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3rd Figure's Story - 3-Chandrakalaa
Which is Greater - Efforts or Destiny?

As Raajaa Bhoj tried to sit on the throne again, this time the third figure whose name was Chandrakalaa burst into laughter and asked him - "Do you think you are the right person to sit upon this throne?" Raajaa Bhoj again said - "Yes." gathering his courage. She said - "First listen to this story and then decide if you can sit on this throne. Listen, Once Efforts and Destiny started quarreling about who was greater. Efforts said - "I am greater, because without efforts nothing can be got." while the Destiny said - "I am greater, because a man cannot get anything unless his Destiny permits. Efforts without Destiny cannot do anything."

The arguments crossed the limits and both went to Dev Raaj Indra. Hearing their arguments Indra also got perplexed. Who get everything from their Destiny, they do not consider Efforts; and who get everything through their efforts, they do not consider Destiny anything; so whom to ask. After a long thought, he remembered Vikramaaditya so he directed them to go to Raajaa Vikramaaditya. Both disguised themselves as human beings and came to Vikramaaditya. Vikram also could not decide anything instantly, so he asked them to come in six months time. They both went away.

After they had left, Vikram again started thinking over it, and when he could not decide anything, he started wandering among public in disguise of an ordinary citizen. He went to other countries also, but he did not find any solution of this problem, then he started serving a trader. He got that job on offering that whatever others will not do, he will do that. After a while the trader set on a voyage for buying and selling his goods. Vikram was also there along with other people. The ship had gone only a little distance that a terrible storm came and people were scared. Luckily the ship arrived safely at an island and anchored there.

When the storm became alm, the Captain tried to lift the anchor to move the ship, but nobody could lift the anchor. The Captain remembered Vikram, so he called Vikram to lift the anchor and Vikram pulled the anchor. It came out instantly, but as it came out, the ship got loose and proceeded with such a fast speed that Vikram could not embark it and was left on the island itself. Now he did not know what he should do, so he started wandering on the island. Wandering here and there he came to the city gate. There he found a board hanging by the side of the gate, saying that "The Princess of this country will be married to the King Vikramaaditya."

So he went inside the palace and he got married to the Princess. After some time he took some servants and set for his own country. When night fell, they pitched their tents to pass the night. Vikram met a Sanyaasee there. That Sanyaasee gave him a necklace and a cane. Both the things were special. Who wore necklace, he got disappeared from the eyes of the world but he himself could see everything. His all desires will be fulfilled by it. The cane could give an ornament to its owner before he slept everyday. Thanking the Sanyaasee, Vikram came back to his kingdom.

He stayed in a garden, sent back his servants and sent a message to his wife that he would call her soon. There he met a Braahman and a Bhaat (who sings other's praise especially of a king). They were the caretaker of the garden. They were in the hope that one day the King will take care of them and fulfill their needs. Vikram pitied them and he gave that necklace to Bhaat and the cane to the Braahman. They praised Vikram and went to their homes. Vikram also went to his palace and got busy in managing his kingdom's affairs.

When six months got completed, Efforts and Destiny came back to him to hear his judgment. Vikram pondered over the events happened during the last six months, and he told them that nobody was greater, or nobody was smaller; both were complementary to each other. Both got satisfied and went away from there.



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