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Ketu in 7th alone is Kaarak for late marriage.

Mars and Venus together or 7th lord aspected by Saturn/ Raahu will create one or the other way bad name or delay in marriage etc.
One good feature is that girl's Lagna becomes boy's Chandra Lagna and boy's Chandra Lagna becomes girl's Lagna. The boy's 7th Lord from Lagna is Saturn and he is in his 12th house so naturally he is taking a girl older to him as his life partner. His chart shows mars exalted, Jupiter in his own house and Venus is exalted. I presume he must be well placed in a job.

Question of Marriage and Its Sustenance
The question of sustenance of marriage is dependant on the nature of the ascendant. Being a Cancer Asc with Lagna rising in Aashleshaa in 3rd quarter and the Sun is also behind Lagna indicates person worldly and of good logic. Placement of Lagna lord in P-Bhadraa Nakshtra, indicates even in her family is of good social status and values. However being an airy sign owned by malefic Saturn is in Shad-ashtak in Mercury sign which is friends house where Venus gets debilitated. It is understandable he is somewhat less outspoken. Due to influence of Chitraa Nakshtra may carry a bit complexity.

For this Lagna, Yoga Kaarak being Mangal, posited in 12th along with in Raahu Nakshtra and Guru also very close to malefic Mars, indicates extra social activities. Also malefic Drishti of Saturn on 5th too is not conducive with reference to Poorv Janm/intellect. added to this Lagna lord in 9th, though a good indication, can not be said as strong in Libra.

Lagna Lord in 7th and posited in 7th too indicates that she may look for a person of her acquaintance with differences in religion, culture and may be locally influenced family. But Jupiter, Kaarak for husband for girl in own house also protects her marriage. May have other difficulties with reference getting children Raashi Kumbh with Moon at Dhanishthaa is likely to give results of 7th, the sign of Makar. Here ego problems cause strains, but hopefully Drishti of Jupiter in Sukh Sthaan again will be safeguarding her.

Aatm Kaarak Venus in Raahu-Ketu axis as lord of 4th and 11th is placed making her somewhat discontented. Moon's position being weak and also in airy sign of Saturn leads to temperamental problems. Over all I agree that proper matching of her life partner is to be made. Unless she is keen to maintain her relationships, problems are possible in married life. Important planets like Moon, Jupiter and Venus are all located in Moksh Bhaav. This indicates also the out look of person. Dara Kaarak in this case is in fiery sign, with it's lord once again in 12th from there again indicating bit of her extravert nature, I only emphasize proper matching as it is an relating to marriage. The native's chart has strong Lagna with Sun , a Saatwik planet that provides her to asses and understand all her social relations.

Married to an Aged person
[From KP System Group]

--When Saturn is connected in any way to 2nd, 7th, or 11th Houses, the native will be married to an aged person. (i.e.) age difference will be more between wife and husband.
--If the 11th cuspal sub-Lord is in any way connected to the 5th and 7th, then love marriage can be expected.

Planetary Indications for Late Marriage for Girls:
(1) Mars in the 5th house from Lagna delays marriage and favors love marriage;
(2) If Gemini, or Virgo, or Leo, happens to be the 7th house from Lagna and is occupied by Saturn, the marriage is delayed;
(3) If the Lord of the 7th house is a malefic and occupies Gemini, or Cancer, or Virgo or or Pisces, the marriage will be delayed;
(4) Mars and Saturn occupying the opposition to the 7th house delays marriage;
(5) If Sun combined with Venus occupies Gemini, or Leo or Virgo (in Birth chart or in Navaansh), marriage will not only get delayed, but the girl will not agree for marriage, as she generally hates male sex;
(6) Saturn and Mars in the 7th house, will not only delay marriage, but indicates marriage with an aged person.
[AV Pathi, Indian and Western Astrology Group, Aug 2, 2008]

According to KP System
Marriage prospects and problems - Planet is the source, constellation indicates nature of the result and the sub is a deciding factor whether the matter is favorable or not. This rule is applicable to assess the strength of any planet whether it is Mars or any other planet. Hence not only Mars but any other planet too, if it is in the star and sub of planets owning and placed in the houses detrimental for the marriage then this planet placed in any house in any sign would become harmful for marriage prospects in its Dashaa, or Bhukti or Antar-Dashaa.

