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Introduction to Mantra
For a very detailed description about Mantra see all pages of Mantra

The Sanskrit word Mantra came from joining two Sanskrit words - Manan and Traya. Manan means the act of the Mana (mind) it can be referred to recollecting, thinking etc. Traya means to save. So Mantra would literally mean something that is continuously thought or recollected (Manan) in order to save (Tray) one's self. Traya also means releasing, so it can also be said that Mantra is something that releases us. (From the cycle of death and rebirth, of course.)

In plain words, a Mantra is a hymn used for worshipping a God or Goddess to attain desired results and overcome difficulties and problems. Scientifically, it is said that Mantras are compositions of powerful sounds which create effective vibrations for mental, physical and spiritual healing. For that reason, if you can not chant a Mantra for a problem, listening to the audio Mantra repeatedly will also give you similar results. But it is always the best to chant or recite the Mantra by yourself, preferably with a rosary or Maalaa.

There are Mantra for every God of Hinduism. Since planets (Graha) are also different Gods, they have their own Mantras, too. When you chant a Mantra of a deity or planet you link his energy with your existence. There are also Beejaakshars (seed letters) of different deities which can be used for this purpose. Such as, the Beejaakshar for Lord Krishn is "Klim", for Goddess Lakshmee it is Shrim, for Lord Ganesh it is Gam and so on. Using this seed letters in a Mantra makes the Mantra very powerful. Some Mantras need initiation, i.e. when a Guru initiates it to you, otherwise they never gives desired results.

Caution While Chanting Mantra
Mantras have great power in them that sometimes work with an unbelievably energy, that is why it is not advisable to chant a Mantra unless you are sure about what it is going to do to you. Because not all Mantras are suitable for all. Which Mantra would be suitable for you would be found only by reading your horoscope. It is a matter of a careful judgment of the Mantra considering its syllables, the starting letter, the sequence of letters etc. Only after judging all these, the Mantra should be suggested. Or the Mantra can be 'rectified' as per your horoscope. So you must get checked your horoscope by a knowledgeable Vaidik Astrologer for this. Also there are a strict procedure to be followed to chant the Mantra. Chanting an inappropriate Mantra, or chanting a Mantra in a wrong way can lead to very difficult and complicated situations.

Mantra For Planets
Under 'Mantra of planets' three kinds of Mantra are given -
(1) Beej Mantra,
(2) Pauraanik Mantra and
(3) Saamaanya Mantra.

All these kinds of Mantra strengthen the planet. That is why it is suggested to pick up only those Mantra which are for benefic planets. You would not like to strengthen a malefic, would you?

A lot of people differ and say that Pauranik Mantra would pacify the Planet, while others say that they will strengthen it. The logic is very good that if I bow down to a malefic, he should be appeased, then why should he harm me more after being appeased?

The simple answer lies in the truth that "Jyotish is the eye of Ved". Without eye, you can see nothing. A man well versed in Mantra, but knowing nothing about Jyotish, he will bow down to all these planets by Jaap of Beej Mantra and call in danger. That is why to understand how we proceed we must understand Jyotish. Jyotish reveals the map of our Karm and indicates which deity we should worship and also how and when. That is why it is indeed the eye of Ved, because we cannot do this without Jyotish.

One simple solution - find that reciting the Beej or Pauraanik Mantra of only your 12th Lord and see if it increases or decreases your expenditure? If it causes losses or not? Also recite 8th Lords Beej Pauranik Mantra and see what happens? You will get the answer by yourself.

Do these at your own risk/liability. However, reciting all 9 planets Pauraanik Mantra (that sum up as "Vyaas's Nava Grah Stotra") is better than only one Malefic's Pauraanic Mantra. Still, only those Pauraanik or Beej or Saamaanya Mantra should be picked up which are for benefic planets.

When any Mantra is repeated many times in one time, it is called Jap (Japa or Jaap) of that Mantra. Jap are of several kinds - from 3 times to several Laakh (millions); and from daily, or weekly to "to be finished in a certain period". Many Mantra's Jap number is pre-fixed. Both types of Jap work in their own way, that is why it is very useful. If one himself can do Jap with prescribed methods, nothing is better than that, but if he cannot, he can ask somebody else, any relative or a Braahman who can do it. Many times many people take money but they don't do it. But whose Jap are completed with full prescribed method, their aim is surely fulfilled. Sometimes it does not give the desired results. In fact several times that prescribed method is very complex and takes a long time.

Astrologers have fain in Jap in very complex problems, such as death-like condition, childless couple, court cases, getting jobs etc.
Its another problem is that people cannot pay so much money for them and these things are very expensive if they are done with full method.
thirdly, it takes time too.

How to Do Jap
Take any good Muhoort (see  Vedhaa Star) and standard direction...  
--Poorv, Uttar or Eeshaan for Money, Shaanti Saadhanaa
--Dakshin or Pashchim for Bhoot, Pret, any Ugra Saadhanaa

Shiv, or any Shiv Shakti... use Rudraaksh Maalaa
Any Durgaa Shakti ... use Sphatik or Chandan etc Maalaaa.  do not use Rudraaksh Maalaa

Sabar Mantra - normally use Hakeek maalaa ....
Shanti, Saraswatee, or any such Karm use white Hakeek Maalaa
If the Saadhanaa is Bhoot Pishaach or any Ugra Saadhanaa, use black Hakeek Maalaa

And keep chanting.... Japate Raho ... Siddhi Avashya Milegee

Mrityunjaya Mantra
Listening to which anyone can reduce physical and mental pains. (Means - "The great victory over death") It is a very powerful Mantra and works fine. You can also listen to it or read it.

! ~yambakma yajaamaho saugainQama\ puiYTvaQa-nama\.]vaa- rukimava banQanaana maR%yaaomau-xaIya maamaRtat
"Om Tryambakam Yajaamahe Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam |
Urvaa Rukmiv Bandhanaan Mrityormuksheeya Maamritaat ||"

Shree Durgaa Mantra (from Durgaa Saptshatee)
Chant it for 108 times in the morning to solve many kinds of problems
h`IM sava- baaQaa p`Samanama\ ~Olaao@yasya AiKlaoSvarI.evamaova %vayaa kaya-ma\ Asmad vaOrI ivanaaSanama\

Hreem Sarva Baadha Prashamanam Trailokyasya Akhileshwaree
Evameva Twayaa Kaaryam Asmad Vairee Vinaashanam"

Rohit wrote this
sava-ma\ vaa Slaaokmaokma vaa ya: pdot Bai>maana sava-ma\ duYkRtma\ %ya@%va p`pnaaoiQa prmaM pdma\
Sarvam vaa slokamekam vaa yah padet bhaktimaan sadaa,
Sa sarvam dushkritam tyaktwa prapanodhi paramam padam

Shree Ganesh Mantra
This is my favorite Mantra for worshipping Lord Ganesh. It removes evil eye and all kinds of Saturn Drishti, Baadhak, Vasheekaran and black magic. This Mantra has been used to save a lady from the clutches of a mad man who had used black magic to seduce her into hating her spouse and children.

! h`IM gaM h`IM mahagaNaptyao nama: svaaha
Om Hreem Gam Hreem Mahaaganapataye Namah Swaahaa
[by Sanjay Rath]

Shree Kuber Mantra
This Mantra is for wealth and prosperity

! yaxaaya kubaoraya vaOEavanaaya Qana Qaanya QaIptyao samaRiw doih dapya svaaha

Om Yakshaaya Kuberaaya Vaaishravanaaya Dhan Dhaanya Dheepataye Samriddhi Dehi Daapaya Swaahaa



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