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Sinhaasan Batteesee-Index
Continued from Vaitaal's Introduction
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Sinhaasan Batteesee tales are linked to the throne of Vikramaaditya which was lost and then found by King Bhoj, the Paramaar King of Dhaara Nagaree, after many centuries. The King Bhoj is also a very famous and qualitative King. A saying is famous quoting this King in Hindi, "Kahaan Raajaa Bhoj, Aur Kahaan Gangoo Telee". When he found this throne he wanted to sit on the throne, then each of the 32 female figures carved on that throne told him a story about Vikramaaditya's qualities challenging him to sit over that. They asked him if he was like King Vikramaaditya who could sit on that throne? Each time he wanted to sit on this throne, one female figure came to life and told him a story about Raajaa Vikramaaditya and asked him if he was worthy to sit on that throne. This caused him to think twice before sitting on that throne 32 times and thus he listened to 32 stories about Vikramaaditya, and each time Bhoj after listening to the story felt his inferiority to the King Vikramaaditya. Finally he had to bury that throne at the same place from where he took it out. The same 32 stories are given here. These stories are taken from the website where these stories are given in Hindi Language. Stories given here are not the translation of those stories, but they are adapted from there.

Introduction to Sinhaasan Batteesee Stories

1. Ratnmanjaree : How Vikram Became the King
2. Chitralekhaa : Prolog of Vikram and Betaal Stories
3. Chandrakalaa
: Who is Greater? Efforts or destiny?
4. Kaamkandalaa  : Vikram Touches the Sun
5. Leelaavatee  : Lakshmee Rains Wealth in Vikram's Kingdom
6. Ravibhaamaa 
: Vikram is Tested
7. Kaumudee 
: Vikram Donates Annpoornaa
8. Pushpvatee 
: Enchanted Horse
9. Madhumaalatee 
: One More Test of Vikram
10. Prabhaavatee
  : Vikram Jumps in a Frying Pan
11. Trilochanaa  : Gifts of Samudra Dev
12. Padmaavatee   : Vikram Saves a Woman

13. Keertimatee  : The Greatest Donor
14. Sunayanaa 
: Vikram's Justice
15. Sundarvatee  : Vikram Donates His Chariot
16. Satyavatee  : Vikram Meets Shesh Naag
17. Vidyaavatee  : Vikram Gives Aahuti of His Body
18. Taaraavatee  : Story of an Unfaithful Prince
19. Rooprekhaa  : Heart and Knowledge
20. Gyaanvatee  : Vikram and an Astrologer
21. Chandrajyoti  : Vikram Revives His Prime Minister's Daughter
22. Anurodhvatee  : Vikram Honors a Young Man
23. Dharmvatee  : A Man is Greater by His Birth or by His Karm?
24. Karunaavatee  : Vikram Punishes a Woman

25. Trinetree  : One Gets According to His Faith
26. Mrignayanee  : Vikram Kills His Wife
27. Malayavatee  : Vikram Meets Raajaa Bali
28. Vaidehee  : Vikram's Journey to Swarg (Heaven)
29. Maanvatee  : Vikram Reforms Thieves
30. Jayalakshmee  : Vikram Saves a Deer
31. Kaushalyaa  : Vikram Tests a Yogee
32. Raanee Roopvatee  : Post script

Sinhaasan Battesee-2

Sinhaasan Batteesee Section-1
This Section contains the stories adapted from a web site; but there are some other stories found at other places related to Vikramaaditya - other than his Vikram-Vaitaal and Sinhaasan Batteesee stories. Some of them are from their Tamil version. They are given here in this section for reference purposes.

31. Neeti Vaakya Valli : Story of
32. Gyaanprakaash Valli : Story of Shaalivaahan, how Vikramaaditya died, and what the dolls were doing there?



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