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Punarphoo Dosh

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Punarphoo Dosh

What is "Punarphoo" Dosh?
It is said that whenever Saturn has any connections with the Moon, obstacles arise giving delays - along with headaches, fears, and anxieties. These uncertainties are caused by the distressing combination of the Sa/Mo connections.

1. Punarphoo is a term for Moon-Saturn aspects in the Natal Chart.
2. Punarphoo pertains to any one of these:
(a) Saturn in the star of the Moon and his own sub,
(b) Moon is in the star of Saturn and in her own sub,
(c) Moon and Saturn are in the same sign.
3. The condition pertains also if the Moon is in the star of Saturn and in the sub of the Moon, or the Moon is the 3rd or 10th sign from Saturn, or to Saturn's 3rd and 10th aspect from the Moon.
4. Punarphoo also applies to Saturn aspects to the chart in general.

The Cancellation of Punarphoo:
From KP & Astrology: 1996 Annual

Mr. LY Rao came across the following information while browsing through old issues of the KP Annuals. In this particular article below, the subject of Cancellation of Punarphoo had been discussed by the late Pt. KR Kar, issued in the 1996 Annual: KP & Astrology, (pages 69-72). Cancellation takes place briefly when:

1. Saturn or Moon are found in association with Sun, in one sign. (could be divided into two Bhaavas).
2. Sun is in the star of either of them.
3. Sun is in a star, lord of which is near either Moon or Saturn.
4. When there is any planet close to the Moon or Saturn, in the star of the Sun.
5. And lastly, Saturn or Moon is in the sub-sub of the Sun.

"It is hoped that the above "Cancellation of Punarphoo" theory will help members to do more research on this interesting subject - which is full of pitfalls for the average follower of KP."

Q: What is 'Punarphoo Dosh', and how it is detected in a horoscope?
A: Whenever Saturn has got any connection, whatsoever, with the Moon, there will be some obstacle or impediment, not only during negotiation, but also at the time of fixation and / or at the time of celebration of the marriage.

The connection so described as 'Punarphoo" Dosh should cause delay and also indicate separation after marriage in many cases. In other words, one of the partners with this Dosh may not be satisfied with the selected partner, and could seek a better partner in the course of the related Dosh period. Or, unrecognized marital relationship could develop.

It is also possible that this Dosh can cause disturbances for one reason or other, however flimsy could be, to upset the programmed marriage, even if this Dosh is present in one of the partners in marriage.

Some of pointers to know this Dosh:
(1) When Saturn occupies the 5th house from Lagna, it will obliviously aspect the 11th, 7th and 3rd houses from its position. If that house, so aspect by Saturn, to be occupied or owned by The Moon, or the Moon is in that 5th house with Saturn, then 'Punarphoo Dosh is said to occur.
(2) Whenever Saturn happens to be the 'significator' of a particular designated matter concerning the house in consideration (not necessarily for marriage, while it could be education, employment, hospitalization etc), it will not deny the event, but will cause delay for disappointing results.
(3) If Saturn is connected with houses 2, 7 and 11 by occupying the house, or owning it or situated in the star of the planet posited in any of these houses, it is certain to cause delay in any fixation of marriage, While it will not deny marital happiness for the person.
(4) If Saturn has no connection with houses 2,7, and 11, yet throws its aspect, it will lead not only delay in marriage, but also a positive disappointment in the marital life.
(Another author gives in addition following interpretations)
5. Saturn in the houses 1,3,5,7 and 10 counted from Lagna delays the time of fixation of marriage and also celebration of marriage in confusion.
6. Difficulty and delay will be present if Saturn is connected to the Moon under any of the astrological rules.

One of these feared Yog is Punarphoo Yog - Combination or conjunction of the Moon and Saturn in a birth chart.
Simple explanation will be "Settled matter becomes un-settled" while it is understood that a matter is delayed - if Saturn or in the star of Moon OR the Moon is in the star of Saturn OR the Moon and Saturn are parked in the same sign. That is:
1. The Moon in the Stars (any 3 Stars) of Saturn or Saturn in the stars of the Moon; OR
If the Moon is in the 3rd sign or 10th sign from Saturn . (This includes Saturn crossing the star of Moon to cause Saade Saatee).
The Punarphoo Dosh is mainly caused by the evil aspect over Moon by his powerful 3rd to 10th aspect mainly and other aspect works as subsidiary for results. Delay, Dejection, Disappointments, Denial etc are caused by Saturn. These will be more prominent and would certainly cause anxiety, if Saturn is parked in a birth chart in 5th house and aspects 7th (3rd Drishti), 11th (7th Drishti) and 2nd House, (10th Drishti), and create unending mental agony with increased complications into problems.

Similar results will also be felt by natal if Saturn Dashaa and Moon Bhukti or the Moon Dashaa and Saturn Bhukti are to run in a period with the positioning as above, on houses as marked, in marriage, education, profession, health and family progress including attitudes of children towards natal.



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