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21st Figure's Story-21-Chandrajyoti
Vikram Revives His Prime Minister's Daughter

As Raajaa Bhoj tried to sit on the throne again, this time the 21st figure whose name was Chandrajyoti burst into laughter and asked him - "Do you still think you are the right person to sit upon this throne?" Raajaa Bhoj again said with courage - "Yes." She said - "First listen to this story and then decide if you can sit on this throne. Listen, Once Raajaa Vikram was preparing to do a Yagya. In that Yagya, he wanted to invite Chandra Dev. So he was thinking that who should go to invite Chandra Dev. He thought his Prime Minister will be the appropriate person to invite him, so he called his Prime Minister and started consulting him on this issue, that a servant of the Prime Minister came and stood beside him. The Prime Minister understood that there was some serious matter otherwise he would not have come there. He asked the excuse from Raajaa and talked to him in private. Then he came and took the permission of Raajaa and went away from there.

Raajaa also felt that there was something serious that is why his Prime Minister had left in between the meeting, so he asked the servant about it. When servant hesitated to tell him, he ordered him to tell, then he told him that the Prime Minister had told him not to tell the truth to Raajaa. He told me that if you would tell him the truth, then Raajaa will be disturbed and whatever Yagya he is going to do it will also be disturbed. At this Raajaa said - "Prime Minister is very faithful to me, so it is my duty also that I should also help him in his difficult times."

Then the servant told him that the Prime Minister's one daughter is ill for quite some time. He consulted several Vaidya (traditional doctor) but nobody could cure her. No medicine worked on her and her condition got worse every day. Now her condition is so bad that she cannot move and is about to die." Raajaa got extremely worried hearing this, he called his royal Vaidya and asked him about her. He told him that she could be cured only by Khwaang herb, no other herb can work on her. It is a rare herb and it will take months to search for it and bring it.

Raajaa asked - "Do you know the place where it is available?" The royal Vaidya said - "Yes, It is found in Neel Ratn Giri valley. But it is very difficult to reach there, because there live many scorpions, snakes etc on the way." Raajaa said - "Tell me its identification." He told that its flowers are half blue and half yellow and its leaves are like the leaves of "touch me not" plant which hang down just by touching.

Raajaa forgot his Yagya and intended to bring that herb. He remembered his two Vaitaal and asked them to take him to Neel Ratn Giri valley. They brought him on he top of the mountain and got disappeared. Raajaa proceeded towards the valley. The valley was quite dark, there was dense forest all around. Suddenly he heard a roar of a lion, and immediately after that he attacked on Raajaa. Raajaa had saved himself, but he wounded his one arm. In his next attack he killed him. He again proceeded making his way through many poisonous snakes by throwing stones. At one place he felt as if he was flying in the air. He found that a python was trying to swallow him. As he reached in the python's stomach, he cut his stomach with his sword and came out of it.

By this time he was very tired, evening was also falling, so he climbed on a tree and rested for a while. He uttered - "Only if Chandra Dev could help me." So the Moon rose and his moonlight scattered all over the valley. The whole place was lighted and he could see all around. As he was looking for the prescribed herb, he found a bush on which half blue and half yellow flowers were blooming. He touched its leaves and they all hung down. Raajaa understood that this was that plant.

He took a large part of that plant and as he was ready to come back, that a daylight like light spread all over and Chandra Dev stood in front of him. He gave some Amrit to him and said - "Now only Amrit can save your Prime Minister's daughter." Chandra Dev himself came there to give him Amrit impressed by Raajaa's intention of doing good to others. He further said - "If I will come to your Yagya with my body, then the world's other parts will be in dark, that is why you should not ask me to be present in your Yagya." Then he blessed him for completing the Yagya without any obstacle and disappeared.

Raajaa came back to Ujjain with Amrit and the herb. He revived the Prime Minister's daughter by sprinkling Amrit over her and kept the herb for others.



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