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15th Figure's Story-15-Sundarvatee
Vikram Donates His Chariot

As Raajaa Bhoj tried to sit on the throne again, this time the 15th figure whose name was Sundarvatee burst into laughter and asked him - "Do you still think you are the right person to sit upon this throne?" Raajaa Bhoj again said with courage - "Yes." She said - "First listen to this story and then decide if you can sit on this throne. Listen, During the ruling period of Raajaa Vikram, his kingdom was very prosperous and people were happy. The traders traded not only in their own kingdom, but also went to other kingdoms to trade.

At that time there was a Seth (rich man) named Pannaa Laal. He was very kind. He had a son named Heeraa Laal who had similar qualities as his father had. When he grew up, Pannaa Laal started looking for a good match for him. One day a Braahman told him that there was a man across the sea whose daughter was very qualitative. Pannaa Laal immediately gave him some money and asked him to go there and settle the relation of his son to that girl.

The girl's father liked the boy so the relation was settled and a marriage date was also fixed. When the marriage day came near, rain started pouring into streams. Rivers, streams, ponds etc all filled with water. Now there was no way to reach that island. There was one way, but it was very long and it was impossible for them to reach that island by that way on the due date of marriage. This was all unexpected for Pannaa Laal. If he did not reach there on time people will laugh at him and he was not ready for this.

When he could not find any solution of his problem, the Braahman who settled this marriage suggested him to take his problem to the King. King Vikramaaditya had a chariot which could fly with the speed of wind, in his stable. At least 8-10 people will go there in time and the marriage ceremonies will be started; the rest of the people may join them later. Seth Pannaa Laal went to the King and asked for his chariot hesitantly. The King said - "King's all things are for the welfare of his people." and immediately gave that chariot to him. Pannaa Laal was so happy to get it that he did not know how to thank the King.

When the King had given that chariot to Pannaa Laal, he thought, lest the work for which he has taken his chariot is stopped for some reason, he remembered his two Vaitaal and ordered them to take those people to their destination and to see that all his marriage ceremonies are completed without interruption. So both Vaitaal followed the chariot in such a way that Pannaa Laal could not see the way. He was seeing only water all around him. He got scared, "What will happen now?" The then he saw that the chariot was flying on the ground. He took a sigh of relief when the chariot reached at the groom's place within a moment. All marriage ceremonies were completed in time.

When Pannaa Laal came back, he went directly to the palace along with his son and daughter-in-law. The King blessed the newly wed couple. Seth Pannaa Laal was busy continuously in admiring the chariot. Hearing all this Vikram gave that chariot to him.



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