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4th Figure's Story - 4-Kaamkandalaa
Vikram Greets the Sun

As Raajaa Bhoj tried to sit on the throne again, this time the 4th figure whose name was Kaamkandalaa burst into laughter and asked him - "Do you think you are the right person to sit upon this throne?" Raajaa Bhoj said hesitantly - "Yes." She said - "First listen to this story and then decide if you can sit on this throne. Listen, One day Vikramaaditya was sitting in his court, that his servant informed him that a Braahman wanted to see him. He immediately called him in and asked him the reason of his coming. Braahman said - "I do not want anything from you, I have come to tell you something. In Maansarovar, a pillar appears at the time of sunrise, which also rises up as the Sun rises in the sky. And when the Sun is at the highest in the sky, it touches him, and after that as the Sun recedes, it also start disappearing with him. When the Sun is set it also disappears in the water."

Vikram thought what is the purpose of this Braahman telling him about it. Braahman had guessed the mind of Vikram, he told him that he had come as a messenger of Indra Dev, so that Vikram can protect his self-confidence. Soorya Dev is very proud that except Samudra (sea), nobody else can tolerate his heat. Dev Raaj Indra does not agree with him, he believes that there is one person in Mrityu Lok (on Prithvi - earth) who can go to him with his blessings and tolerate his heat. Now Vikramaaditya understood everything. He had made up his mind that he would greet Soorya Bhagavaan from very close, even though he had to die with his heat. Thinking thus he gave lots of Daan Dakshinaa to that Braahman and bade farewell to him. Vikram was very happy to know that even Devtaa trusted him.

Next day he left his kingdom early in the morning. When he was alone, he remembered the two Vaitaal provided by Kaalee Maa. They immediately came to him and asked him what they could do for him. Vikram told them about the pillar. They told him that had already known about it, so they brought Vikram on the banks of Maansarovar. They passed the night on a meadow and at daybreak they started looking at the point where that pillar was supposed to appear.

As the Sun rays touched the water of Maansarovar, a pillar started appearing there. Vikram immediately jumped into the pond and swam to the pillar. He went there and sat on the pillar. As he sat on the pillar, the water got agitated and it also started rising with the pillar. It rose to touch the feet of Vikram. As the Sun reached at his highest in the sky, the pillar also rose and started touching the Sun. Vikram's body had burnt to ashes. When Soorya saw a burnt human being on the pillar, he did not take even a moment to know that he must be Vikram and nobody else. He found Indra's claim true.

He sprinkled Amrit on his burnt body and Vikram came to life. Then he gave him his earrings and told him that those earrings could give anything on asking. After a few hours Soorya Dev had set and the pillar had also disappeared and Vikram started swimming over the water. He swam to the banks and remembered the two Vaitaal. They immediately came there and took him to the place from where they had brought him there. Vikram went to his palace on foot. After walking for a short distance he met a Braahman who asked him those earrings to give them to him, so he readily gave them to him.



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