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27th Figure's Story-27-Malayavatee
Vikram Meets Raajaa Bali

As Raajaa Bhoj tried to sit on the throne again, this time the 27th figure whose name was Malayavatee burst into laughter and asked him - "Do you still think you are the right person to sit upon this throne?" Raajaa Bhoj again said with courage - "Yes." She said - "Then listen to this story and you yourself decide if you can sit on this throne. Listen to this story, Raajaa Vikram was a very qualitative Raajaa. He was a good ruler as well as the knower of many weapons and many Shaastra. Whenever he got some leisure time, he spent it in reading Shaastra. That is why he had a library in a part of his palace.

One day when he was reading a religious book, he read the story of Raajaa Bali, that he was famous donor and kept his word etc. He was so brave that even Indra got afraid of his power. Devtaa prayed Bhagavaan Vishnu that He should help them in this regard. Vishnu went to Bali in disguise of a Vaaman Braahman and asked the Trilok in the form of three feet land. Then he measured all Lok in His two feet and sent him to Paataal Lok.

When he read this story, he thought that he must see such a great donor. He thought that first he should please Vishnu with his Tapasyaa and then ask Him the way to see him. So he left his kingdom to his Prime Minister and went to forest and started doing Tapasyaa for Vishnu. His Tapasyaa was very long. For some time he ate food only once a day, then he left that also and subsisted upon roots only. Then he drank water only. He got very weak doing such Tapasyaa and he felt difficulty in his daily chores.

Gradually many other Tapaswee came to that place. Somebody was doing Tapasyaa standing on one foot, somebody was doing with his one hand raised, somebody was lying on the bed of hot sand etc etc. Thus the whole environment became holy. After a while he left water also. He became a skeleton now, but he did not worry at all. If, doing such Tapasyaa, he died, he would go to Vishnu's Dhaam; or if he had Darshan of Vishnu then he knew the way to see Raajaa Bali.

Seeing him such a severe Tapasyaa, a Yogee asked him why was he doing such a severe Tapasyaa? Vikram replied - "Salvation from this Lok, and to improve my Par Lok (the other world)." Tapaswee explained him that Tapasyaa is not the Raajaa's job. God has given him birth to rule and the same is his Karm. If he does not rule it means that he is not doing his duties." Vikram replied - "But in spite of doing his Karm, he should not avoid his Dharm. Is there anywhere written in any Shaastra to avoid Dharm?" Tapaswee could not reply this, so Tapaswee got silent.

Thus Raajaa continued his Tapasyaa and one day he fainted. He came into senses after a long time. That Tapaswee came again to him and asked him to drop this idea. He told that because Raajaa is a Grihasth, that is why he should not do Tapasyaa like a Tapaswee. He should do it within limit. When he reminded him about Grihasth Dharm repeatedly, then he told him that he was doing for the peace of his mind. Tapaswee again became quiet and Raajaa continued his Tapasyaa.

One day again he got fainted. When he came in his senses after several hours, he found that his head is in Vishnu's lap. Seeing Vishnu, he understood that that Tapaswee was none other than Vishnu. He did Sa-Ashtaang Pranaam to Him. He asked him why he was doing such severe Tapasyaa. Vikram replied that he wanted to see Raajaa Bali. Bhagavaan gave him a conch shell and asked him to blow it to invoke Samudra Dev. And when he comes you, ask him to take you to Paataal Lok. And He disappeared. After Vishnu's Darshan Vikram got healthy like before.

He blew the conch shell with full force on the shore of the sea. Samudra Dev appeared and the sea was divided in two parts. He saw a land path in the middle of the sea. Raajaa walked on the path. After a long walk he arrived at the gate of Bali's palace. The gatekeepers asked him the purpose of his coming. He told that he had come there to see Raajaa Bali from Mrityu Lok. One man took his message to Raajaa Bali and returned after a long time and told him that he was not ready to see him now.

Raajaa got disappointed and he cut his head with his own sword. When gatekeepers informed Raajaa Bali about this he brought him to life by sprinkling Amrit on him. As he came to life he again expressed his desire to see Raajaa Bali. This time Bali said that he would meet him on Shiv Raatri day. Vikram thought that Bali has ignored him so he again cut his head with his sword. The gatekeepers again informed Bali about this. Now Bali knew that this man has strong determination and is not going back without seeing me, so he again sent Amrit to bring him to life and told that he was ready to meet him.

The servants brought him to life and asked him to go inside to see Raajaa Bali. When he went there Bali asked him the reason to come there after putting himself into so much trouble. Vikram said - "There is so much written in religious books about you that is why I was so curious to meet you." Raajaa Bali got very pleased to hear Vikram and gave a red coral to him as a gift. He said - "This coral can give you any thing on asking. It can make impossible things possible."

Vikram came back to Mrityu Lok. When he came out of Bali's Paataal Lok he saw sea in front of him. He again blew Vishnu's conch shell, Samudra Dev appeared and the sea was divided in two parts. He came through the same path to his palace. On the way to his palace he saw a woman crying. He asked the reason of her crying. She told that her husband had died. Vikram pitied her, he asked his life from Bali's coral. The woman was very very happy to see her husband alive. Vikram went to his palace.



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