bane Sahaaya | --- Taahi Tahaan lai jaaya || This can be anhything, a man, or a Mantra, or Tantra, or Yantra etc etc. And something does not have to happen then the person wanders around but nothing happens and abuses astrologers.

These remedies are based on astrological analyses of one's chart. Mostly these remedies are -- Mantra, Tantra, Yantra, Aushadhi (Medicine), Yagya, Daan (Donation), Rudraaksh and Ratn. Here we will touch briefly on the essential meanings of these pathways and the limitations attached to each.

1. Mantra
The first pathway to remove negative factors is Mantra. Mantra is a spiritual formula consisting of sacred syllables which when chanted in a particular manner leads to attainment of desires. The limitations attached to Mantra chanting are as follows:

Mantra has to be chanted in a particular manner everyday at a particular time for optimum effects. Many Mantra have the prerequisite condition of living a celibate lifestyle during this whole procedure. In these times, it is difficult to imagine a normal householder (Grihasth) - one who is in maximum need of a remedial measure sitting under a tree at 4 o'clock early in the morning and doing this practice for several days at a stretch. The total number of Mantra to be chanted is huge. This range is anywhere from 108 to 1,25,000 or more. Besides, it is an established fact that your daily quota of Mantra chanting should be the same in number as the previous day or more. One has to be initiated into a Mantra by a Guru - the divine preceptor who will teach the finer nuances of the Mantra chanting to the individual and also transfer a part of his spiritual strength. This process together is called as Deekshaa and Shaktipath.

Mantra chanting has to be in a rhythm with a proper flow of syllables as Mantra basically work by sound waves. For example Hreeng is different from Hreem which in turn is different from Hareeng. Incorrect chanting and choice of wrong Mantra creates havoc in an individual's life and brings more problems including delusion. I have seen many families get destroyed by the random and incorrect chanting of the Gayatri Mantra - Yes the most powerful, divine and pure Mantra. Individuals start chanting this Mantra indiscriminately after reading a web page and the result is frequent quarrels and confrontations at home leading to a vicious atmosphere.

One has to be aware of the fact that most of the Mantra have flowed from Shiv and Shakti. At the start of the Kali Yug (The present time frame), Shiv after observing the abuse of Mantra for meeting selfish ends and causing of pain to other individuals made all Mantras Keelit, i.e. put a spiritual lock to them. Most of the Mantra that we see today are a modified form of the original Mantra wherein a particular syllable or a sound factor has been eliminated to create a spiritual lock to make the Mantra dysfunctional. To make the Mantra an effective one, again we have to perform practices such as Utkeelan (removal of that spiritual lock) and Shaapodhar (removal of the spiritual curse). The individuals who are aware of these practices are surely a very rare breed.

Mantra can give both kind of effect - A Mantra of a Planet always strengthens the planet. But the strengthening through Gem and strengthening through Mantra are not the same. Mantra of Gods help pacifying harm of malefic planets.
[So naturally, gems for malefic planets should be avoided]

Remember, Mantra is to be chanted inside the mind; while Stotra is to be recited loudly.

2. Tantra
The second pathway to alter a Kaarmic life map is Tantra. The word Tantra basically means a mechanism or an amalgamation of spiritual procedures to bring the desired result. These include, but are not limited to, the use of Mudraa - systematic hand gestures, Aasan - Yaugik postures etc. Efficacy of Tantra is intimately dependent on Mantra to yield the desired results. Hence all limitations as listed in Mantra apply in this case. You can imagine the result.

3. Yantra
The third pathway for the Kaarmik life map alteration is Yantra. Yantra is an intricate geometrical diagram drawn while chanting of Mantra and has been traditionally considered as the seat of the sacred deities. Energization of Yantra requires strong and consistent Mantra Saadhanaa, daily rituals to consecrate the Yantra. This process is required daily and sometime runs anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Limitations such as these render most of the Yantra quite ineffective.

4. Aushadhi (Medicine)
Aushadhi basically means medicine and is used only in cases of diseases. It has little use in other challenging Kaarmik situations.

5. Yagya
Yagya is basically a fire ritual wherein sacred herbs and other sacred material is offered to the fire which in turn acts as their carrier to the sacred deity. Yagya is again dependent on Mantra and if you see the limitations of Mantra you can guess how effective this remedy is going to be. An unhealthy trend viewed today due to lack of time, patience and devotion is the culture of seemingly short cut Yagya. These Yagya have no basis in the Shaastra and have been basically customized to justify laziness and lack of time and resources. For example the sacred texts mention that Ganapati Hom - the Yagya of Lord Ganesh, should start before in the wee hours of early morning and finish before the Sun actually begins to rise on that particular day itself. What we see today is Ganpati Hom being conducted randomly at any point of the day. The number of the Mantra is also varied according to time constraints. The result is little or no benefit.

6. Daan (Donations)
In many cases Daan or donations are suggested. For example, Malefic planets often need Daan.

7. Rudraaksh
That leaves us with the last resort and the main subject of our discussion, to alter our Kaarmik life map with the help of Rudraaksh. This sounds too good to be true. But just wearing a Rudraaksh does not pave your way towards altering negative Kaarmik life. It has to be worn and strung in a right manner, even the most powerful Rudraaksh if not worn correctly goes in slumber.

8. Ratn
Even though Ratn is also considered to alter negative Kaarmik life but there are several flaws creep into the gems therapy and wrong recommendation can prove to be disaster. It can actually increase the negative Kaarmik life instead of decreasing it. That is why Rudraaksh Therapy is considered to most easy, safe, reliable and effective way to alter negative Kaarmik Life in this Yug.

