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28th Figure's Story-28-Vaidehee
Vikram's Journey to Swarg

As Raajaa Bhoj tried to sit on the throne again, this time the 28th figure whose name was Vaidehee burst into laughter and asked him - "Do you still think you are the right person to sit upon this throne?" Raajaa Bhoj again said with courage - "Yes." She said - "First listen to this story and then decide if you can sit on this throne. Listen, Once Raajaa Vikram was sleeping in his room that he saw a dream. He saw that there was a big palace which is studded by gems and rubies. Its rooms are very large and they are decorated with strange things. Around the palace is a garden where many kinds of flowers are blooming and many butterflies are flying around. A light sweet smell is spread all around. At a little distance, a Yogee is doing Tapasyaa. When he saw the Yogee, he recognized him as himself. And his eyes opened. Vikram understood that he had seen a good dream. Even after waking up he remembered all details of the dream.

Raajaa thought and thought but could not make out that he had ever seen or he had ever imagined such a palace anywhere anytime. He told this dream to Pandit and astrologers and asked its explanation. All Pandit and astrologers reached on the conclusion that the King had seen Swarg (Heaven) in dream. That palace is perhaps the palace of Indra and he is giving him invitation to come to Swarg with his this mortal body.

Vikram got very surprised to hear this, because he never thought that he would get the invitation to come to Swarg like this. He asked Pandit which will be the way to go to Swarg and what things he would need on this journey. Pandit thought and thought and told him the direction from where he could go to Swarg. They told him that only the doer of good Karm could go to Swarg. Raajaa told that to rule the kingdom, he must have done some bad Karm, not knowingly, but may be unknowingly. Besides, sometimes he gets so  busy in his work that he does not remember to do Dharm Karm. At this all said - "If you had not been considered for visiting Swarg, you would not be able to see Swarg in your dream."

So after consulting them he set off for the journey to Swarg. According to Pandit, he had to do two Punya Karm during his journey. Journey to Swarg was long and difficult. He had taken off his royal clothes and put on very ordinary clothes. On the way he stayed in a city for rest. Where he stayed he saw an old woman crying. He asked her the reason her crying, she told him that her son had gone to forest and had not returned till then. Vikram asked her why he had gone to forest, she replied that every morning he goes to forest to cut wood from there and whatever wood he brings from there, he sells in the city and whatever he gets out of selling that wood, they subsist only on that income.

Vikram consoled her that he would come. The woman said - "The forest is dense and full of wild animals. I am afraid that some wild animal has eaten him. I have asked many people to find out my son,  but nobody has got ready to go there. I am old and weak, I myself cannot go there." Vikram assured her that he would go there and will search her son.

He did  not take rest, and straight went towards forest. As he entered the forest, he found that the forest was indeed dense. He went a little forward, that he saw a young man sitting hiding on a branch of a tree carrying an axe, and below it was sitting a lion ready to eat him. Vikram made the lion run away and brought the young man to his mother. The old woman blessed him several times. Thus he did one Punya Karm by freeing her from worry of her son.

Next day he again started his journey and came to a seashore. There also one woman was crying. He saw that there was a ship anchored and people were loading luggage in it. When he asked the woman the reason of her crying, she told him that only three months before she got married and now she is pregnant. Her husband works on this ship and is going to a far country. Vikram said - "There is nothing to worry, he will come back after some time." But she told him that she was worried because last night she dreamed that this ship has sunk in the sea because of strong storm and all the people in it also drown. If this dream had come true, then ....? She could pass her life somehow but how she would bring up her child alone.

Vikram got pity on her, he gave the conch shell given to him by Samudra Dev and asked her to give it to her husband and tell him that whenever any trouble comes to him he should blow it, all troubles will go away. The woman did not believe him. At this Vikram blew it hard and the sea water went many miles away from the shore and along with it went the ship also. All people standing there got very surprised to see this. When Vikram blew it again, the sea water came back again. The woman took the conch shell from him and thanked him.

Now Vikram headed again on his journey to Swarg. After going on some distance, clouds came in the sky and thunder started. At the same time Vikram saw that a white horse was coming down from the sky from amidst the thunder lightning. He heard an Aakaashvaanee (Divine voice) - "Vikram, You have done two Punya Karm - you brought the woman's son risking your life and gave your conch shell to the woman. We are sending you this horse to bring you to Indra'a palace in Swarg."

Vikram said - "I am not alone, Raaj Purohit is also with me, make some arrangement for him too." Hearing this Raaj Purohit said - "Raajaa, Please excuse me. I am afraid of going to Swarg with this body. If you will be with me, I will go to Swarg after my death and will consider myself lucky." The horse had come down, Vikram sat on that horse bidding farewell to him and the horse started flying in the air.

This ride was unnatural, that is why it was difficult but Vikram sat with patience and courage. After a while he entered Indra Puree. As he had seen in his dream, he found the place like that. He entered the Indra's court. All Devtaa were present there and Apsaraa were dancing. Seeing Vikram with his mortal body, all became very surprised. Indra himself came to welcome Vikram and asked him to sit on his throne, but Vikram refused saying that he was not worthy to sit on that throne. Indra got very pleased by his politeness.

Indra said to him - "You must have seen a Yogee in your dream, it was not a Yogee but he was Vikram. It is because of his lots of Punya he had a place in Swarg." Then he gave him a crown in gift. After passing some days there, he came back to his capital with the crown.



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