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5th Figure's Story - 5-Leelaavatee
Lakshmee Rains Wealth

As Raajaa Bhoj tried to sit on the throne again, this time the 5th figure whose name was Leelaavatee burst into laughter and asked him - "Do you think you are the right person to sit upon this throne?" Raajaa Bhoj said - "Yes." She said - "First listen to this story and then decide if you can sit on this throne. Listen, One day Vikramaaditya was sitting in his court, and was trying to finalize the day's matters, that a Braahman came to his court and told him that his kingdom will be prosperous and his fame will spread all around if he builds a palace for himself in Tulaa ascendant. Raajaa understood this and he built a very beautiful palace for himself. When it became ready it looked really extremely beautiful. Raajaa went to see it along with his relations, friends and that Braahman. Vikram got stunned to see its beauty, but Braahman couldn't even blink his eyes, and without any intention he said - "If I were the owner of this palace." Hearing this Vikram immediately gave that palace to him.

Braahman got very happy to get that palace. He ran to his home to tell this news to his wife. He told her about the palace studded with gems and pearls etc before she could speak anything to him seeing him coming empty-handed. His wife was also very happy to hear this news. Once she thought that her husband had gone mad, but when he insisted her to go with him to see that palace, she got ready to go. And when she saw the palace, her eyes remained wide open. Whatever the Braahman told her, the palace was far more beautiful than that. Evening fell seeing the whole palace. Both were tired so they just slept in one room.

At about midnight they woke up hearing some sound. The whole palace was filled with sweet smell and light. They heard Lakshmee (Goddess of the wealth) saying "I have come here by your good luck and ready to fulfill your any wish." Braahman couple got so scared to hear this, that Braahman's wife got unconscious. Lakshmee repeated it three times, but when Braahman did not ask anything, she got angry with him and went away. As she went away, both the sweet smell and light also disappeared with her.

When Braahman's wife came into senses, she said - "This palace is ghostly, that is why it is given to us. Our old house is better than this. At least we can sleep in it peacefully." Braahman also understood this. Somehow they passed that night there, but they rose early in the morning, packed up their things and came back to their old house.

Braahman went to the King's palace and told the King to take his palace back from him. But he could not take it back as he had already donated it to him, so he bought it from him after giving him its right price and started living in it. He organized his court also there. One day when he was sleeping, Lakshmee again came and asked him to ask for anything. Vikram said - "I have everything by your grace, but if you indeed want to give something to me, then shower the wealth all over my kingdom. My people should not feel shortage of anything."

When he got up in the morning he came to know that the wealth was scattered in his whole kingdom in the night and the people wanted to give that wealth to him. Vikram said - "Nobody will take anybody's share of wealth, take whatever is your share, and enjoy it." All people praised him and went to their homes.



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