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20th Figure's Story-20-Gyaanvatee
Heart and Knowledge

As Raajaa Bhoj tried to sit on the throne again, this time the 20th figure whose name was Gyaanvatee burst into laughter and asked him - "Do you still think you are the right person to sit upon this throne?" Raajaa Bhoj again said with courage - "Yes." She said - "First listen to this story and then decide if you can sit on this throne. Listen, Many people came in Raajaa Vikram's court for justice, but some came with complex questions also whose answers they could not give.

Many learned people used to come to Vikramaaditya's court as he honored them very much. Once he was wandering in a forest that he heard some conversation. he understood that one of them was an astrologer. Vikram put a Chandan Teekaa on his forehead and got disappeared. The astrologer said - "I have completed my knowledge of astrology, so now I can tell you about your past, present and future." His friend said - "Since you know about my past and present, that is why you can tell about my past and present, and I have no interest in knowing about my future, better you keep your knowledge to yourself."

But the astrologer was not in a mood to stop at this point, he said - "Are you seeing these bones? I can tell you that to which animal these bones belong to and what has happened with his animal in the past." Still his friend kept quiet and did not show his interest in his talks. The then the astrologer saw some footmarks on the ground, he immediately said - "These footmarks belong to some king, you may enquire if you want. Because only a king's foot has the mark of lotus, nobody else."

This time his friend thought, "let us test his knowledge this time, otherwise this astrologer will continue to speak." So both started following those footmarks and came in a dense forest. Now up to where those footmarks were seen they found a woodcutter cutting the wood. The astrologer asked him to show his foot and to his surprise he had natural lotus marks on his foot. Astrologer could not believe this so he asked him to disclose his real identity. The woodcutter told him that he was born in a woodcutter's house only and even his ancestors were doing the same work. Because the astrologer was thinking that maybe this man was doing this job because of his some circumstances, but it did not seem so.

Now the astrologer was doubting his knowledge of astrology. His friend started teasing him, so the astrologer said - "Let us go to King Vikramaaditya and check his feet. If the King id not have this mark on his feet, I will consider my knowledge useless." So both proceeded towards Ujjain Nagaree. There they requested the King to show his feet. The King showed his feet to them. The astrologer was stunned to see that he had completely normal feet and there was no mark of lotus on his feet. Now the astrologer doubted not only on his knowledge of astrology, but also on the whole astrology.

He said - "The astrology says that whoever has the lotus mark on his feet, he is a king, but this seems wrong; because I saw a woodcutter who has the lotus marks on his feet, while you are a king and you don't have them." Vikramaaditya started laughing at him and said - "Don't you have faith in your astrology knowledge now?" The astrologer said - "Yes, Now I don't have faith on the whole astrology." and turned towards the gate to go out, that Vikram stopped them and both stopped.

Vikram asked one of his men to ring a knife and started scratching his feet. The skin came out and the lotus mark appeared on his feet. The astrologer got very surprised to see this. Vikram said - "O astrologer, Your knowledge is not incomplete, but your knowledge will be incomplete till you will be boasting of your knowledge and will be testing it now and then. I was that woodcutter whom you met in the forest, then I covered my feet with this skin and came here. When you did not see the lotus mark on the feet, so you thought that the whole knowledge is wrong, it is not so."

The astrologer understood what the King wanted to say, he decided that neither he will test his knowledge nor he will boast himself from that day and went away thanking the King."

Raajaa Bhoj got quiet listening to this story.



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