End of Marriage and No Remarriage
A marriage would not last (ie should come to an end within a few years, sometimes peacefully and at other times not so peacefully), if their horoscopes show an "Ari Shadaashtak", yet the partners would not think of remarrying if Brihaspati has aspect on the 7th house in the horoscope of one or both the parties.
For girls wishing to get married and find a good husband, they can read Dohaa 227 to 236 of Raam Charit Maanas, Baal Kaand. (This is the piece when Seetaa Jee goes to Gauree Jee's temple for prayer before Her Swayamvar and asks for a good husband).

Boys can do the 2nd last Shlok of Argalaa Stotra from Durgaa Sapt Shatee, one Maalaa (108 Shlok) daily in front of a picture of Bhagavatee Jee (not the Das-bhujaa Mahishaasur-mardinee Durgaa).
Jupiter and Ketu in 12H for Marriage
Jupiter + Ketu in 12th House - in Raashi should be bad for marriage, and very good for spirituality. The combination should not adversely affect the marriage as such. Since a native with Jupiter + Ketu in the 12th House may be inclined towards spirituality, it is quite possible that he might ignore his household duties or may not have a high libido.

Ketu in 12th House - It will always obstruct marriage, because it is Ganapati sitting in meditation there. We also see marriage from Arudhaa of 12th House (UL) as 12H is the House of giving. In marriage there is only giving - no taking.

Ketu in 2nd from UL is good for marriage - as marriage is a Dharm and Ketu will always support Dharm.

The marriage happens due to other Yog (combinations) also in the horoscope,
If there is no child within 3 years of the marriage, the marriage will break. I have seen many cases with this combination. And when Guru joins it, the result is more pronounced - as Jupiter is an expansive planet.
Even Venus in 12th House is also not good for marriage especially so, if it is exalted.
With Ketu in 12H, the only remedy is Uchchhisht Ganapati.
The strength of 5th, 7th, 8th and 12th House decides the scope of marriage along with the kind of relationship between wife and husband. Marriage here always refers to Kalyaan and entering into a new phase after Brahmcharya and adopting the Dharm of a Grihasth. In our classics Vivaah is considered as a most auspicious stage of the life for promotion of Santaan (children) as the clan /group advances. To avoid any bad effects and for sustainability even prayers are made duly worshipping Nava Graha and related Goddesses. Loss of spouse leading to 2nd marriage thus comes out as an aberration of 7th and 8th Houses whether it happens for a Girl or for a boy. 2nd marriage that way viewed as an exception and the effort put in for the event mostly at the willingness of the prospective couple for 2nd marriage. In fact it is like reconciling to the fate and agree to live together with the goal of mutual help and cooperation. Involvement of elders and traditions unlike in the case of first marriage having fan and fare is avoided.

As far Astrology is concerned it is the Dashaa that becomes important for the event of 2nd marriage. As far as matching is concerned it is not essential, but can be a guiding factor for those interested. For sustainability however strength of the house is always to be considered.

To get Married Soon
First, marriage compatibility is not an easy thing. So one must consult a well versed astrologer.

--Simple observance of Gauree Vrat or Kanyaa Poojan after doing her prayers for 9 days in bright fortnight of the Moon and offering token gifts and Dakshinaa to small girls and following other useful prayers of Devee Gauree (Mantra is : Om Hreem Gaurye Namah) can facilitate early marriage. The native should practice not to criticize others and not to get easily provoked to criticism to get quick success in remedial measures.

--Other simple remedy is offering water and lamp to Tulasee plant in the morning and evening. (On Sunday water can be offered before sunrise)
[Mrityunjaya Tripathy in JR Group]

--Reciting of Shree Mahaa Lakshmee's Naamaavalee (Lakshmee's 108 names) will also do the trick for marriages on the brink.

--For delay in marriage or wish to marry a person of one's choice, a Poojaa to Lakshmee with Vishnu or Lakshmee Naaraayan is suggested for 21 days and lighting a lamp with ghee at home in the mornings. On Saturdays worship the Peepal tree and light lamp before the Sunset there.
1. If the Lord of the 7th House or Venus is in the 3rd, 6th, 7th, 10th or 11th House, the person becomes successful after marriage.
2. If the Lord of the 9th House is Sun then success comes after 22nd year.
3. If the Lord of the 9th House is Moon, the marriage is  in 24th year.
4. If the Lord of the 9th House is Mars, the marriage is in 28th year.
5. If the Lord of the 9th House is Mercury, the marriage is in 32nd year.
6. If the Lord of the 9th House is Jupiter, the marriage is in 16th year.
7. If the Lord of the 9th House is Venus, then the success comes in 25th year.
8. If the Lord of the 9th House is Saturn,  then the success comes in 36th year.
9. If the Lord of the 9th House is Raahu or Ketu then the success comes in 42nd year.



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