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When Raajaa Bhoj arrived on the 32nd day to sit on the throne, only one step guarded by Gyaanprakaash Valli doll remained. She welcomed the King and said to him - "You are good and you have all the qualities to sit on this throne, so he should come and sit on he throne. Before sitting on the throne Raajaa Bhoj asked her - "Please tell me how did Vikramaaditya died?" The doll started the story - "There was a town Pallandu Puree on the shore of the River Kaaveree. There lived a Braahman named Raamkrishn. When he had grown up, he got married. At that time the astrologers told him that a son will be born to him after 12 years, in the month of Chaitra, in Rohinee Nakshatra, on a Friday. He will be one of the greatest person of the world. Hearing this Raamkrishn went on pilgrimage for 12 years.

After his 12 years passed he started coming back to his home, that he met a great flood. He had to stay in Pratishthaan Puree. There he met a potter whom he told about his problem. The potter told him that he had a marriageable age daughter who could bear his child. So he spent that night with his daughter and went back to his home next day. When time came that girl gave birth to a boy who was named as Shaalivaahan. Shaalivaahan was very intelligent and had a special interest in pottery. But he was not making normal pottery, he made soldiers, elephants, chariots, cavalry etc like things. He was such a wise man that the King Vishwanaath appointed him his second Minister.

Vishwanaath used to pay tribute to King Vikramaaditya, but Shaalivaahan refused to pay tribute to him. When Vikramaaditya heard this he got angry. Shaalivaahan said - "If he thinks that he is more powerful, he should come here and have a fight with me and take his tribute." Hearing this Vikramaaditya got angrier than before and proceeded to Vishwanaath's kingdom along with his army. Seeing Vikramaaditya coming with his army, Shaalivaahan sprinkled his magical water on his clay soldiers, chariots all came alive in crores. They all attacked Vikramaaditya's army and killed it. Vikramaaditya understood that he was defeated and he might be killed so he fled away from the battlefield. The then Shaalivaahan shot an arrow aiming at his head and the arrow cut his head. the head fell amidst his queens. Vikramaaditya was cremated and all his queens immolated themselves on that pyre with their husband. Thus Shaalivaahan became the King of Ujjayineee and he ruled over it for a very long time."

After telling the story of "how Vikramaaditya died" asked Raajaa Bhoj to ascend the throne. She said to him - "We all the 32 dolls were now free from the curse and would go back to Heavens. We were the maid servants of Paarvatee. Once Shiv came to Paarvatee and looked at us with passionate look. Paarvatee got angry at this and she cursed us to be turned into dolls as we were standing there like dolls. When we asked for her forgiveness, she told us that we will be set in Vikramaaditya's throne and when we have told the story of that great King to King Bhoj, we could return to her. Since we have finished our job we are going to Paarvatee. Do you want to have any boon?"

Raajaa Bhoj said - "I personally do not need anything, by God's grace I have everything, But I wish that you should bless those who will hear the story of Vikramaaditya with peace, happiness and valor." The dolls granted him the boon and went to Heaven. Raajaa Bhoj kept the idol of Shiv on the throne and worshipped it. As his worship finished the throne rose from the ground to Heavens and disappeared. After that Raajaa Bhoj ruled for many years.



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