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32-Raane Roopvatee

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32nd Figure's Story-32-Raanee Roopvatee

Raajaa Bhoj got tired of listening all these stories of Raajaa Vikramaaditya. He came to this conclusion that he could not be like Raajaa Vikram and thus could not sit on his throne. So after hearing the last story he got disinterested in the throne. When the 32nd figure whose name was Raanee Roopvatee noticed this she wondered why the King was not showing his eagerness for sitting on that throne. Raajaa Bhoj said - "After hearing so many stories of Raajaa Vikram about his Devtaa like qualities, he has come on the conclusion that it is impossible for one man to have so many qualities and he accepts that he is not so qualitative. That is why he has thought that he will bury it at the same place from where he got it.

As soon as Raajaa Bhoj spoke thus, that all figures came to their leader queen and they all thanked him to take such decision. Those figures told him that from that day they also became free and that throne would be without figures from that day. They told him that Raajaa Bhoj had Vikram like qualities partially, that is why he could see that throne (otherwise he could not have even seen it). They told him this also that from that day its shine will decrease and it would also have to pass through the process of destructions like other things of the world. After saying this all the figures bade farewell to the King, flew in the sky and disappeared within no time.

After the figures had left, Raajaa Bhoj called his people and ordered them to dig a ditch and buried that throne with all proper religious rites. He built a hillock also by putting soil on it but this hillock could not show the same miracle which it showed before.


All popular versions give a different story of its ending that what happened after the throne was buried. The following one is not available in Sanskrit language version but is very popular in general public.

Several years passed, that hillock became very famous and many people came to see it just for the reason that under it was hidden a throne with many qualities. One day a group of thieves decided to take it out that Sinhaasan and sell it piece by piece. They dug a ditch miles before that hillock and then dug a tunnel from there to that hillock. They took out the throne, but when they wanted to break that throne by hammer at a lonely place, a type of flame came out of that that it used to  burn the person who broke it.

Many gems were studded in the throne that the thieves did not want to separate them from the throne. The whole throne was made of gold. If they sold it piece by piece, they could get many thousand gold coins. They would have so much money that they won't have to do anything for several generations. The whole day they kept trying but they could not even harm it, rather their hands started burning and their eyes got hurt seeing those flames. They got tired and sat down thinking that that throne was devilish, that is why Raajaa Bhoj also did not keep it in his palace. They were thinking to leave it and bury it in the ground, that their leader said - "If we cannot break it, at least we can take it at other place."

So they wrapped it in a cloth and took it in some other kingdom as it was. They traveled for a few months and took it in a southern country. Those people did not know anything about this throne. So these thieves disguised themselves as jewelers and took that throne to its King. They told him that they lived very far from that country and have that throne prepared after investing their all the money they had.

Raajaa tested its purity and the gems by his goldsmiths and jewelers and they admiring its beauty and purity advised the King to buy it immediately. Raajaa bought it for whatever the thieves asked for it and brought it for his own use. When that throne was set in the court, everybody was very happy to see its shine and beauty. Raajaa also got very happy to see it.

Raajaa sought an auspicious Muhoort, performed proper religious rites and started sitting on it daily. The throne's fame spread to very far countries, many people came to see it. Whoever came there, he admired the King's fate. Now its praise reached to Raajaa Bhoj also. He thought maybe this was Vikramaaditya's throne, so he called his people and ordered them to dig that hillock again. His doubt was true, the thieves had stolen the throne. Now he was surprised to know that who was that lucky king who could sit on his throne. Was he really as qualitative as Vikramaaditya was?

He made up his  mind to see it for himself along with some of his officials. After traveling for many days they reached in that King's kingdom. The King respected them and asked the reason of their coming. When Raajaa Bhoj told him all about the throne, he told him that he did not have any problem sitting on it.

Raajaa Bhoj consulted his ministers and Pandit and reached on the conclusion that maybe now that throne has lost its miracle quality (that is why that king could sit on that throne); or, maybe because now that throne is not of gold, and those gems are the pieces of glasses only. When Raajaa heard this, he said - "It is impossible, because before buying it from the thieves I tested it myself by my goldsmiths and jewelers." He then again called the same goldsmiths and jewelers and asked them to test it, and when they tested it, it came out of brass and the gems were changed to glass pieces. Raajaa got very surprised to see that. He asked his own Pandit and astrologers and they told him that now this throne is dead. It has been made unholy so it should be flowed in the water and its last rites should be performed according to Shaastra. Raajaa immediately called his people and flowed it in Kaaveree River pronouncing Mantra.

Many kings have sieved Kaavere River since then but nobody could find that throne till now. People still believe that if there is any king having qualities like King Vikramaaditya, that throne will come out itself for him.



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