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2nd Figure's Story - 2-Chitralekhaa
Prolog of Vikram and Vaitaal Stories

As Raajaa Bhoj tried to sit on the throne again, this time the second figure whose name was Chitralekhaa burst into laughter and asked him - "Do you think you are the right person to sit upon this throne?" Raajaa Bhoj said - "Yes." She said - "First listen to this story and then decide. Listen, Once the King Vikramaaditya went to hunt and came to a high hill. There he saw a hermit doing Tapasyaa. He just greeted him silently, lest that hermit's Tapasyaa is disturbed, and returned; but the hermit called him and asked him to stop. King Vikram stopped. The hermit got very pleased with his behavior and gave him a fruit and said to him - "Who will eat this fruit he will get a very good son." Vikram took the fruit and came back.

When he was coming back, he saw a woman coming to a well and wanted to jump in it. Immediately Vikram held her tightly and asked her the reason to commit suicide. The woman told him that she had several girls, but had no son. Because she could not give birth to any son, her husband beat her and abused her; that is why she wanted to commit suicide. Vikram pitied her and gave that fruit to her saying that if she would eat this fruit, she would surely give birth to a son. The woman took the fruit from Vikram. Thus some time passed.

One day a Braahman came to Vikram and gave the same fruit to him. Vikram got very sad seeing the bad character of that woman. He brought that fruit to his wife. Now Vikram's wife was also of bad character. She loved the Kotvaal (head policeman) of the city, so when he came to her, she gave that fruit to that policeman so that he could get a good son. The Kotvaal was mad about a prostitute, so when he went to her he gave that fruit to her. The prostitute thought even if she would have a good son, he would not get proper respect in the society, only a King should have such fruit, so she went to the King Vikram and presented it to him. Vikram got stunned to see that fruit again. He got so sad to see the fruit that he left the kingdom and went to forest to do Tapasayaa.

When Indra saw that there was nobody to take care of the kingdom, he sent a powerful Dev to guard it. He started guarding the kingdom very sincerely. One day when King Vikram was trying to enter his kingdom, that Dev stood in front of him and stopped him entering his own kingdom. Both fought and Vikram proved that he owned that kingdom. After fighting with Vikram, that Dev also understood that he was Vikramaaditya. Then he told him that a man, a Yogee, had come in his kingdom and he was trying to kill him, so he should take care of himself. If Vikram had killed that man then he would rule the kingdom for long time. After telling about that man he left the place.

Vikram came to his kingdom and started ruling. Vikram's wife had died after the incident of the fruit. After some time that man (the Dev talked about) came to his court and gave him a fruit which when Vikram cut it, found a ruby in it. Vikram rewarded him and the man asked his help. Vikram got ready to help him. The man brought him to a cremation ground. There was a Yogee who was doing some Saadhanaa, and to complete his Saadhanaa he needed a Vaitaal. He told him that a Vaitaal was hanging upside down from a tree and requested him to bring him from that tree to complete his Saadhanaa.

Vikram went to that tree to bring him from there but as soon as he walked carrying him on his shoulder, he told him a story to pass the time with a condition that Vikram should listen to his story quietly, but if Vikram knew the answer of the puzzle in the end of the story and did not tell its answer to him intentionally, his head will split into thousand pieces. Vikram agreed. Thus that Vaitaal told him 24 stories and since Vikram knew the answer, he had to speak; but as he spoke, Vaitaal ran away from his grip and hung from the same tree. Thus it happened 24 times. The 25th time, Vaitaal told him such a story that he could not reply, and thus he succeeded to take him to that Yogee.

On the way, when he was taking him to that Yogee, that Vaitaal told him that the Yogee to whom he was taking him, was a cheat and would kill him. That was the last day for his Siddhi and he was going to sacrifice him after he had handed over him to the Yogee. So if he would behave intelligently with him, he could save himself. He told him the way also to save himself. He told that when the Yogee would ask him to bow his head in front of Devee, he should tell him that he did not know how to bow his head and should demonstrate him the way of bowing the head. As the Yogee would bow his head to demonstrate, Vikram should cut his head with his sword. Vikram remembered the Dev's warning whom he met on the gate of his city. He thanked Vaitaal.

Vikram came to the Yogee and handed over Vaitaal to him. Yogee got very pleased with him. He asked Vikram to bow his head in front of Devee, but Vikram did what Vaitaal had said to him. As the Yogee demonstrated him how to bow his head, he killed him with his sword. Devee got very pleased with Vikram's sacrifice and she gave two Vaitaal servants to Vikram saying that as and when he will remember them they will appear before him immediately. Vikram came back home happily.



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