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11th Figure's Story-11-Trilochanaa
Gifts of Samudra Dev

As Raajaa Bhoj tried to sit on the throne again, this time the 11th figure whose name was Trilochanaa burst into laughter and asked him - "Do you still think you are the right person to sit upon this throne?" Raajaa Bhoj again said with courage - "Yes." She said - "First listen to this story and then decide if you can sit on this throne. Listen, Raajaa Vikram was a very good king and he always worried about his people as how he could comfort them. So once he intended to do a Yagya. He invited many Braahman, Raajaa, Rishi, Maharshi; even Devtaa were invited in that Yagya. He thought that he himself would go to Pavan Dev and he sent a Braahman to invite Samudra Dev. Both set on to do their work.

When Vikram came to a forest, he thought where he could find Pavan Dev. He came to know through his Yog that at that time Pavan Dev was living on Sumeru Parvat. So he decided to go to Sumeru Parvat to invite him. He remembered his two Vaitaal and they appeared immediately. He asked them to take him to Sumeru Parvat and they took him to Sumeru Parvat. The wind on the top of the Sumeru Parvat was so strong that Vikram was finding difficult to stand. Even big stones and trees were flying from their places, but Vikram stood at the same place. He knew Yog so he sat down at one place and started Yog Saadhanaa without eating and drinking anything.

At last Pavan Dev remembered him. The wind stopped blowing, and Pavan Dev said - "I am happy with your Saadhanaa, tell me your wish." Vikram said - "I wish that you should be present in my Yagya which I am going to do. Your presence will increase its grace." Pavan Dev laughed hearing this and said - "It is difficult for me to come with my body, because if I did, a terrible storm will come and will uproot everything in your kingdom. For this presence, since I live everywhere, I will be their secretly." Vikram understood his meaning and got quiet. Pavan Dev blessed him that there will be no dry period and no famine in his kingdom." Then he gave Kaamdhenu cow and said - "Take this cow, and there will be no shortage of milk in your kingdom." and he disappeared. Vikram again remembered his two Vaitaal and they dropped him at the border of his kingdom.

The Braahman also went to sea. He prayed Samudra Dev standing in sea up to his waist. He had to repeat many times that he had come to invite him for the Yagya which Raajaa Vikram was doing as he wanted his presence there. At last Samudra Dev got pleased and said to him - "Pavan Dev has told me everything. It is difficult for me to come with my body, but I will surely be present there secretly." When Braahman insisted to come, he told that if he came there with his body, everything will be submerged in water and a scene of Pralaya will be created.

When Braahman wanted to know what was the order for him to tell Vikram, he said - "Tell him that I will be there secretly, he will feel that I am present everywhere. Take these five gems and this horse and give them to Vikram as a gift from me." Braahman took the gems and the horse and set off his journey back home. Seeing Braahman walking, the horse said in human voice, "Why don't you ride me for this long journey? Since you are a messenger of the King you can use his gift." So Braahman rode on that horse and the horse brought him in the court. During riding the horse, the Braahman thought, "If this horse were mine."

Braahman told Vikram everything and gave him the gifts of Samudra Dev to him. Vikram returned both the gifts to the Braahman saying that since he went to invite Samudra Dev on his behalf, tolerated all difficulties on the way, the gift should be his. Braahman got very happy to get those gifts.



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