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Lost Articles

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To Retrieve Lost Article

There is a simple prayer to give clues on lost, stolen articles, wealth [this is apart from being careful in the first place]. I have seen this prayer work over the years in many cases. Hope this helps the members here at large.  Thanks.  Prashant

Kaartaveerya Arjun Stotra

Kaartveerya khiladwesh i kritveeryaa sutobalahi
Sahasrabaahu shatrughno rakthavaso dhanurdhara:
Raktagandho rakta maalo ragnyamisru phalaprada:
Dwaadashitaani namani kartaveerasya Yehpathet
Sampadaa tasya jaayante jana: sarva sangata:
Raajaanam daasayoyati streeyam api vasagastadaa

kat-vaIya- Ajau-na stao~

kat-vaIya- iKlaWoSa [ kRtvaIya- sautaobalaih.sahs~baahu Sa~uGnaao r@tvaasaao QanauQa-r:.
r@tgaMQaao r@tmaalaao flap`d:.WadiSataina namana kt-vaIrsya yao pzot.
sampdatsya jaayanto jana: sava-saMgat:. rjanama dasayaaoit s~Iyama Aip vasagastd:.

--The above Stotra when recited 12 times -> gives you a clue, if not the lost article, valuable itself, which can be a recollection of the object [if misplaced] or the clue to who would have stolen the article [object].
--The above Stotra when recited 21 times -> Gives one the strength to overcome adversities, espionage, sabotage, ill-will of rivals, enemies, competitors.

Kaartveerya Arjun was a Kshatriya [a warrior] who had the strength of a thousand elephants so had no rivals in his lifetime but for his ego. He was a ardent devotee of Vishnu. Once he was fascinated with a cow, Nandinee that could deliver anything one wanted. She was Maharshi Jamadagni's cow which he used for their own nominal needs and treating the occasional Royal guests, but Kaartveerya Arjun wanted it for himself as it was also part of his kingdom, his persuasion and threats failed so he used force and killed the inmates etc. This led to his downfall. Finally he was killed by Parashuraam Jee who himself was an Avataar of Vishnu. Parashuraam Jee also destroyed warrior class to rid the world of the atrocities of such rulers 21 times.



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Created and Maintained by Sushma Gupta
Created on 05/18/2008 and Updated on 04/02/2013