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3-Mangal Remedies

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[From a file from Jyotish_Remedies Group]

Propitiating Mars -

Donation and Charity -
1. Bullock (Preferably red coloured.)
2. Red clothes, molasses, gold, copper, Masoor Daal, Batashaa, sweet Chapaatee, skin of deer etc.
3. Gemstones related to Mars.

Best to give -
On Tuesday noon.

Fasting -
1. On Tuesdays is also a remedy

Feeding -
1. Brahmins (or poor people) with Havishya.

Others -
1. Do not eat non-vegetarian food and drink.
2. There is nothing better than Hanumaan Poojaa for Mangal Graha
3. Prayers or meditation in the morning daily for at least 10 / 15 minutes.
4. Taking care of younger siblings.
5. Exercising patience.
6. Coral is the Ratn (gem) for Mangal, wear it.
7. Recite Mangal Stotra

Avoid -
1. Engaging in martial arts, aggressive exercise etc.
2. Being hot tempered.

These remedies also work for Kujaa Dosh, also called Maanglik Dosh, Bhaum Dosh etc.

For Mars
Daily 1008 recitation of single lettered Siddh Mantra of Ganesh along with Raam Taarak Mantra done consistently for 3 months will infuse new sources of energy and ability to think correctly.

For Mangal Dosh or Kujaa Dosh
--Praying to Lord Hanumaan with Hanumaan Chaaleesaa and other Hanumaan Mantra protects the native from the evil of planet Mars.
--Recitation of Angaarak Ashtottar Shat Naamaavalee (The 108 names of Mars) is also suggested.

--Visit any Kaarttikeya temple in your city every Tuesday morning.
--Chant the Mantra "Om Saam Saravan Bhava" minimum six times daily.
--keep some animal objects in the drawing room and if not possible, a decorative sword and shield may be hung on the wall of the drawing room.
--Visit Mahaa-Mangaleshwar Temple at Ujjain once in your lifetime on a Tuesday where the deity worshipped is supposed to be a piece from planet Mars.
--Keep some sweets at home always and offer to whosoever visits.
[Pt Arjun]



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