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Naadee Dosh

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Naadee Dosh
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Naadee Dosh is an astrological Dosh to be considered at the time of marriage. It has nothing to do with an Aayur Ved Dosh in this context. Naadee Dosh is a very important factor in horoscope matching for marriage. In North India a horoscope for marriage is matched on the following 8 factors :

(1) Varn > value 1 point
(2) Vashya > value 2 points
(3 Taaraa > value 3 points
(4) Yoni > value 4 points
(5) Graha Maitree > value 5 points
(6) Gan Maitree > value 6 points
(7) Bhakoot > value 7 points
(8) Naadee > value 8 points    =     Total 36 points

The total of the above is 36. They are known as Gun. And when these Gun are matched in two charts of bride-to-be and groom-to-be, it is called "Gnn Matching". A minimum of 18 Gun should be present for a horoscope to match. Out of this 36 points or Gun the Naadee is worth 8 points. Therefore in North India Naadee is the most important factor in horoscope matching. Therefore a Naadee match has to be there for the marriage to take place. If it is not matching Pandit will advise that the marriage should not be performed between those two.

Yes, there are Parihaar for this Dosh and people do those Parihaar before the marriage. I believe the south India horoscope matching might be different.

Naadee refers to Vaat, Pitt and Kaph, the three important elements in every human being. These elements basic to every human being are also linked to stars/ Nakshtra, planetary behaviors and accordingly to various signs too. While matching horoscopes this aspect of Naadee is very vital for compatibility as well as to their fulfillment as life ideals.
[Girish Raheja]

Regarding Naadee Dosh I have observed that it does play part in mach making, and even in real life where one can find that the couple having one Naadee they are having children of one sex and it is also observed that where both are having middle Naadee then the offspring born are likely to be of weaker heath or health problem will zoom around throughout their life. This is my humble observation which may be tested by respected astrologers.

I have seen one very good, smooth running marriage despite Naadee Dosh present in couple's chart, It's a love marriage and girl knows astrology. For a good marriage and good progeny's possibility, astrologers should focus evaluation of 7th and 5th House, if there is a good promise, marriage will run smooth, rules should be applied with open mind.

Naadee Dosh while matching horoscopes has nothing to do with Aayurvedic Naadee (pulse). At the metaphysical level it is associated with Idaa, Pingalaa and Sushumnaa Naadee. Naadee is associated with Nakshatra. 27 Nakshatra are divided between three Naadee, namely Aadi, Madhya and Antya. Therefore matching a Naadee is basically finding compatibility between people born under three different sets of Nakshatra.

People born in the Nakshatra of the same Naadee do not match. A person born with Aadi naadi will match well with those born in Madhya or Antya Naadee. A person born in the Nakshatra of Madhya Naadee will be compatible with those born in the Nakshatra of Aadi and Antya Naadee Nakshtra. Similarly those born in the Nakshatra associated with Antya Naadee will be compatible with those born in the Nakshatra of Aadi and Madhya Naadee.

The Parihaar (remedy) suggested for a Naadee mismatch is again based on the Nakshatra and not on Aayurved.
[Girish Raheja]

Naadee matching is an effort to match the temperament of both the natives. Naadee signifies energy and not Vikaar (Vaat, Pitta or Kaph). A marriage between two such people who have a Naadee Dosh could lead to disharmony in married life and might even end in a separation due to ego problems. Naadee Dosh does not affect progeny.
[Girish Raheja]

In North India the Naadee Dosh is ignored by traditional astrologers :
[1] If the Raashi Lords of couple are mutual friends or the same planet is the Lord of Raashi in both charts.
[2] If Signs / Raashi of both bride and groom are same but Nakshatra are different.
[3] If Nakshatra of both groom and bride are same but signs are different.
[4] If Nakshtra are same but their Pad / Charan are different.

Upaaya of Naadee Dosh
The Parihaar of Naadee Dosh suggested is :
(1) The remedy is done for the placement of Raahu in both the Kundalee i.e. the Kundalee of the bride and the groom.
(2) At the time of Kanyaa-daan (time when the father gives the hand of the bride to the groom) the father of the bride should gift two square pieces of silver to the couple after a proper Sankalp. Of these two pieces one should always be kept at home by the couple and should never be sold. The other piece should be immersed in a river by the couple after the marriage
(3) The bride is first married to Shaaligraam and then to the groom. The presiding Pandit will perform the rituals of marriage with Shaaligraam first and then with the groom.
[Girish Raheja]

naadee doshashch vipranam, varn doshastu bhoobhujaam | gandoshashch vaishyesu, yoni doshashch paadjaam
ek nakshatra jaataanaam naadee dosh vidyate | anyarkshpati vedheshu vivaahe varjitah sadaa.

This is an old classic dictum followed by traditional Pandit while matching horoscopes.
--Naadee Dosh is crucial in the case of Braahman,
--Varn Dosh is crucial in the case of Kshatriya,
--Gan Dosh is crucial in the case of Vaishya and
--Yoni Dosh is crucial in the case of Shoodra.

This means that if the bride and the groom are Braahman and have a Naadee Dosh then that marriage is 'Varjit'. However they can marry after doing the Parihaar. Similarly if the Kshatriya couple have Varn Dosh then the marriage is 'Varjit' and so on. The fact that four matching areas: Naadee, Varn, Gan and Yoni have been associated with four different castes shows that these factors are not universally applicable and instead are caste specific. Had any one of them been an Aayurved concept [physiological] then it should have been applicable across the board to all castes.
[Girish Raheja]

Clarify on the point - How is it that if Nakshatra Lords are same but Raashi signs are different?
This is simple. If a person is born with the Moon in the 1st quarter of U-Phaalgunee, he will have Sinh Raashi [Leo] where as another person born in the same Nakshastra U-Phaalgunee but in the 3rd quarter;  his Raashi will be Kanyaa [Virgo]. Therefore two people although born with the Moon in the same Nakshatra will have different Raashi and different Raashi Lords. Its bad for Sambandh when Lords are the same. It is called Rajju Dosh.

There are different traditions which pay more attention to different Koot. In our Paramparaa we stick to Astha Koot for psychological unity. Every Koot has importance for various areas of life. Like Rajju is important for children, separation, longevity, Raashi is important for support, Ghatak for psychological hurting, Yoni for sexuality etc. Then there is also Karm (Upa Pad/ 7th Bhaav/ Lords/ Navaansh) and Muhoort. There is also love aspect which is described in Prashn Maarg. Definitely Muhoort classics and Prashn Maarg are good start for this topic.
[Rafal Gendarz]

Importance of Naadee Dosh
Naadee Dosh creates problems in child birth, like birth of unhealthy child or mentally retarded child or dull child or mentally and physically dwarf child and problem in marital relationsgips. In such cases where Naadee is same for both one should consider it as Naadee Dosh (Especially Madhya Naadee-Madhya Naadee Ubhaya or Mrityu. Here Mrityu means great problem in every walk of life which may include death also or death like situation worst than that of death) It is very dangerous for the people to be married, so please reject such proposal.

Such charts of proposed bride and groom must be studied seriously if Naadee Dosh is apparently seen from their charts  and specially house number 2, 5, 6, 7, and 11 must be analyzed for bright future by any competent and well experienced astrologer.



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