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1st Figure's Story-1-Ratnmanjaree
How Vikram Became the King

As Raajaa Bhoj tried to sit on the throne, the first figure whose name was Ratnmanjaree, started laughing heartily and asked him - "Do you think you are the right person to sit upon this throne?" Raajaa Bhoj said - "Yes." She said - "First listen to this story then decide. Listen, There was a kingdom named Ambaavatee in Aaryaavart Desh. Its King's name was Gandharvsen. He married to four women of four Varn (Braahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shoodra). His Braahman wife had one son - Brahmveet; his Kshatriya wife gave birth to three sons - Shankh, Vikram and Bhartrahari; his Vaishya wife gave birth to Chandra named son and his Shoodra wife gave birth to the son named Dhanvantari.

Ganadharvsen appointed Brahmveet as his Minister, but since Brahmveet could not perform his duties well, he went out of the country. After a while he was appointed on a high position in Dhaaraa Nagaree by its King; but he himself became the King after killing the King. After long time he wanted to come back to Ujjain but as he came there, he died.

Shankh thought that since Vikram was an able man, his father could declare him the King, so he killed his father Gandharvsen, when he was sleeping and he himself became the King. The news of the killing of the King spread like a jungle fire and all brothers ran away from there to protect themselves. Shankh knew the whereabouts of his all brothers except Vikram, so he managed to kill all of them except Vikram. After much efforts he came to know that Vikram was living in a hut in a forest near a pond and was busy in doing Tapasyaa. He joined with a Taantrik and started planning to kill him.

Now the Taantrik's plan was that he would inspire Vikram to worship Devee and as he would bow to worship her, he would cut his neck. But Vikram had known his intention, so he asked him to show the method of bowing, and as he showed him how to bow, Shankh was hiding in the temple, he cut Taantrik's neck thinking that he was cutting the neck of Vikram. Vikram immediately snatched the sword from Shankh's hand and he cut Shankh's neck himself. Now Vikram was coronated the King.

One day Vikram went to forest for hunting. He found a deer, he followed him and came very far in the forest. There he saw a palace. He came to know that that palace belonged to Tootvarn who was the Minister of the King Baahubal. He went in the palace, and while talking Tootvarn said to Vikram - "Vikram could be a great King if Baahubal anoints him, and not only this, if Baahubal gives him his own throne given by Shiv to him, then he could become a Chakravartee Samraat (Emperor)."

Then not only Baahubal anointed him, but also gave his golden throne also to Vikram. Later Vikram became a Chakravartee Samraat (emperor).



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