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10th Figure's Story-10-Prabhaavatee
Vikram Jumps in a Frying Pan

As Raajaa Bhoj tried to sit on the throne again, this time the 10th figure whose name was Prabhaavatee burst into laughter and asked him - "Do you still think you are the right person to sit upon this throne?" Raajaa Bhoj again said with courage - "Yes." She said - "First listen to this story and then decide if you can sit on this throne. Listen, Once Raajaa Vikram went for hunting and while hunting went quite ahead of his group. He looked around but he could not see any of his soldiers.

At the same time he saw that a young man climbed up a tree and tied a rope on a branch of the tree. That rope had a noose on its other end. He put his head inside the noose and hanged himself, but Raajaa understood that he wanted to commit suicide, so he supported that man and took out the noose from his neck. He scolded him that committing suicide was not only sin and cowardice but also is a crime. And for that crime he could punish him also. The man also understood by his look that he was a king so he got frightened.

Raajaa asked him - "You are a healthy person then why are you committing suicide? You can find a livelihood on the basis of your health." Then he told him that livelihood was not the reason of his committing suicide. Raajaa wanted to know the reason. He told that he lived in Kaali and his name was Vasu. One day he was passing through a forest that he saw a very beautiful girl. He got attracted towards her so much that he told her about his love to her. Hearing this that girl laughed and told that she could not love anybody because her Destiny was like that. In fact she was very unfortunate Princess who was born in such a Nakshatra (stars) that even her father could not see her, because if he saw her, she would immediately die. That is why her father sent her far to a Sanyaasee's hut. She was brought up in that hut only. And her marriage could be performed only to that man who could do impossible work. He had to take a dip in a frying pan filled with boiled oil and come out alive from it.

Hearing her, Vasu went to her hut and saw many skeletons lying around. They all had lost their lives in trying to marry her. Vasu lost his courage and he came back from there. He tried his best to forget her but could not forget her. He couldn't sleep, he had no appetite, so there was no other alternative for him, except committing suicide.

Vikram tried to convince him that when to marry that Princess was such an impossible task, then he should marry somebody else, but he did not agree for that. He told that Vikram saved him uselessly. It would be better if he had let him die. Vikram said - "Committing suicide is a sin and I could not see anybody committing this sin in front of my eyes." Then he promised him that he would do his best to marry him to that girl.

Then he remembered his two Vaitaal and they immediately came to him. He asked them to take him to the hut where the Princess lived. So they took him to her hut. It was hut only for namesake, otherwise every comfort was there for the Princess - servants, maidservants, her friends etc. Vikram went to the Tapaswee and introduced himself. He asked the Princess for Vasu.

Tapaswee got very happy to receive Vikram in his hut. He told Vikram that he could give his life to Vikram easily but he will give Princess only to that man who will jump in a frying pan of boiling oil and will come out safe and sound. Vikram asked - "If somebody else fulfills this condition for that man, can he ask the Princess for that man?" Tapaswee said - "Only this condition should be fulfilled, then it does not matter whether he is asking the Princess for himself or for any other person." He then tried to convince the King that this Princess has to be unmarried for her whole life since the condition was so hard that nobody could come alive after jumping in the frying pan filled with hot oil. At this Vikram said - "I am ready to jump in that frying pan for that man." Hearing this Tapaswee got stunned.

They were talking like this, that the Princess came there. Vikram saw her, she was indeed extraordinarily beautiful. There was no wonder if several people had lost their lives for her. A frying pan was made ready. When the oil was boiling, Vikram remembered Kaalee Maa and jumped in that pan. As soon as he jumped in the pan, he died and his body became black. Maa Kaalee pitied on him and she ordered her Vaitaal to make him live. They did so by dropping drops of Amrit in his mouth.

As soon as he came to life, he asked the Princess for Vasu. The Princess' father was informed about this and both got married with pomp and show.



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