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9th Figure's Story - 9-Madhumaalatee
One More Test of Vikram

As Raajaa Bhoj tried to sit on the throne again, this time the 9th figure whose name was Madhumaalatee burst into laughters and asked him - "Do you think you are the right person to sit upon this throne?" Raajaa Bhoj again said with courage - "Yes." She said - "First listen to this story and then decide if you can sit on this throne. Listen, Once Raajaa Vikram organized a great sacrifice (Yagya) for the welfare of his people. The sacrifice lasted for several days.

One day when Raajaa was reciting Mantra, a Rishi came there, Raajaa could not stand up from the Yagya, so he greeted him in his heart. Rishi understood Raajaa's mind and he blessed him. When Raajaa finished his Yagya, he asked the Rishi the reason of his coming there. Raajaa knew that that Rishi run a Gurukul outside the city where children were educated. Rishi told him that he would not have bothered Raajaa at this time if six children aged 8-12 were not at risk of their lives.

Raajaa asked him to tell him everything in detail. Rishi said - "Some children were collecting dry wood for Aashram, that two Raakshas came and took them on a high hill. When I did not find them with other children then I went in search of them. I heard a terrible voice from the hill, certainly it was of a Raakshas. The Raakshas said - "I will free them if I get a man whom I can sacrifice before Kaalee Devee." When I offered myself to him, he refused to accept saying that you are old and Kaalee Maa will not be pleased of such sacrifice. He needed a healthy Kshatriya. He told this also that if somebody would try to free those children by trick or by power, he would kill them by throwing them from the hill."

Raajaa was unable to see the Rishi's condition, so he immediately said - "Take me immediately there. I will offer myself to Kaalee Maa. I am a healthy Kshatriya, I hope that Raakshas will accept me." Rishi got stunned to hear this, he tried his best not to offer himself to that Raakshas but Raajaa didn't listen to him, rather he said - "If any misfortune falls on Raajaa's people being Raajaa alive, then it is Raajaa's duty to help them even with his life."

So Rishi came to the hill with Raajaa. Raajaa left his horse at foot of the hill and climbed up the hill on foot. As he reached on the top of the hill, one Raakshas told that he knew him and asked if he knew the condition of releasing the children? Raajaa said - "Yes, I know it. Now you free the children." One Raakshas took the children at the foot of the hill and left them with the Rishi, the other one took him to the spot where Kaalee's statue was. Vikramaaditya bowed his head on the sacrificial altar.

The Raakshas raised his hand to offer sacrifice of Raajaa, but suddenly he threw the sword and embraced Vikram. The whole place was filled with a Divine light and sweet smell. Vikram saw that two Devtaa - Pavan and Indra, were standing there. They did all this to test Vikram that whether he could donate only worldly things or he could give his own life too. In fact this idea came to their mind when they saw him doing Yagya. They blessed him and went away.



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