When these remedies are sought through astrology, normally they are based on Planets position, their status, their strength and condition etc.

There are two types of planets in one's chart - benefic but weak, and malefic. So we have to deal with them in different ways -
(1) Benefic and weak planets are to strengthen - Strengthen planets when they are benefic, but weak, so that they can do better for us.
(2) Malefic planets are to pacify - Pacify the planets when they are angry, are in bad mood or are malefic so that their bad effects may be milder; and

That is why one should not confuse these two things -
Never PACIFY / PROPITIATE a  benefic planet, Pacify only Malefic planets
Never STRENGTHEN a malefic planet, Strengthen only the Benefic planets when they are weak

Thus both types of Planets are dealt differently.

How to Pacify a Planet -
Pacifying a planet means pacifying it's evil effects through fasting, charity, donation, Mantras, Yagyas etc.
Daan (Donations) also help decreasing negative effect of malefic planets.

But for unknown reason I always end up strengthening a planet by donation. And when I can pacify a planet by donation, it's good effect is also gone.

How to Strengthen a Planet -
We need to strengthen our Benefic planets (1, 5, 9 lords mostly) while we need to propitiate / pacify evil planets like 6, 8, 11, 12 lords mostly. Benefic planet are generally good for you for general matters, while Malefic is the opposite.
Gems help strengthening power of planets.

Strengthening an afflicted planet is not a very good solution unless the planet is a good benefic like 5th or 9th Lord.

Read about Rudraaksh in detail  Rudraaksh

Rudraaksh, a seed of Rudraaksh tree fruit,  is another way to get bad things improved. But there is no Vaidik Shaastra that associates Rudraaksh seeds with Jyotish Graha. Gems (Ratn) are given Shaastrik association to Jyotish, but not Rudraaksh. According to the revealed Shaastra, which existed prior to modern view points and beliefs, Rudraaksh are directly related to Shiv (Rudra on whose name it is known) and his Shakti. They are not assigned directly to any Graha, and are not astrological as such. Shiv is Mahaadev, so certainly his talisman effects the planets by influencing personal Karm, but that is just that: Shankar dayaal = Rudraaksh. So we don't need astrology to choose a Rudraaksh.

According to bona fide Vaidik Shaastra highest praise is given to 14-Mukhee so if one can afford, one should wear it. Apart from that any Rudraaksh is auspicious, even for Vaishnav, as long as Vaishnav keep in mind that Shiv is also Gunaavataar, and is said to be the greatest Vaishnav in this world - na vaishnavanam yathaa shambhoh.

But from a modern perspective, based on testing, Chakra and planets are also perceived as being effected by different Rudraaksh, and certain diseases are believed to be treatable by use of different Rudraaksh. Although this is not directly Shaastrik, it may be judged according to modern scientific results. Note that in matters of health and finance : One should never exclude qualified medical treatment or financial advice when ever resorting to Rudraaksh for treating any diseases or financial situations.

Almost all ancient scriptures like Puraan and Mahaabhaarat have consistently advocated for Rudraaksh for getting certain benefits by attributing one or a set of benefits to each type of the fourteen Rudraaksh. What more, each Rudraaksh is also assigned with a lordship or a ruling Deity. accordingly, when each Rudraaksh gives one or a set of benefits, the best a native can do is to wear a Maalaa of all the one to 14-Mukhee which gives all the combined benefits listed in the Rudraaksh chapter of the scriptures.

Gems or precious stones are merely attributed to planets and are worn by kings and are seen as symbols of richness which poor cannot afford whereas Rudraaksh are so inexpensive that are affordable even by the poorest of the poor. Furthermore, gems are not worn by ascetics or renounced people but all these renounced people too wear Rudraaksh as they are treated as an embodiment of Lord Shiv. The last but not the least benefit of Rudraaksh is that it also helps the wearer protect from evils which makes Rudraaksh all the more necessary to be worn by one and all.
Read its benefits at also.

How the Remedies Should be Done?
--It should be remembered that all remedies should be suggested keeping in mind the Desh (place), Kaal (Time) and Paatra (person).
--Remedies should be done by the person concerned except in the case of an infant, or a sick person, or some things unable to do, such as recitation of Sanskrit texts, in case one cannot read it.
--Women sometimes are not considered for rituals and Poojaa
--The worships and Parihaar follow a procedure of Sankalp, Arghya and Paadya method. It is to be done in a prescribed way as per Shaastra with the help of a priest, especially Hom, Yagya etc

When the Remedies Can Work
--If the Malefic planets are afflicted in Dusthaan houses, then it is DIFFICULT to remove the Dosh by remedies and Parihaar.
--If the Natural Benefic planets got affliction in Dusthaan Houses , then there is possibility to remove that Dosh via Poojaa and Parihaar.

--If the afflicted planet is in a Sthir Raashi (immovable Sign) in Navaansh, then it is difficult to be remedy(ied ) because Sthir Raashi is for destruction. Shiv's place.

--If that planet is in Dual Raashi in Navaansh, then not TOO hard to pacify that afflicted Planet by remedies, because Dual Sign is the place for Naaraayan, the Sustainer.

--If that afflicted planet is in Chara Raashi in Navaansh, then very easy to pacify that planet(s) by remedies, because Chara Raashi (Movable Sign) belongs to Creation and signifies Brahmaa.



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