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16th Figure's Story-16-Satyavatee
Vikram Meets Shesh Naag

As Raajaa Bhoj tried to sit on the throne again, this time the 16th figure whose name was Satyavatee burst into laughter and asked him - "Do you still think you are the right person to sit upon this throne?" Raajaa Bhoj again said with courage - "Yes." She said - "First listen to this story and then decide if you can sit on this throne. Listen, During the ruling period of Raajaa Vikram, his kingdom was very prosperous and people were happy. He honored every able person. He had 9 able people in his court. They counseled him on various kinds of matters.

Once a discussion arose in the court on Aishwarya (glory and prosperity). Somebody said that Shesh Naag's Aishwarya was worth seeing in Paataal Lok. Because he is a special devotee of Vishnu Bhagavaan, that is why his Lok is like Dev Lok. A person is blessed by seeing him only. So he intended to visit Paataal Lok

He remembered his two Vaitaal and asked them to take him to Paataal Lok. They took him to Paataal Lok. It was all true what he heard about it. The whole Lok was clean and tidy and planned. It was illuminated by all kinds of gems. When Shesh Naag heard that somebody had come from Mrityu Lok with his body, he became very happy and met the King. The King bowed his head, introduced himself and told him the reason of his coming there politely. Shesh Naag was so happy to receive him that he gave him four magical gems at the time of farewell.

The first gem gave desired wealth; the second gem gave desired clothes and ornaments; the third gem gave all kinds of chariots, horses and palanquins; and the fourth gem gave all kinds of Dharm actions and fame.

As he entered his city, he was greeted by a known Braahman. As he knew about his journey to Paataal Lok, he told him that his people were shareholders in his every thing. Vikram understood everything so he asked him to take one gem, whatever he desired. Hearing this Braahman got in a fix. He told him that first he would consult his family members then only he would decide anything.

When he reached and talked to his wife, son and daughter, all the three showed their interest in three different gems. Braahman could not reach on any conclusion, and he came to the King in this state of mind, so Raajaa Vikram smilingly gave him all the four gems.



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