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Donations and Charitable Works

Donation and charity are sacrifices and that is why they are great positive Karm. This is believed that they also pacify a harmful planet when that "planet type of things" are donated. Some also say that you might donate money to a poor for buying foods and medicine, but if he uses that money for bad purposes such as buying addictive drugs or in playing games, then that money goes waste and its whole purpose is lost. Helping the old, poor, needy, and distressed is a very good way - there can be no doubt that it leads to freedom from bad Karm much or less.

Donate foods, medicines, money and other materials to the poor. If you do not have money or any material to donate, then at least, say good and nice things to stressed people, make the person feel better at least in his bad mood or bad days. It will surely not be overlooked by the God Almighty. What one should donate and to whom see under specific Planet name -

Sun,   Moon,   Mars,   Mercury,   Jupiter,   Venus,   Saturn,   Raahu, and   Ketu

If appropriate items are donated a man can get many things. It is a means of maintaining equality in society and also a selfless way to help your brotherhood. But, some items can be donated to deserving people as a remedy for specific problems. It is important to donate things with a content mind. Do not have any grudge or regret while doing the donation, as it defeats the very purpose of performing such a ritual. The following is a list of some items and the specific benefits obtained by donating them. it is also to be noted that just simply giving these items to anybody will not bring these benefits. They should be given to needy people as much as possible.

Rice -To remove accumulated sins from previous births
Oil - To atone for recent sins
Jaggery - To get relief from Diseases
Clothes - To get prosperity
Rudraaksh - To remove curses from guru/teachers
Gold - To remove curses from ancestors (Pitri Dosh)
Silver - To beget children
Copper - To improve quality of profession
Ornamental Items - To remove curses from women
Plants - To reduce fights between husband and wife
Puffed rice - To remove obstacles in marriage
Sweets - To get peace of mind
Money - To remove Drishti Dosh /evil eye
Books - To remove obstacles in education
Water -To have a peaceful death
Land - To ensure continuation of generation/progeny
Cow - To remove curse of Braahman (Braahman Shaap)
Milk - To remove curse from snakes / Sarp Dosh

It is important to note that the above mentioned benefits will not be automatically inferred by simply donating it to anyone in a mechanical manner. One has to provide the appropriate item to needy people and do it with complete satisfaction. You must not have any regrets in mind while you donate, and the person that you provide the donation to must also be satisfied. For example, food items must be given to poor people who do not have a proper source of income. This will make the receiver happy and they will sincerely bless you with their mind. It is said that a sincere prayer for your welfare from a stranger is hundred times more effective than a prayer by yourself.



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Created and Maintained by Sushma Gupta
Created on 05/18/2008 and Updated on 04/02/2013