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Remedies for Broken Marriage
Taken from   "Shani Graha Peedaa Nivaaran Vidhi"   p 87-88

--Both husband and wife should do 24 Lakh Jaap of each of Raahu, Shani, Mangal and Soorya Mantra. Women can do this Jaap the whole day leaving aside their 5-day unholy period. As soon as the Jaap will finish the bad effects of Graha will be removed. In which husband, the girl was seeing thousand of faults, the same husband will become qualitative then. A desire will arise in the heat to meet him or her.

One 24 Lakh Mantra Jaap will take 3 months. The situation will be favorable in 3 months as one Graha will be clear (Shuddh). As the Jap will be progressing towards completion, situation will improve.

--Whose husbands are cruel, and unsocial or are of low mentality, they should burn Ghee lamp on their right side and oil lamp on their left side. In the middle they should keep a copper bowl (Lotaa) filled with water. Put a Rudraash, root of Peepal tree, one silver Rupayaa and 21 Doob grass blades with three knots (Gaanth). If nothing is available then keep only water. Then the woman should take some water in her right hand and do Sankalp that "Wherever is my husband, his mind becomes clear and he should start loving me." Then leave the water in the roots of Tulasee or a banana tree. The water of the Lotaa should be drank next day facing the Sun in the morning. After doing this, she will feel the favor of her husband sitting at home.

Whoever girls are left without any reason, their parents can ask their daughters to do this Jaap, and do it themselves also. There is no power in the world which cannot bring together a broken home. Mantra Power is so powerful.

At Late Marriage
When marriage is getting late - such Natives should check whichever Mahaa Dashaa is going on in their life, and whichever Graha are placed in the 7th House; they should do Jaap of all those Graha in front of Jal Jyoti. As soon as the Jap will be completed, the situation will improve.

--Daily once reading of Durgaa Sapt Shatee 11th chapter along with Argalaa, Keelak and Kavach, and 108 recitation of Mahaa Mrityunjaya Mantra help in making marriage.



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Created on 05/18/2008 and Updated on 04/02/2013