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19th Figure's Story-19-Rooprekhaa
Heart and Knowledge

As Raajaa Bhoj tried to sit on the throne again, this time the 19th figure whose name was Rooprekhaa burst into laughter and asked him - "Do you still think you are the right person to sit upon this throne?" Raajaa Bhoj again said with courage - "Yes." She said - "First listen to this story and then decide if you can sit on this throne. Listen, Many people used to come in Raajaa Vikram's court for justice, but some came with complex questions also whose answers they could not give. But Vikram gave them their answers and they went back satisfied.

One day two Tapaswee came in his court with such a complex question and they requested him to answer their question. One of them said - "A person's heart decides his action, and he cannot go against his heart." But the other one did not agree with him, he said  - "A person's knowledge is everything and only his knowledge guides his action. Even heart is dependent to his knowledge and is compelled to obey his knowledge."

Raajaa Vikram heard their discussion but could not answer anything immediately, so he asked them to come after some time to get their answer. Vikram used to search this type of answers in general life, so he disguised himself as a normal citizen and mingled in the society. Several days passed but he could not find the answer.

One day he saw a young man who looked very poor by his clothes and behavior. He was tired and was taking rest under a tree. Beside him was a bullock cart. Perhaps he was driving it. Raajaa went near him and recognized him as the son of his fast friend Seth (rich man) Gopaal Daas. Seeing him in this condition, his curiosity increased and he wanted to know the reason of this. He asked him the reason of his this condition, because Seth Gopaal Daas had distributed his wealth and trade in equal parts between his two sons after his death and its one part was more than enough to sustain two generations. Then he asked about his brother also.

The young man unerstood that this man knew about his family, so he told Vikram everything about his brother and himself. He told him that after distributing his wealth between the brothers, then his brother used his part of money very carefully. He limited his needs and invested his money in trade. He worked hard and his money increased several times. He did not get any inspiration from his brother, rather he got very proud seeing so much money. He started drinking, going to prostitutes etc etc. Thus his money started finishing soon. Brother tried to warn him for this but he did not listen to. Thus within one year he had lost all his money.

Since he was the son of well-known Seth, so everybody made a mockery of him. In the house there was no food, and outside people laughed at him. He could not earn money in his own village so he came far from there. Now he lives doing labor's job and thinks to do something in future also. When he had lots of money, he did not control his heart, but when the wealth is lost then he got wisdom and felt his mistake.

Raajaa asked him if the wealth is given to him, will he still follow his heart? He told that he had got real knowledge after losing all this; now his eyes are open so now he would follow his knowledge he has earned, not the heart. Then Vikram introduced himself to him and gave some gold coins to trade carefully. He assured him that his hard labor would surely bring his previous prosperity once again. Vikram came back from there. Now he had the solution of those Tapaswee's question.

After a while both Tapaswee came again to know about the answer of their question. Vikram answered - "Human heart tries to control his body repeatedly, but a knowledgeable man does not allow it to control his body on the basis of his knowledge. Heart and knowledge are related to each other and both have their own importance. Who becomes the slave of his heart, he surely gets destroyed. If heart is a chariot, then knowledge is the charioteer.

Then he told them whatever happened with the son of that Seth. Hearing that they got convinced with Vikram's answer. Then they gave Vikram a magical clay piece, if pictures were drawn by that clay could come to life and their conversation could also be heard. Vikram tested that clay by drawing some pictures and found it was true. Now Raajaa got busy in drawing pictures and forgot his queens. When a few days passed and they did not see Raajaa, they came to him and saw him drawing pictures with that clay. Seeing them Raajaa laughed and told that he also became the slave of his heart, now he has known his duties.



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